Guiding Your Glide: The Top Affordable Ice Hockey Skates for Every Player

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Best Cheap Ice Hockey Skates

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Top 10 Best Cheap Ice Hockey Skates

Choosing the best ice hockey skates can depend on various factors including fit, comfort, performance, and budget. Here’s a list of 10 highly regarded ice hockey skates, taking into account factors like popularity, performance, and user reviews:

1. Tour Hockey Tr-750 Ice Hockey Skate

Tour Hockey Tr-750 Ice Hockey Skate

Helpful Review:

The Tr-750 Ice Hockey Skates made for an exceptional gift for my son-in-law after they relocated to the Big Apple and took up ice skating in Central Park. They possess unrivalled comfort and size lineage, assuring the most accurate fit possible.

But the standout feature? The ability to mold them through heat application which was relatively effortless. The end result- the absolute pinnacle of personalized fit, making them not just a pair of ice skates, but a second skin.

Think optimum skating performance, think Tour Hockey Tr-750.

Reviewed by : Debbie Mandy

Critical Review:

The Tour Hockey Tr-750 Ice Hockey Skate is unfortunately underwhelming. It disappointingly lacks appropriate ankle support, making it feel as heavy and unwieldy as skating with logs strapped to your feet.

The lack of comfort and stability is all too obvious. They seem to have missed the mark on developing a skate with both functionality and wearability.

Reviewed by : Amazon Customer

2. 5th Element Stealth Ice Hockey Skates – Perfect for Recreational Ice Skating and Hockey –

5th Element Stealth Ice Hockey Skates

Helpful Review:

The exceptional quality and performance of the 5th Element Stealth Skates make skating seem effortless – from unboxing to ice rink, they are ready to glide.

The blades come already sharpened, simplifying the process for novice skaters, a demographic I recently joined after relocating to the northeast.

The accurate shoe-sized fit guarantees a comfortable and snug encounter. The robust build ensures long-lasting enjoyment, providing excellent value for money.

As a newly-minted octogenarian, I’ve taken to the ice with my granddaughter and these skates have boosted my confidence and made our time together a true delight. They’re a worthy investment for anyone looking to delve into the world of ice skating or hockey.

Reviewed by : Benjamin R. Williams

Critical Review:

While the 5th Element Stealth Ice Hockey Skates are correctly sized and suitable for beginner skaters or occasional family outings to the rink, they lack true comfort. Their affordability may appeal to the casual skater, but be aware, the lack of a soft, plush liner might not make for a snug fit.

Reviewed by : Tikihuts

3. TronX Stryker 2.0 Senior Men Teen Kids Boys Ice Hockey Skates – All Adult and

TronX Stryker 2.0 Senior Men Teen Kids Boys Ice Hockey Skates

Helpful Review:

The TronX Stryker 2.0 Ice Hockey Skates have remarkable adaptability. My nephew had quickly outgrown numerous previous skates, yet the broad size range on these skates allowed him to enjoy another fantastic skating season.

As he keeps growing, we’re optimistic about the next size up coming in handy for him. These skates are superb value for money – budget-friendly, yet on par with popular brands like Reebok when it comes to comfort and durability.

The highlight for our family was that the skates were ready to use upon arrival, having been pre-sharpened and heat-moulded.

Impressive versatility, ease of use, and affordability make these skates worth considering for any budding or intermediate ice hockey player.

Reviewed by : jeremy Del E.

Critical Review:

While the TronX Stryker 2.0 initially seemed like a great purchase due to its reasonable pricing and advertised size conversion, the joy was short-lived. To our dismay, the promised size 14 equivalent turned out to be more similar to a 12.

For those needing larger sizes, proceed with caution. While the skates may be budget-friendly, the sizing discrepancy has led to a regrettable purchase and an impending return.

Reviewed by : James Ahnert

4. Roces Men’s Adult Sport & Leisure Stainless Steel Hockey Blade Big ICY Ice Skates w/Thermal-Insulation

Roces Men’s Adult Sport & Leisure Stainless Steel

Helpful Review:

The Roces Men’s Adult Sport & Leisure Hockey Blades find the perfect balance between style and function. Its sleek design is an instant attention grabber, igniting immediate anticipation for icy escapades.

My pair, a size 14, fit snugly and comfortably. However, I was disheartened to notice the blade partially separating from the boot after some usage.

Clearly, a complete detachment during skating could have resulted in a serious accident. I returned the pair promptly and got a partial refund, thanks to the accommodating seller.

Though the product design was faulty initially, it’s my firm belief that a flawless Roces pair would be an incredible addition to any skater’s gear. I’d consider repurchasing if the issue is resolved, as it delivered in nearly all other aspects.

Reviewed by : David Ostrander Virginia Recker

Critical Review:

As a shoe size 15.5W, the Big ICY skates size 16 fits excellently. But, despite its touted comfort, the lack of foot mobility is worrying.

For its price point, one would expect a better power strap and memory buckle closure system. For serious skaters, I hesitantly recommend this Roces Men’s model.

Reviewed by : jonathan flores

5. Softmax – Adjustable Ice Skates – Hockey Skates for Boys and Girls – Insulated Kids

Softmax – Adjustable Ice Skates

Helpful Review:

The Softmax Adjustable Ice Skates disappointingly failed to meet expectations. I opted for this brand-new product expecting fresh, top-notch skates for my children, but to my dismay, we received weathered skates showing signs of extensive use.

It was a shock to witness rusty blades and scratches all over the boots. Worse yet, the skates came without laces.

Despite reaching out for assistance, the customer service experience was just as frustrating, informing us we had to wait on a refund as the product was not from Amazon directly.

Regrettably, the quality was more akin to what one might find in a junkyard rather than a sports store. I implore potential buyers to exercise caution before making a purchase.

Reviewed by : Milo Paolo

Critical Review:

While the Softmax Adjustable Ice Skates are revered for accommodating growing feet, their comfort level doesn’t quite meet expectations. Disappointingly, they don’t provide enough insulation, leaving the potential for chilly outings.

The joy of a child’s first pair of hockey skates is somewhat dampened by this oversight.

Reviewed by : EMT- NY

6. Roces Men’s RSK 2 Durable Reinforced Upper Anatomic Padding Lace & Power Strap Closure Outdoor

Roces Men’s RSK 2 Durable Reinforced Upper Anatomic Padding Lace & Power Strap Closure Outdoor

Helpful Review:

The Roces Men’s RSK 2 skates prove to be well-crafted and top-grade, surely a game-changer in the world of outdoor rink sports and leisure ice hockey.

These skates flaunt impressive design and construction with their durable reinforced upper anatomic padding that blends comfort with optimal performance.

Favorably, the lace and power strap closure mechanism ensures secure fit. Not to be overlooked, the stainless steel blades guarantee precise skating and persistent durability. The black finish adds a dash of sleekness to your sporty look. Size 12 fits as expected.

Regardless of the confusing ‘dookie’ reference, these skates make an outstanding choice for any ice hockey enthusiast or outdoor rink sportsperson. They are indeed the mark of solid craftmanship and design insight.

Reviewed by : The Feisty Goat s

Critical Review:

These Roces RSK 2 ice hockey skates left me in awe with the style and soft boot design, topped by the superior upper ankle support offered by the Velcro strap. However, they aren’t perfect, with the blades barely cutting it fresh out of the box.

I’d advise additional professional sharpening and comfort insoles for a less tiresome glide. But once the minor adjustments were done, they provided unmatched comfort for hours, making them an excellent choice for budget-friendly ice skates.

Reviewed by : Brodie

7. BOTAS – Yukon 381 – Men’s Ice Hockey Skates | Made in Europe (Czech Republic)

BOTAS – Yukon 381 – Men’s Ice Hockey Skates

Helpful Review:

The BOTAS Yukon 381 offers an impressive level of comfort and a superb fit, with undeniable European (Czech) craftsmanship echoing in its robust build quality. These skates are aesthetically pleasing in their sleek black and silver ensemble.

However, they’re not without a caveat. Their rigidity is rather daunting, resembling a pair of concrete boots and proving quite challenging to break in, necessitating our reluctant return.

I’d recommend these for seasoned skaters, able to contend with the stiff initial fit in exchange for a long-term, top-tier performance. Aesthetics meet industry-standard quality in these skates, just ensure you’re prepared for a hardy breaking-in process.

Reviewed by : Annamalai Annamalai Hanna Baral

Critical Review:

While I’m a seasoned hockey player and ice skating enthusiast, my transition to the BOTAS Yukon 381 was disappointing. After years of loyalty to my previous pair, I hoped the Yukon 381’s, known for their reputation and striking look, would meet expectations.

Unfortunately, despite friends’ recommendations, the overall feel and performance of the skates didn’t match up to my previous experiences. They’re not terrible, but they lack that “great” factor I was anticipating.

Reviewed by : Cheryl

8. Roces Men’s RSK 2 Durable Reinforced Upper Anatomic Padding Lace & Power Strap Closure Outdoor

Roces Men’s RSK 2 Durable Reinforced Upper Anatomic

Helpful Review:

While the delivery process of the Roces Men’s RSK 2 Ice Hockey Skates left something to be desired, with the product arriving in a mishandled box, the skates themselves surpassed expectations. The sleek design offers a bold aesthetic while maintaining integrity in functionality.

Their authenticity in sizing is noteworthy. The durable reinforced upper anatomic padding ensures comfort without compromising on structural firmness.

Additionally, the effortless lace and power strap closure ensure an exact fit, while the stainless steel blades pave the path for precision on ice. Whether for sport or leisure, these skates exhibit an attractive blend of style and performance.

Reviewed by : Amazon Customer

Critical Review:

Despite being presented as a decent choice, the Roces Men’s RSK 2 Ice Hockey Skate disappoints. There’s much left to be desired even though it boasts a durable reinforced upper and anatomic padding.

Comfort may not necessarily compensate for a potentially compromised performance due to the lack of structural integrity in the stainless steel blades.

The lace & power strap closure system shows promise, but overall, the skate feels mediocre in the league of outdoor rink sport and leisure gear.

Reviewed by : Sandra Soler

9. Botas – Largo 571 PRO – Men’s Ice Hockey Skates | Made in Europe (Czech

Botas – Largo 571 PRO – Men’s Ice Hockey Skates

Helpful Review:

The Botas Largo 571 PRO Men’s Ice Hockey Skates are impressive; crafted in Europe, and boasting a lightweight composite boot coupled with a robust steel blade.

Some reviewers indulge in superfluous personal anecdotes to attempt to garnish their reviews with a misplaced sense of credibility.

However, the significance of any review lies strictly in the product verdict, not the profundity of the hockey CV attached. Coming from the Czech Republic, and acquainted with Jaromir Jagr, I appreciate the quality of these skates, but must point out an issue.

The toe box is rather restrictive and causes discomfort during extended wear. If your toes are of a less than average breadth, these may suit you perfectly.

If not, be prepared for some pinching. Nevertheless, the return process was seamless, which is certainly a plus.

Reviewed by : EJ G. Lukes

Critical Review:

Critically speaking, the Botas Largo 571 PRO skates presented an attractive option to more expensive brands, such as Bauer or CCM. Despite my seasoned history with these giants, the Botas enticed me with its perfect fit and remarkable comfort.

However, they weren’t without fault – I discovered a nagging blister after my final match. While this may be a standard struggle with new skates, it’s worth mentioning.

Nevertheless, I’d say these European-made skates deliver a high-end experience at an affordable price, making them a compelling choice.

Reviewed by : ck

10. American Athletic Shoe Boy’s Ice Force Hockey Skates

American Athletic Shoe Boy’s Ice Force Hockey Skates

Helpful Review:

My son adores his Ice Force Hockey Skates – they’ve become his second skin. He’s taken to wearing them around the house, a testament to their comfort.

The design is very akin to my own high-end $800 skates and the fit is like a glove. Upon inspection, they seem pre-sharpened, satisfyingly ready for the rink.

Although, we hit a bump when the shoelace hole gave in after just a couple of uses, which was a disappointment as my son is not a heavy hobbyist, just enjoys casual skating. Hence, though they offer great value for money, bear in mind their compromise on durability.

Reviewed by : Amazon Customer

Critical Review:

Despite the initial enthusiasm for the American Athletic Shoe Boy’s Ice Force Hockey Skates due to their immediate comfort, the experience fell short of the hype.

No doubt the skates are convenient and provide a snug fit for a 7-year-old but their ultimate resilience, considering long-term, multipurpose use, is questionable. My child managed to sport them for up to three hours daily, but I am wary of their longevity.

Reviewed by : Amanda

11. Ice Skates for Women Girls Lace-Up Adult Figure Skate with Skate Guards Ice Hockey Skates

Ice Skates for Women Girls Lace-Up Adult Figure Skate with Skate Guards Ice Hockey Skates

Helpful Review:

The Lace-Up Adult Figure Skate hits a delightful intersection between aesthetics and comfort. Its enchanting design captivated my daughter, who received it as a gift for her fourteenth birthday.

To our surprise, the skates also exhibited impressive capabilities to keep her feet warm amidst the icy conditions.

However, despite weekly usage, my daughter found the comfort level of the skates to taper off – a revelation that cropped up too late for any refund or replacement, due to the 30-day policy.

Hence, while the skates prove to be a worthwhile investment for occasional users, consistent skaters may find challenges in the long-term comfort.

Reviewed by : Magan Harper

Critical Review:

While a sense of nostalgia washes over me as I retire my long-serving white skates, it’s time for a fresh start with the Ice Skates for Women and Girls.

My adult daughter’s skating aspirations inspired this change and these skates were a soothing salve for my gravity and pregnancy-expanded feet.

Their fitting was heaven-sent, as was the reclaimed joy of gliding across the rink. These skates are an excellent choice for those seeking to trade the dull orange rentals for a charming pair of white “just-for-fun” ice skates.

Reviewed by : Kori Jenkins

12. TronX Stryker 3.0 Senior Adult Men Women Junior Kids Ice Hockey Skates, New Model

TronX Stryker 3.0 Senior Adult Men Women Junior Kids Ice Hockey Skates, New Model

Helpful Review:

The TronX Stryker 3.0 hockey skates definitely strikes the perfect balance between affordability and quality. While they offer a fantastic value for your money, it does come with some trade-offs, particularly in the comfort department.

They may not provide the plush comfort familiar to high-end models, but they more than compensate in durability and power on the ice. Ideal for budget-conscious shoppers who are willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort for reliable performance.

Reviewed by : Dave Breiholz Jennye Moore

Critical Review:

While the TronX Stryker 3.0 may initially impress with its sleek design aimed at senior and junior players, it falls flat in practice. Bought as a gift for my grandson who was greatly enthralled yet it failed to deliver long-term satisfaction.

These ice hockey skates, though sparkling on the outside, lack the necessary durability and comfort for consistent performance. Quite the disappointment from TronX’s new model.

Reviewed by : eugef

13. JGMLZK Ice Skates,Boys Hockey Skates,Skates with Adjustable 4 Sizes for Boys Girls Youth Men Women

JGMLZK Ice Skates

Helpful Review:

The JGMLZK Ice Skates hit the sweet spot between quality and value. The true to size (TTS) design means there’s no guesswork in finding the perfect fit, and the adjustability scope makes it a breeze even for my 9-year-old to handle.

However, these skates are not without their flaws, the sizing seems a little off, but nothing a thicker pair of socks can’t solve.

Nonetheless, for anyone from beginners to men and women who have been skating for a while, these skates offer great performance without breaking the bank. For its price point, the skates truly pack a punch.

Reviewed by : Kindle Customer

Critical Review:

Although the JGMLZK Ice Skates holds true to size and provides a comforting fit, one can’t help but wait with skepticism till they hit the ice.

Question arises on its performance as it’s largely touted as beginner-friendly, but remains untested on the true arena – the ice rink. A full assessment hangs in balance.

Reviewed by : Kindle Customer

14. TronX Stryker Soft Boot Senior Men Boys Kids Ice Hockey Skates – All Adult and

TronX Stryker Soft Boot Senior Men Boys Kids Ice Hockey Skates

Helpful Review:

The TronX Stryker Soft Boot Ice Hockey Skates certainly get the job done with their sharp blades, offering a satisfactory experience for recreational skating. However, for those who are seeking premium brand quality, your search might extend beyond this pair.

One peculiar aspect is their peculiar sizing, which doesn’t quite align with conventional shoe sizes – a factor that could potentially prompt returns. So, if you do decide to purchase these, ensure to carefully review the sizing chart.

But overall, these skates are decent for their affordability, especially for just starting out or casual skaters.

Reviewed by : Zackery Rose Tp

Critical Review:

Despite the TronX Stryker skates arriving half-baked in an impressive packaging, I found them to substantially lack in the ‘like-new’ condition promised.

While they might be suitable for casual skating among juniors or unseasoned adults, serious enthusiasts might find the quality less than satisfying.

How To Choose The Best Ice Hockey Skates

Ice hockey skating is a challenging sport that requires a lot of dedication and the right quality equipment, including skates.

If you are on a budget, finding a cheap yet high-quality pair of ice hockey skates can be daunting. However, certain factors determine the quality of ice hockey skates. Here’s a comprehensive guide to get the best cheap ice hockey skates:

Size and Fit:

One of the first things to consider when buying ice hockey skates is size. The wrong size will affect your performance on the ice. Your skates should fit perfectly; not too tight to restrict blood flow and not too loose to limit control over your movements.

Skates sizes are generally 1-2 sizes smaller than regular shoe sizes. Considering width is also crucial which is usually categorized into Narrow, Regular, and Wide.

Comfort and Padding:

Skates used for ice hockey need a fair level of thickness and comfort to face the rigors of the game. Look for skates with great support and adequate padding in the heel and around the ankle. Remember that comfort and fit are more important than price.

Material and Durability:

High-quality skates are made from durable materials like leather and synthetic materials mashed together with carbon fiber. Cheaper skates generally use less leather and more synthetic materials. You also need to check the durability of the blade material. Stainless steel blades are typically the best in terms of longevity and resistance to wear.

Lacing System:

Check the lacing system. Traditional eyelets are common, but some modern skates offer quick lace systems, which could be an advantage for young players or those who struggle with their laces.

Blade and Holder:

A good blade must retain sharpness for a longer period. Different blades give distinctive levels of performance. On the holder, make sure the blade is adequately secured, and it should be designed to resist wear and tear.

Ankle Support:

Good ankle support is crucial for ice hockey skates. When buying, you need to look for skates with sturdy boots that provide excellent support around the ankles to avoid injury.


The weight of the skate affects mobility and comfort. Heavier skates can be more durable but may be an obstacle for speed. Lighter skates allow you to move faster but may not offer the same level of durability.


Consider buying from reputable brands known for their quality products. Check reviews and ratings from people who have purchased and used the skates. Some well-known brands include Bauer, CCM, and Reebok.


Lastly, keep in mind that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. Stick to your budget and prioritize fit, comfort, and durability over price.

Heat Molding:

Some skates offer heat molding, a process that allows the skate to contour to the shape of your foot for a perfect fit. If you’re purchasing at a store, ask if they offer this service. For online purchases, consider skates that are designed to be “baked” at home.

Remember, never sacrifice your safety for a lower price tag. Always ensure functionality, comfort, and quality are preserved even when choosing a cheaper ice hockey skate.


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