Finding the Perfect Fit: The Best Ice Hockey Skates for Wide Feet

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Best Ice Hockey Skates for Wide Feet

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Top 10 Best Ice Hockey Skates for Wide Feet

Choosing the best ice hockey skates for wide feet involves finding models that offer a wider fit without compromising on performance, comfort, and support. Here are some top-rated ice hockey skates in 2024 specifically designed for players with wide feet:

1. Rollerblade Bladerunner Ice Igniter Mens, Black and Gray, Ice Skates

Rollerblade Bladerunner Ice Igniter Mens

Helpful Review:

Surprisingly comfortable and secure, the Rollerblade Bladerunner Igniter transformed my annual escapade on ice into an effortless glide. Their non-negotiable fit, mirroring the familiar feel of rollerblades, will leave you satisfied, regardless of your gender.

The easy on-off mechanism is a distinctive perk, saving time for those who favor functionality without blindfold negligence for style. Although the women’s skates sport a fuzzy lining and a unique appeal, the Ice Igniter Men’s wins hands down with its agreeable fit and stability.

Fear not its generic appearance, personalized lacing can instantly add a dash of distinguishable charm. Unless your heart yearns specifically for hockey or figure skates, these ice skates are almost guaranteed to impress.

Reviewed by : Amazon Customer

Critical Review:

The Rollerblade Bladerunner Ice Igniter falls short in the comfort department, especially for larger sizes, like an 11 or 12 men’s. The left skate kept pushing sideways during use, resulting in an awkward and uncomfortable drag.

Despite their reasonable pricing, I can’t vouch for their quality; they might have a design flaw. Overall, a better fit for your feet is recommended.

Reviewed by : Tadric Robinson

2. 5th Element Stealth Ice Hockey Skates – Perfect for Recreational Ice Skating and Hockey –

5th Element Stealth Ice Hockey Skates

Helpful Review:

The 5th Element Stealth Ice Skates were an impressive on-ice revelation. Straight from the unboxing, they glided effortlessly on the rink without a whiff of a need for sharpening, making them ideal for those of us discovering winter sports.

Their sizing chart accurately corresponds to standard shoe sizing which is a boon. The build exudes an aura of almost indestructible resilience and their excellent value can’t be overlooked, ensuring an later-life adventurer like myself can joyously spend some quality skating time with my six-year-old granddaughter.

Every aspect of these skates made me ecstatic about my purchase. These aren’t just skates, but a touchstone for intergenerational bonding while keeping active. A brilliant investment indeed.

Reviewed by : Benjamin R. Williams

Critical Review:

The 5th Element Stealth Ice Hockey Skates provided a true-to-size fit, making them ideal for recreational hockey with my kids at our weekly rink visits. However, the compromised comfort was a notable flaw.

Being an amateur skater, I was unsure of what to expect, but felt there remains scope for improvement, especially given the price point. Despite this, they offer decent value for money.

Reviewed by : Tikihuts

3. K2 F.I.T. Ice Pro Mens Ice Skates

K2 F.I.T. Ice Pro Mens Ice Skates

Helpful Review:

In brief, the K2 F.I.T. Ice Pro skates are a remarkable investment. The comfort, pleasing fit, and skating experience are exemplary for their price point.

As someone who transitioned from inline to ice skating, landing a great pair of skates had been quite a challenge, particularly given my size 13 feet. However, these stood out due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Gladly, they lived up to the hype with their impressively cosy and snug interior. The skating experience felt as effortless as being on pavement again in no time.

The speed lace system, while a bit tricky initially, provided a firm secure fit. If wider feet are your concern, consider opting for BOA system skates.

In a nutshell, at $100, the K2 F.I.T. Ice Pro offers incomparable value. Their true-to-size fitting and the snug strap system makes them a top recommendation for this winter. You surely won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed by : Steve

Critical Review:

The disappointing sizing inconsistencies of the K2 F.I.T. Ice Pro Mens Ice Skates left me unsatisfied.
The sizes feel a good size or even size and a half smaller than advertised, making them a tight squeeze for the feet. The inefficiencies in the size expectations mar the skating experience.

Reviewed by : Elena Zaklis

4. MammyGol Adjustable Ice Skates for Kids, Boys and Girls, Gray Blue Purple Ice Skates Size

MammyGol Adjustable Ice Skates for Kids

Helpful Review:

The MammyGol Adjustable Ice Skates are definitely a promising investment for growing children. They fit perfectly and are of superior quality, ensuring longevity.

Its key selling point for me is their ‘growing’ feature – they are easily adjustable to fit even as your child grows. With this, you are assured of value for your money, a win-win.

According to my 6-year old, they are not only comfortable but also very user-friendly when it comes to putting them on. If you’re looking for an excellent beginner’s skate that also provides longevity, the MammyGol skates would be a worthy consideration.

Reviewed by : Christopher Tiessen Leah

Critical Review:

The MammyGol Adjustable Ice Skates left me greatly disappointed. I took them to a rink for sharpening, only to be informed that the cheap plastic design renders them unsharpenable.

These skates, though visually appealing in their blue-purple hue, fall short on the practicality front, making them unsuitable for any beginner keen on learning to ice skate properly.

Reviewed by : Lady Di

5. Nattork Ice Skate for Kids Boys Girls, Soft and Comfortable Lining, Ice Hockey Skates with

Nattork Ice Skate for Kids Boys Girls

Helpful Review:

The Nattork Ice Skates are a premium product we’ve purchased twice already. These skates excel in terms of durability, with an adjustable feature that guarantees long-term usage, an attribute my children hugely appreciate.

The soft interior lining provides optimum comfort, which even when worn for extended periods, does not lead to bothersome blisters as long as appropriate long socks are worn. My son was elated to wear these for his hockey sessions.

However, be wary as after a good few uses, we experienced a slight hitch with the loop stitching. Despite this minor glitch, I’d still popularly recommend this product, despite having tried alternatives.

Reviewed by : Mel Bell Sara McGrath

Critical Review:

While the Nattork Ice Skate for Kids does offer commendable stability, particularly for beginners, the overall value of the product is compromised by having to sharpen the blades before first use. The issue is compounded by the necessity of purchasing blade guards separately.

It’s a fair investment for initial skating lessons, though you’ll need to prepare for additional expenses before your little one can truly enjoy these skates.

Reviewed by : Alan

6. BOTAS – Yukon 381 – Men’s Ice Hockey Skates | Made in Europe (Czech Republic)

BOTAS – Yukon 381 – Men’s Ice Hockey Skates

Helpful Review:

The Yukon 381 Men’s Ice Hockey Skates by BOTAS offer the perfect marriage of aesthetics and comfort. Acutely designed, these skates provide a snug fit and are built to last.

Their impressive durability, however, comes at the expense of flexibility. Wearing these skates feels somewhat akin to donning shoes crafted from stone – their robust structure resisted breaking in, making them difficult to maneuver.

Gorgeous yet rigid, these Czech-made skates were ultimately returned. So, despite their high-quality construction and pleasing aesthetics, the line between comfort and rigidity needs to be more efficiently balanced.

Reviewed by : Annamalai Annamalai Hanna Baral

Critical Review:

As a lifelong hockey enthusiast, I’ve recently upgraded to the BOTAS Yukon 381 Men’s Ice Hockey Skates. The elegant black and silver aesthetics certainly catch an eye. They feel wonderful and appear robust. Fittingly so, as my peers have nothing but high praise for them.

A welcome and overdue addition after my former pair gave in to the rigors of time. Never have I felt so satisfied with such a pivotal investment.

Reviewed by : Cheryl

7. BOTAS – Draft/Attack Men’s Ice Hockey Skates | Made in Europe (Czech Republic) | Color:

BOTAS – Draft/Attack Men’s Ice Hockey Skates

Helpful Review:

These BOTAS – Draft/Attack Men’s Ice Hockey Skates have made my son’s initiation into hockey an enjoyable experience. Sizing can be difficult with kid’s shoes, but these skates were an excellent fit and brought my son great comfort during play.

The quality matches the price and has given us peace of mind about his safety and comfort. We did face a minor hiccup of a small crack and a fallen-off metal piece on one of the skates during the initial use, but we believe it’s an anomaly and are having it replaced.

Though lacking insoles, the general impression is that they are decent boots that would certainly pass muster with any player. Crafted in the Czech Republic, these skates exemplify sterling European quality.

Reviewed by : GCG Annamalai Annamalai

Critical Review:

Purchasing the BOTAS – Draft/Attack Men’s Ice Hockey Skates has been transformative for my son’s skating abilities. These skates have immensely improved his balance and speed on ice, better than any other brand we’ve tried before.

Say goodbye to constant falls and lagging behind the team. These skates effortlessly provide ankle support and deliver exceptional performance.

Highly recommended, these Czech made skates are worth every penny. Looking back, we can’t picture ourselves choosing anything else.

Reviewed by : Alex

8. OBENSKY Adjustable Ice Skates for Kids, Toddler Ice Hockey Skates for Girls and Boys, Youth

OBENSKY Adjustable Ice Skates for Kids

Helpful Review:

The OBENSKY Adjustable Ice Skates are a nifty starter pair for budding young skaters. Living in Northern Minnesota, we don’t exactly have plentiful ice, but are lucky enough to have an indoor rink nearby.

These skates might not be the sturdiest but they provide good initial groundwork for my tiny duo of 3 and 4 years prodigies. Value-wise, I wouldn’t bracket them beyond the novice learning phase.
They’re good for about a dozen to two skates before signs of wear and tear start showing.

However, bearing in mind it’s a Christmas gift that incites excitement and encourages your little ones to enjoy a new sport— it’s worth it.

Reviewed by : Ashley T. Linda M.

Critical Review:

Despite the initial excitement my children had when they received the OBENSKY Adjustable Ice Skates for Christmas, I find the quality to be wanting.

The aesthetics are pleasing, but the skates lack the durability expected, raising questions about their long-term use.

Reviewed by : Jordyn

9. Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Igniter XT Womens, Black and Winter Green, Ice Skates

Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Igniter XT Womens

Helpful Review:

While encountering some sizing mishaps, I must say, the Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Igniter XT Women’s Skates are exemplary in both appearance and construction. I adore the black and winter green color design, and the level of comfort is unparalleled, making them feel like a second skin.

When worn, these skates are reminiscent of floating on a cloud, thanks to their cozy, true-to-size fitting. Interestingly, they helped my son significantly improve his skating skills and hockey game, serving as proof of their impressive quality.

One minor issue is the absence of an option to specify a size during order placement, but overall, I can’t help but sing praises for these skates. Ladies, stick to your regular shoe size when ordering for a seamless fit, and you’ll relish skating.

Reviewed by : Deborah Ploof Dorothy Kobel

Critical Review:

Though sizing was initially a challenge, the Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Igniter XT Women’s Ice Skates ended up being a delightful ice companion. The black and winter green design gives a stylish twist to a classic sports gear item.

Despite a rocky start because of the tricky fit, the skates eventually come into their own, providing enjoyable ice adventures.

10. Jackson Classic 200/500 Womens/Girls Figure Ice Skates

Jackson Classic 200/500 Womens

Helpful Review:

The Jackson Classic Women’s Figure Ice Skates truly live up to their name – ‘Classic’. I purchased them for my 10-year-old, who easily fit into the size 2 for kids.

The sizing chart provided by the brand is fairly accurate, making the shopping process far more straightforward. Adorned with a striking colour palette, these skates are not only functional but a treat to the eyes.

One month into use, the robust build ensures they still appear good as new. While some may advise going 2.5 inches down for perfect fit, that didn’t work in our case.

We reordered a size 9 instead of the initial 7.5, hoping it fits better. Be prepared though, these beauties do attract dirt quite easily but breathe easy, they’re just as easy to clean.
Excellent value for money indeed.

Reviewed by : Prelude2 it Marjorie

Critical Review:

The Jackson Classic 200/500 promises quality and durability in its figure ice skates, exuding a stark beauty with its bright white finish. However, the range of foot compatibility leaves much to be desired.

While accommodating those with a wider foot thanks to the liberal size of the boot, it disappointingly falls short for those with narrower feet. Moreover, the sizing guideline needs clarity, with a reduction of 1.5 sizes recommended for the regular foot, thus making the selection process even more complex.

Reviewed by : Jenny

11. MammyGol Adjustable Ice Skates for Kids, Boys and Girls-Fun Ice Skates for Outdoor and Rink

MammyGol Adjustable Ice Skates for Kids

Helpful Review:

The MammyGol Adjustable Ice Skates won rave reviews from both my daughter and me. Its adjustability factor holds great value, reducing the need for frequent replacements as my child grows.

This product wonderfully balances between being child-friendly and budget-efficient. It’s perfect for outdoor adventures and rink visits.

Offering hours of fun, these skates score high when it comes to durability and adjustability. A great investment for parents and a delightful gift for kids.

Reviewed by : Karla Jen T

Critical Review:

Despite the MammyGol Adjustable Ice Skates being a hit with kids because of the appealing color, there are aspects that cast a shadow over these skates. The skates may fit well, but their design is far from being savvy for frequent outdoor trips and rink visits.

Potential buyers should consider the impact of long-term use. Overall, it’s a cuteness over comfort scenario with these ice skates from MammyGol.

12. Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Men’s/Boy’s Recreational Hockey Skate – Mens Size 10

Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Men’s

Helpful Review:

The Jackson Ultima Softec Hockey Skate is an impressive successor to the skates I’d worn out over 30 years ago. Their supreme comfort and simplicity are truly commendable.

However, the pair I received were a bit unsteady, forcing me to initiate a return. I suggest you steer clear from this particular seller as they impose exorbitant restocking charges and make the return process unnecessarily complex.

The product itself is fantastic, but the seller’s customer service could use some work. Overall, I’d seek out this skate from a different vendor to truly enjoy its stellar features without the hassle.

Reviewed by : Aliaksandra J. Karner

Critical Review:

While the Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Men’s Recreational Hockey Skate may be a revelation for those with wide feet and high arches, it’s not without flaws. The inner padding is plush and comfortable, while the exterior offers decent protection.

However, the advice to size up due to fear of a tight fit is misleading, as they run true to size. The skates arrive sharp enough for 15 hours of ice time before requiring a re-sharpen. Despite these shortcomings, they’re still a solid choice for recreational skaters.

Reviewed by : m

13. TronX Stryker 3.0 Senior Adult Men Women Junior Kids Ice Hockey Skates, New Model

TronX Stryker 3.0 Senior Adult Men Women Junior Kids

Helpful Review:

Despite its affordable price tag, the TronX Stryker 3.0 Ice Hockey Skates brilliantly balance cost with quality. Admittedly, comfort could be refined as they seem a bit harsh on the feet initially.

However, for senior adults, women, juniors, and children seeking a new model to elevate their ice hockey game, these skates are an excellent choice. Balancing price with performance, these ice skates give you more than your money’s worth.

The TronX Skates may require some breaking-in, but patience rewards with an impressive hockey experience.

Reviewed by : Dave Breiholz Jennye Moore

Critical Review:

While purchasing TronX Stryker 3.0 as a gesture of affection for my youthful grandson was initially satisfying, I was left underwhelmed by the product. Adored by him initially, they soon revealed themselves as sorely lacking in durability and comfort.

These skates failed to meet the ordinary expectations attached to senior ice hockey gear, proving disappointing for adult users and junior skating novices alike.

Reviewed by : eugef

14. Lake Placid Vortex Adjustable Ice Hockey Skates

Lake Placid Vortex Adjustable Ice Hockey Skates

Helpful Review:

When my son began his hockey journey a year and a half ago at 8, I knew investing in expensive skates won’t be practical as children outgrow their gear quickly. That’s when Lake Placid Vortex skates caught my eye on Amazon.

Priced at just $40, these adjustable skates turned out to be a great bargain. Not only they lasted nearly 18 months despite regular usage and rigorous training, but their adjustable feature also made it easy to extend the shoe size when it started getting tight for him.

I had to replace them only because my son outgrew them. While the size range suggested is somewhat smaller than actual, the product shipped on time and performed beyond my expectations.

If you have a growing hockey enthusiast at home, I recommend giving these skates a try.

Reviewed by : Benjamin S. Rogers Mitch

Critical Review:

While my novice 11-year-old considers the Lake Placid Vortex Adjustable Ice Hockey Skates to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, their durability remains in question.

After only a few uses, these skates still hold up, but their ability to withstand a seasoned player’s demands is questionable. For occasional, casual skaters they could be a solid choice but might disappoint seasoned athletes.

Reviewed by : Amazon Customer

15. Roces Men’s Adult Sport & Leisure Stainless Steel Hockey Blade Big ICY Ice Skates w/Thermal-Insulation

Roces Men’s Adult Sport & Leisure Stainless Steel Hockey

Helpful Review:

Despite my initial excitement at finding the Roces Men’s Sport & Leisure Ice Skates available in my size (14), my enthusiasm soon turned into disappointment. They delivered on fit but sadly failed in durability.

After a few uses, the blades began to detach from the boots – a dangerous malfunction that held the potential for serious injury. Prompt communication with the seller led to a return, although not without a restocking fee.

The skates have room for improvement in terms of build quality. But if Roces can address these concerns, they have a product with potential, particularly for those struggling to find large sizes.

Reviewed by : David Ostrander Virginia Recker

Critical Review:

As someone with size 15.5 feet, the Roces Men’s Adult Sport & Leisure Stainless Steel Hockey Blade Big ICY Ice Skates are surprisingly snug. The size 16s offered no unnecessary movement, delivering immense comfort.

The Thermal-Insulation Liner and Laces, Power Strap, and Micro-adjustable Memory Buckle Closure come highly recommended for large footed individuals. A big thumbs up.

Reviewed by : jonathan flores

How To Choose The Best Ice Hockey Skates

Selecting the perfect hockey skate is extremely important not just for your gameplay, but also for your foot health. If you have wide feet, finding the right hockey boot can be a bit tricky. Here is a buying guide to help you find the best hockey skates for wide feet:

Width of the Skate:

Hockey skates come in different widths like narrow, regular, and wide. The width of the skates is denoted by letters. D and R denote regular width, E and EE denote wide feet and sometimes C denotes narrow feet. If you have wide feet, go for skates marked E or EE.

Type of Skates:

Skates are mainly of three types – player skates, goalie skates, and recreational skates. Player skates are narrow and allow fast, short movements. Goalie skates are flat and have longer blades for stability.

Recreational skates are designed for casual skating and are typically wider. If you’re a player with wide feet, look for player skates designed specifically with added width.

Brand and Model:

Some brands produce models that are naturally wider or have variants that are wider in size. Bauer Nexus and CCM Ribcor are known to accommodate wider feet. Do research on which brands have wider options.

Boot Construction:

For wide feet, the boot construction plays a crucial role. A stiff boot helps in better foot and ankle support, but they may also be uncomfortable for wide feet.

Soft boots provide comfort but lack in providing high-performance support. Look for skates that offer good balance between stiffness for performance and comfort for your wide feet.

Heat Moldability:

Some higher-end skates use a heat moldable material inside the boot that can be warmed up and then formed to the precise shape of your foot as it cools and hardens. This can provide you with a custom fit even if your feet are broad or wide.


Get accurately measured for your hockey skates. Remember, the shoe size and the skate size are not the same. Usually, you will need to drop one to two sizes down for the skates from your regular shoe size. Always try on the skates before buying.

Insole and Arch Support:

This is a factor often overlooked. Good insoles can prevent foot pain and other foot problems. Look for skates that provide good insole padding and arch support.


Higher-priced skates often offer wider size options and advanced technologies for better fit and performance. They also tend to have better durability. Conversely, economical skates might not provide these options. Thus, consider investing in higher-end skates if possible.

Finally, even after you have bought your skates, give them enough break-in time. Skates can often take several hours of usage to fully break in and fit your feet properly.

Always wear them with a good quality hockey sock when testing for fit. And most importantly, choose the skates in which you feel comfortable rather than going for the looks or the brand.


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