Unveiling the Finest Ice Hockey Gloves on the Market Today

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Finest Ice Hockey Gloves

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Top 10 Best Ice Hockey Gloves

When it comes to selecting the best ice hockey skates for 2024, there are several top-performing options to consider, each catering to different needs and preferences. Here are some of the best choices available.

1. Epoch Lacrosse Elite Integra Pro Glove

Epoch Lacrosse Elite Integra Pro Glove

Helpful Review:

Epoch Lacrosse’s Elite Integra Pro Glove stood out among the gamut of choices, delighting with their relaxed fit, even before hitting the field. They effortlessly outshine alternatives like Cell IV, M4, M5, and others, and are pleasing all around from feel to aesthetics.

Their most significant improvement is their ax suede palms that not only add a luxurious feel but dry remarkably fast and are seamless, eliminating previous issues of ripping and seam detachment on other gloves.

However, they could use some enhancement in their ventilation, as they seem prone to overheating.

My son, a 9th-grade Varsity lax player, expresses that these are the most impressive gloves he’s worn. In summary, the Elite Integra Pro Glove excels in fit, feel, and quality, though could benefit from improved breathability.

Reviewed by : Matthew Schuetz Kenneth I.

Critical Review:

Upon receiving the Epoch Lacrosse Elite Integra Pro Glove, I was crestfallen. The order misstep has left me with a substitute product. Although the gloves impressed me qualitatively, the fact remains that this isn’t what I initially intended to buy.

In essence, the confusion in product naming led to an unsatisfactory purchase. Despite this, I remain hopeful that the gloves will serve their purpose and exceed the expectations of their young recipient.

Reviewed by : JK

2. Franklin Sports Franklin Hockey Goalie Blocker – NHL – 15 Inch – GB 140

Franklin Sports Franklin Hockey Goalie Blocker

Helpful Review:

The Franklin Hockey Goalie Blocker – NHL – 15 Inch – GB 140 provides an impressive fit for adult players. Perfect for ball-court play and suitable for sizing up to 5’11, this blocker offers ample coverage to protect your arm as far as the elbow.

The comfort it offers is bolstered by a tasteful design that visually appeals. Its value for money is unbeatable.

Moreover, it arrived in impeccable condition making it an effortless joy to use with absolutely no room for complaints. This robust goalie blocker, a quality Franklin Sports product, is an excellent choice indeed.

Reviewed by : delighted customer Angela L.

Critical Review:

Unfortunately, the Franklin Sports Franklin Hockey Goalie Blocker – NHL – 15 Inch – GB 140 didn’t meet my expectations. The size is misleading, and it hardly offers the necessary protection for a professional game.

Using it feels cumbersome and negatively affects performance. I’d suggest investing in a more premium quality blocker for serious gameplay.

Reviewed by : nan, nan

3. Flying Eagle Skate Gloves

Flying Eagle Skate Gloves

Helpful Review:

Onewheel riders who fear those dreadful nosedives will much appreciate the safety and practicality brought on by Flying Eagle Gloves.

Designed flawlessly to accommodate falls, they ensure your hands slide rather than grip onto the tumultuous terrain, sparing you the pain of an injured wrist or forearm. Unlike wrist guards that might be cumbersome, these gloves radiate comfort.

However, keep in mind, they tend to run small, so opt for a size larger. The sturdy plastic components, fastened securely via Velcro, facilitate the necessary slide in a tumble and can be removed for easy cleaning.

Even at lower speeds (<5 mph), these gloves have proven their worth in my minor spills. Well-priced and constructed with efficacy, I am already eyeing my next pair. Flying Eagle gets the thumbs up from me.

Reviewed by : R. Tsui Leo Q.

Critical Review:

The Flying Eagle Skate Gloves have some merits, but are stymied by flawed design. The removable plastic palm guard which was likely intended as a protective feature, disappointingly detaches with minimal effort.

Their ability to withstand a high-impact crash is therefore highly questionable. A good pair of skate gloves? Yes, but they’re certainly not without their drawbacks.

Reviewed by : Michael Hayes

4. Ice Armor 10483 4567-0815 Edge Mitt, X-Large, Black

Ice Armor 10483 4567-0815 Edge Mitt

Helpful Review:

I’m thoroughly impressed with the Ice Armor Edge Mitt. My hands were snug as a bug and super warm when I had to clear snow off my driveway with my pick-up in the biting cold.

The fit is excellent – they secure comfortably to your hands without feeling too heavy or cumbersome. I gifted a pair to my son-in-law too, and he’s equally smitten. A highly recommended product for those braving harsh winters.

Reviewed by : debbie Moan A. Arntz

Critical Review:

Despite high praise from ice fishing enthusiasts on YouTube, the Ice Armor 10483 4567-0815 Edge Mitt fell far short of my expectations. Subjected to a frigid -10c environment, my hands were encased in ice not armor.

Unless you intend to bulk up with two heat packs per mitt, you’re better off investing elsewhere. An unfortunate drain on the wallet.

Reviewed by : Richard, nan

5. Skating Spirit Figure Skating Gloves for Kids and Adults, Padded Gel Palm Protection Water Resistant

Skating Spirit Figure Skating Gloves for Kids and Adults

Helpful Review:

The Skating Spirit Gloves are the superior choice when it comes to premium skating attire. These gloves go above and beyond, providing a level of comfort and protection that surpasses competitor brands like CRS.

They offer unparalleled warmth and water resistance, making these gloves irresistibly comfortable even in the harshest of conditions.

The intelligent design, inclusive of thicker gel padding, ensures maximum protection for the hands. Sizing is accurate, with a size S fitting my 8-year-old flawlessly while also offering great flexibility.

Interestingly, the Skating Spirit Gloves balance their soft touch with exceptional durability.
Even after multiple rounds in the washer and an accidental tumble in the dryer, these gloves have held up admirably.

Their high-quality material and added palm grip provide excellent support when skating or during unexpected falls on ice. These gloves are undeniably a must-have for every figure skater, regardless of age. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Reviewed by : PPGCV Esther F.

Critical Review:

Skating Spirit’s Figure Skating Gloves fail to live up to their promise of warmth. Inadequately designed with seamed fingertips and a clip position that allows the elements in, they disappoint.

The sides of the fingers seemingly have a mesh-like quality that subjects the user to perpetual cold, negating their claim to provide effective insulation from the chill.

Reviewed by : Jessica LoPresti

6. IceDress – Thermal Figure Skating Gloves

IceDress – Thermal Figure Skating Gloves

Helpful Review:

While the IceDress Thermal Gloves initially impressed our fervent ice-skating daughter with their warmth, coziness, and attractive design, they soon let us down with their less-than-stellar durability. Within a mere two uses, wear and tear started showing significantly on the palm and fingers.

To our dismay, a seam gave in barely four weeks in, causing a hole. Despite the steep price tag, the gloves seemingly lack lasting quality.

However, it’s their initial aesthetic appeal that warrants retaining at least one star in the review. Overall, these gloves proved to be more style than substance, a hit to the trust we placed in the IceDress brand. Thorough disappointment.

Reviewed by : Barbra natalie mcghee

Critical Review:

While my daughter was pleased with her IceDress Thermal Figure Skating Gloves, I remain skeptical. The gloves appeared undersized, yet they surprisingly fit her petite hands.

However, as a parent, I’m uncertain about their thermal capabilities on the ice, leaving me unsure of their true efficacy in cold temperatures.

Reviewed by : Lili Cui

7. IceDress Two Color Thermal Figure Skating Gloves Sport

IceDress Two Color Thermal Figure Skating Gloves Sport

Helpful Review:

While the IceDress Gloves deliver on their promise of being thermal and water-resistant, their overall quality is a letdown. Our child adored them initially but the excitement soon faded as the gloves began disintegrating. The seams opened up, resulting in large, inconvenient holes.

As parents, we found ourselves constantly having to mend them, a task neither of us particularly enjoyed. Even consigning the chore to our daughter who uses the gloves for ice skating, was met with frustration.

She might be learning a life skill with this needlework, but we certainly question its worthiness when it’s a result of poor craftsmanship. Despite their attractive look and features, it’s a struggle to overlook the persistent quality issues.

Reviewed by : grammypix Lewis

Critical Review:

While IceDress Two Color Thermal Figure Skating Gloves impressively combat the chill without compromising on bulkiness, the utter lack of flair in their design sticks out like a sore thumb at the rink.

Moreover, finding the need to purchase additional pairs in differing colors for variety is deeply irksome – variety should be an intrinsic facet of the product, not an afterthought to tick off.

Reviewed by : frequent flyer

8. Franklin Sports NHL Kids Youth Street Hockey Gloves – HG150 Junior Hockey Gloves for Street

Franklin Sports NHL Kids Youth Street Hockey Gloves

Helpful Review:

My little girl, newly initiated into the exciting world of hockey, found the Franklin Sports NHL Kids Hockey Gloves to be a piece of equipment she cherishes. She happily dons them whether she’s just out for a leisurely skate or deep in the heart of an intense game.

These gloves have a versatile charm. Although they aren’t specifically designed for use on ice, my boy has proven their efficacy in colder conditions on more than one occasion. Best of all, they double as an affordable option for indoor play sessions too.

Reviewed by : Sam Zack

Critical Review:

Despite the allure of the Franklin Sports NHL Kids Youth Street Hockey Gloves, their quality falls short of competitors like Bauer or CCM, with their stitching longevity lacking.

Albeit suitable for initial use, expect disappointment as their lifecycle is unfortunately truncated. This pair of gloves sadly doesn’t measure up as trusty youth street hockey equipment.

Reviewed by : Brandon

9. ChloeNoel Ice Skating Gloves – GV22

ChloeNoel Ice Skating Gloves

Helpful Review:

Presenting a flawless collaboration of functionality and aesthetics, the ChloeNoel GV22 Ice Skating Gloves are a dream come true. There’s certainly nothing to resent, with every aspect meticulously designed to perfection.

Not only do they perform exceedingly well with a comfortable fit and reliable grip, but their fashion-forward color palette is an absolute triumph. I found the color scheme ideal for syncing with my skating team’s uniform, introducing a seamless blend of our collective identity.

So, for those in quest of a trifecta of style, comfort and performance, the ChloeNoel GV22 gloves will tick every box. You’d be hard pressed to find a more fitting companion for the ice. A must-have in every skater’s arsenal.

Reviewed by : castalia Richard Charlebois

Critical Review:

Sourcing fitting gloves for my tot ended in a futile attempt with the ChloeNoel GV22 Ice Skating Gloves. The one-size-fits-all tag certainly doesn’t apply here, as they were excessively large for my small one.

The quality, pretty average, didn’t soften the blow. To add insult to injury, the prohibitive shipping costs transformed an already bitter pill into an unbearable one. Disappointment is an understatement.

Reviewed by : Hillary

10. Franklin Sports Youth Hockey Goalie Glove – NHL – 11 Inch – GB 130 Catch

Franklin Sports Youth Hockey Goalie Glove

Helpful Review:

Despite some confusion with the product title, the Franklin Sports 11 Inch Hockey Glove truly excels in quality.

While the listing may create some ambiguities regarding its target audience – initially indicating for ‘youth,’ while later hinting at ‘adult’ suitability – the glove, upon arrival, distinctly fits into the adult category.

Purchased as a festive Easter gift for our little hockey enthusiast, we find ourselves engaged in return procedures due to this sizing issue.

Thus, although its stellar build and impressive quality guarantee an excellent on-ice experience, potential buyers are advised to be aware of the size before finalising their purchase.

Reviewed by : Juanita Fleming Jennifer O’ Connor

Critical Review:

Despite its visual appeal, I found the Franklin Sports Youth Hockey Goalie Glove to be unsatisfactory. While it certainly would bring delight to a young hockey enthusiast, I question its durability.

Its size also left much to be desired. As an 11″ glove, it just felt too small, limiting functionality. Not as ‘great’ as marketed.

Reviewed by : bethany

How To Choose The Best Ice Hockey Skates

Ice hockey gloves are an integral piece of equipment for any hockey player. They not only protect your hands from potential injuries but also provide grip and control while handling the hockey stick.

However, finding the right pair can be challenging given the range of options available in sizes, materials, brands, and design features.

Here is a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the best ice hockey gloves that suit your playing style and level.


Properly sized gloves are fundamental for optimal comfort and performance. The size of hockey gloves is indicated in inches – from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger. Most adult gloves range between 13 to 15 inches. Junior sizes range from 9 to 12 inches, while youth gloves are smaller than 9 inches. Gloves should fit snugly over the hand but allow for full hand motion.

Protection Level:

Depending on your level of play and league requirements, you may need gloves with higher or lower protection levels. If you’re playing at a competitive level, gloves with ample padding and reinforced fingers are crucial. For casual or beginner players, standard protection gloves might be sufficient.

Comfort and Fit:

Choose gloves with a comfortable fit. They should not be too tight to restrict your hand movement or too loose that they may slip off during gameplay. They should allow you to grip your stick comfortably. Traditional gloves offer a loose fit, while modern gloves offer a tapered fit that is snug on the fingers and open in the cuff.

Materials and Durability:

The quality of the material directly influences the durability and the protective qualities. Most gloves are made of synthetic leather which is durable and lightweight. The palms are usually made of leather or synthetic materials. The inside of the glove should have moisture-wicking properties to keep your hands dry.

Design and Aesthetics:

While function should take precedence, the look of your gloves can also be important, especially if you’re playing on a team with a particular color scheme. Many brands offer a variety of designs and colors to choose from.

Brand Reputation:

Consider reputable brands that are renowned for their quality and durability such as Bauer, CCM, Warrior, and Easton. Ensure you also read reviews about the gloves to gauge their performance.


Prices of hockey gloves can range widely based on their design and features. That said, you shouldn’t compromise on comfort, protection, and fit for the sake of price. While expensive gloves aren’t always better, cheap ones might lack in durability and protection.

Wrist Mobility:

The glove’s cuff should allow comfortable, unrestricted wrist movement. Some gloves offer adjustable cuffs for a customized fit, while others may come with short cuffs for enhanced mobility.


Gloves that are easy to clean and maintain can enhance their lifespan. Some gloves even come with removable liners for ease of cleaning.

It’s important to take the time to find the right gloves that offer a good balance of protection, comfort, and grip. Always try the gloves on and grip a hockey stick to assess their fit and feel.

With the right pair of gloves, you’ll not only improve your game but also prevent potentially serious hand and wrist injuries.


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