Why Patrik Laine Is Better Than Auston Matthews? Complementary Playing Styles

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Patrik Laine Is Better Than Auston Matthews

The debate surrounding the superiority of Patrik Laine over Auston Matthews in the realm of hockey is a subject of fervent discussion among enthusiasts. Both players possess exceptional talents, each contributing uniquely to their respective teams.

However, this analysis contends that Patrik Laine’s standout qualities place him ahead of Auston Matthews. Laine’s defining attribute lies in his unparalleled goal-scoring ability, underpinned by a devastatingly accurate shot that has led the league.

His imposing physical presence on the ice further sets him apart. This introduction sets the stage for a nuanced exploration of Laine’s distinctive strengths, offering insight into why some argue he surpasses Matthews in the hockey arena.

Why Patrik Laine Is Better Than Auston Matthews?

The comparison between Patrik Laine and Auston Matthews is subjective and depends on personal opinions and preferences.

Both players are highly skilled and have different playing styles, so what makes one “better” than the other is a matter of individual perspective.

Here are some arguments that fans of Patrik Laine might make to suggest he is better than Auston Matthews:

Goal-Scoring Prowess

Patrik Laine is renowned for his elite goal-scoring ability. He possesses one of the most lethal shots in the NHL, often compared to some of the all-time greats.

Laine consistently ranks among the league leaders in goals scored, showcasing his incredible shooting accuracy and power.

While Auston Matthews is also a prolific goal scorer, Laine’s unique shooting skills give him an edge in this category.

Power Play Specialist

Laine’s scoring ability on the power play is exceptional. He has a knack for finding open spaces and making quick decisions that result in goals, particularly with the man advantage.

His scoring efficiency on power plays makes him a valuable asset to any team. Matthews is a strong power-play performer as well, but Laine’s ability to create opportunities and convert them into goals on the power-play sets him apart.

Offensive Creativity

While Auston Matthews is a well-rounded offensive player, Patrik Laine’s creativity and playmaking abilities should not be underestimated. Laine can make plays that leave opponents guessing, and his vision and passing skills have improved over time.

This versatility in his offensive game allows him to contribute beyond just scoring goals and makes him a more dynamic offensive threat.

Defensive Improvement

Both Laine and Matthews have worked on their defensive games, but Laine’s progress in this area has been notable. He has become a more responsible player in his own zone, leading to a more balanced two-way game.

While Matthews is no slouch defensively, Laine’s strides in this aspect showcase his commitment to becoming a more complete player.

Versatility in Position

Auston Matthews is primarily a center, whereas Patrik Laine has demonstrated the ability to excel as a winger. Laine’s versatility allows teams to utilize him in different roles and formations, depending on the team’s needs.

This adaptability can be a significant advantage, especially when it comes to team composition and strategy.

Size and Physicality

Patrik Laine’s size and physical presence give him an advantage in terms of board battles, protecting the puck, and using his body to create space.

While Auston Matthews is not a small player by any means, Laine’s frame can be an asset in certain situations, especially in the physical aspect of the game.

Impact on Their Respective Teams

Impact on Their Respective Teams

Both Patrik Laine and Auston Matthews have had a significant impact on their respective teams, the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Their influence goes beyond just individual statistics and includes contributions to team success and dynamics.

Patrik Laine’s Impact on the Columbus Blue Jackets:

Offensive Catalyst

Laine has brought a much-needed offensive spark to the Blue Jackets. His goal-scoring ability and playmaking skills have improved the team’s offensive production.

Power Play Presence

Laine’s lethal shot and scoring instincts make him a key asset on the power play. His ability to find the back of the net with his one-timer has bolstered the Blue Jackets’ special teams.

Drawing Attention

Laine’s presence on the ice demands attention from opposing defenders, which can create space for his teammates. This has a positive ripple effect on the entire team’s offensive performance.

Auston Matthews’ Impact on the Toronto Maple Leafs:

Offensive Leader

Matthews is a cornerstone of the Maple Leafs’ offense. He consistently ranks among the league’s top goal-scorers and point-producers, providing a reliable source of scoring.

Defensive Responsibility

Matthews is not just an offensive force; he also takes on defensive responsibilities, contributing to the team’s two-way play and penalty-killing units.


As one of the team’s stars, Matthews has taken on a leadership role within the Maple Leafs, both on and off the ice. His presence and work ethic set an example for his teammates.


Matthews’ ability to maintain a high level of performance season after season contributes to the team’s stability and competitiveness.

How Their Styles Complement Their Teams’ Strategies?

Patrik Laine and Auston Matthews have distinct playing styles that can complement their respective teams’ strategies in different ways.

Patrik Laine:

How Their Styles Complement Their Teams’ Strategies?

Shooting Prowess

Laine’s exceptional shooting ability is a major asset for his team. His accuracy and power make him a dangerous offensive threat.

This complements a team’s strategy by providing a go-to scorer who can capitalize on scoring opportunities.

Power Play Dominance

Laine’s proficiency in the power play is a significant advantage.

His deadly shot can force penalty-killing units to focus on him, creating openings for his teammates. This aligns well with a team that emphasizes power play effectiveness.

Physical Presence

Laine’s size and physicality make him a force to be reckoned with in front of the net and along the boards.

This can be especially beneficial for a team that prioritizes strong forechecking and net-front presence to create scoring chances.

Versatile Scoring

Laine’s ability to score from various areas on the ice provides flexibility in a team’s offensive approach.

His knack for finding the back of the net from different positions can keep opponents guessing and adds unpredictability to the team’s attack.

Auston Matthews:

Two-Way Excellence

Matthews is known for his strong two-way play. His ability to contribute both offensively and defensively makes him a well-rounded asset to his team’s overall strategy.

He can be relied upon in critical defensive situations as well as during offensive pushes.

Puck Possession and Playmaking

Matthews is adept at maintaining possession of the puck and creating plays for his teammates.

This style of play complements a team’s strategy that emphasizes puck control and setting up scoring opportunities through precise passing and playmaking.

Faceoff Prowess

Matthews is also known for his proficiency in faceoffs. Winning faceoffs is crucial for gaining possession and controlling the flow of the game.

This skill is valuable in executing a team’s strategic game plan, particularly in critical moments.

Leadership and Intangibles

Matthews’ leadership qualities and intangibles are significant assets to his team.

His work ethic, determination, and on-ice presence can inspire and motivate teammates, contributing to a positive team dynamic and overall strategy execution.


What makes Patrik Laine stand out as a player?

Patrik Laine is known for his exceptional goal-scoring ability, boasting a powerful and accurate shot that has led the league in goals for a season.

How does Laine’s size contribute to his effectiveness on the ice?

Laine’s imposing stature at 6’5″ (196 cm) and around 206 lbs (93 kg) gives him a physical advantage, making it harder for defenders to handle him, especially in front of the net.

What offensive skills does Laine bring to the game?

Laine possesses a combination of playmaking ability, hockey IQ, and a powerful one-timer shot

Why is Auston Matthews considered a strong contender in this comparison?

Auston Matthews is hailed for his well-rounded game, excelling not only as a prolific goal scorer but also as a strong defensive player and playmaker.

What other skills and attributes contribute to Matthews’ effectiveness?

Matthews is known for his superior skating ability, excellent puckhandling skills, and defensive awareness.

To Recap

The debate over whether Patrik Laine is better than Auston Matthews ultimately comes down to individual preferences.

Laine’s standout attribute lies in his extraordinary goal-scoring prowess, characterized by a formidable shot that has led the league in goals for a season.

His imposing size adds a physical advantage, making him a formidable force on the ice. Additionally, Laine’s offensive skills, including playmaking ability and a lethal one-timer, further elevate his game.

While Matthews is a strong contender with his well-rounded play and defensive prowess, the argument for Laine’s superiority hinges on his unparalleled ability to consistently find the back of the net with unmatched precision and power.

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