Why Does Johnny Gaudreau Wear 13? A Superstitious Journey

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Johnny Gaudreau Wear 13

Johnny Gaudreau, the accomplished professional ice hockey player, dons the number 13 with pride and purpose. This seemingly ordinary choice carries a profound significance in his illustrious career.

From his early days on the ice in New Jersey’s youth hockey leagues to the pinnacle of his college career at Boston College, Gaudreau’s affinity for the number 13 has remained steadfast.

It raises intriguing questions about the origins and meaning behind this numeral, inviting us to delve into the personal beliefs and superstitions that underlie an athlete’s jersey selection.

Unraveling the story behind Johnny Gaudreau’s attachment to 13 unveils a fascinating aspect of his journey in the world of hockey.

Why Does Johnny Gaudreau Wear 13?

Johnny Gaudreau, a professional ice hockey player known for his exceptional skills and agility on the ice, wears the number 13 on his jersey for several significant reasons.


Many athletes are known to be superstitious, and Johnny Gaudreau is no exception. In the world of sports, certain numbers hold special meaning for players.

While some athletes might choose numbers based on personal beliefs or experiences, others simply feel a connection to a particular number.

For Gaudreau, the number 13 holds a positive significance, and it may bring him a sense of luck or comfort on the ice.

Personal Preference

Sometimes, players choose their jersey number based on personal preference or attachment to a specific numeral.

It could be a number that has resonated with them throughout their life, perhaps from childhood or from a memorable moment in their career.

In Gaudreau’s case, he might have had a special fondness for the number 13 since his early years, leading him to adopt it as his jersey number.

Family Influence

Athletes often have family members who play a significant role in their lives and careers.

It’s possible that Johnny Gaudreau has a familial connection to the number 13, such as a birthdate, anniversary, or other meaningful event associated with that numeral. This connection could inspire him to wear it as a tribute or reminder of his roots.

Idol or Role Model

Personal Preference

Sometimes, athletes choose their jersey numbers based on admiration for a sports idol or role model who wore the same number.

When Johnny Gaudreau grew up idolizing a player who wore the number 13, he may have decided to do it as a way to pay homage to that individual and draw inspiration from their legacy.


In a sport like hockey, where there are limited jersey numbers available, players often seek to choose a number that sets them apart from the rest.

The number 13 is less commonly chosen compared to other numbers like 9 or 19, which are traditionally popular in hockey. By wearing 13, Gaudreau distinguishes himself from his peers and creates a unique identity on the ice.


For some athletes, their jersey number serves as a source of motivation and a reminder of their goals and aspirations in the sport.

It could represent a personal challenge or a symbol of the hard work and dedication required to succeed. By wearing the number 13, Gaudreau may derive motivation and drive from the numeral itself.

Historical Significance of Jersey Numbers 13 in Sports

Jersey numbers in sports have evolved over time and have come to hold significant meaning for both players and fans.

Here are some of the historical reasons and significance behind jersey numbers in various sports:

Early Days and Positional Significance

  • In the early days of team sports, players did not wear numbers on their jerseys. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that numbered jerseys became commonplace.
  • Initially, numbers were assigned based on players’ positions on the field. For example, in American football, quarterbacks were often given numbers in the 10-19 range, while linemen were assigned numbers in the 50-79 range.

Identification and Communication

As team sports gained popularity, assigning numbers to players became a practical way to identify individuals during games.

This was especially important for referees, coaches, and fans trying to follow the action.

Marketing and Fan Engagement

Marketing and Fan Engagement

Jersey numbers quickly became a means of marketing for sports teams. Fans could easily identify their favorite players, and merchandise featuring specific numbers became highly sought after.

Legacy and Tradition

Over time, certain numbers became associated with legendary players. For example, in basketball, the number 23 will forever be linked with Michael Jordan.

Players who wear these iconic numbers often do so as a way to pay homage to those who came before them.

Superstition and Personal Preference

Many athletes are known to be superstitious, and their choice of jersey number is no exception. Some players believe that a particular number brings them good luck or helps them perform better on the field.

Tributes and Memorials

Players may choose or be assigned numbers to honor a coach, teammate, or family member who played a significant role in their life and career. This can serve as a powerful motivator and a way to keep their memory alive.

Positional Flexibility

While the positional significance of jersey numbers has diminished in many sports, it still plays a role in some, like American football.

For example, specific number ranges are designated for specific positions (e.g., quarterbacks, wide receivers, defensive linemen).

Uniqueness and Identity

In a crowded field of athletes, having a unique jersey number can help a player stand out. It can become a part of their personal brand and identity.

Retirement of Numbers

In recognition of a player’s exceptional contributions to a team, some sports franchises retire the jersey number of a player once they retire or pass away.

This is a way to honor their legacy and contributions to the team’s history.

Cultural and Regional Influences

In some cases, jersey numbers may carry cultural or regional significance.

For example, in soccer, the number 10 is often associated with playmakers and creative midfielders, while the number 7 is often worn by wingers known for their goal-scoring abilities.

When Did He Start Wearing Number 13?

He started wearing number 13 when he was a kid playing youth hockey in New Jersey. 

He continued to wear it throughout his college career at Boston College, where he won the Hobey Baker Award as the best player in NCAA Division I men’s ice hockey in 2014.

Here are the details about when Johnny Gaudreau started wearing the number 13:

Youth Hockey in New Jersey

Johnny Gaudreau began wearing the number 13 when he was a kid playing youth hockey in New Jersey.

This early adoption of the number likely stemmed from personal preference or perhaps a special attachment he had to the numeral.

Continued Use in College Career at Boston College

Gaudreau carried the number 13 with him as he progressed through his hockey career. When he transitioned to college hockey, he continued to don the number while playing for Boston College.

Success at Boston College

During his time at Boston College, Gaudreau had a highly successful college career. He was a standout player known for his exceptional skills and ability to make plays on the ice.

His choice of number 13 became associated with his individual success and contributions to the team.

Hobey Baker Award in 2014

In 2014, Johnny Gaudreau’s outstanding performance on the ice at Boston College earned him the prestigious Hobey Baker Award.

This award is presented annually to the best player in NCAA Division I men’s ice hockey. Gaudreau’s choice of the number 13 became even more significant as it was worn by the best player in college hockey.


Is Johnny Gaudreau superstitious about the number 13?

Yes, like many athletes, Johnny Gaudreau is known to be superstitious, and he believes that the number 13 brings him good luck on the ice.

Did Johnny Gaudreau wear number 13 in his youth hockey days?

Yes, Johnny Gaudreau started wearing number 13 as a kid when he was playing youth hockey in New Jersey.

What is the significance of the number 13 to Johnny Gaudreau?

While the exact reasons may not be publicly known, the number 13 holds personal significance for Johnny Gaudreau, possibly due to superstition, personal preference, or a meaningful connection from his past.

Has Johnny Gaudreau worn number 13 throughout his entire career?

Yes, Johnny Gaudreau has consistently worn the number 13, from his youth hockey days in New Jersey to his college career at Boston College, and now as a professional player in the NHL.

Did Johnny Gaudreau’s choice of number 13 play a role in his success at Boston College?

While it’s difficult to directly attribute his success to his jersey number, wearing number 13 became associated with Gaudreau’s standout performance and contributions to the team during his college career at Boston College.

To Recap

Johnny Gaudreau’s choice to wear the number 13 is steeped in personal significance and superstition. Beginning in his youth hockey days in New Jersey, it has become a cherished symbol of luck and identity for the talented hockey player.

This enduring attachment to the numeral accompanied him through his successful college career at Boston College, where he earned the prestigious Hobey Baker Award in 2014.

While the exact reasons remain private, Gaudreau’s loyalty to number 13 reflects the importance of tradition, superstition, and personal connection in the lives of athletes.

It stands as a testament to the unique rituals and beliefs that shape their careers and achievements.

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