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Tony DeAngelo, a professional ice hockey defenseman, has found himself at the center of controversy and criticism, eliciting a wave of animosity from certain quarters.

While his prowess on the ice is undeniable, it is his off-ice conduct and contentious statements that have fueled the ire of fans and the hockey community at large.

This phenomenon raises a critical question: why do people harbor such strong negative feelings towards Tony DeAngelo?

This inquiry delves into a series of incidents, including altercations, racial slurs, disciplinary actions, and social media disputes, shedding light on the multifaceted reasons behind the polarizing sentiment surrounding this talented yet divisive player.

Who is Tony DeAngelo?

Tony DeAngelo

Tony DeAngelo is a professional ice hockey defenseman born on October 24, 1995, in Sewell, New Jersey. He was drafted by the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round (19th overall) of the 2014 NHL Entry Draft.

DeAngelo has played for various NHL teams, including the Arizona Coyotes and the New York Rangers. Known for his offensive prowess as a defenseman, he possesses notable skills on the ice.

However, DeAngelo has also been embroiled in controversy due to his on-ice conduct, use of racial slurs on social media, disciplinary actions, and outspoken presence on platforms like Twitter, which has made him a polarizing figure within the hockey community and among fans.

Why Do People Hate Tony Deangelo?

Tony DeAngelo, a professional ice hockey player, has garnered a fair share of controversy and criticism throughout his career. While opinions about him may vary, there are several reasons why some people hold negative views towards him.

Behavioral Issues

Tony DeAngelo has faced numerous disciplinary issues both on and off the ice. He has been involved in altercations with teammates, coaches, and even fans.

Such behavior can lead to a negative perception of him among fans, teammates, and the wider hockey community.

Social Media Activity

DeAngelo has been known for using his social media platforms to express controversial and polarizing views, particularly on political topics.

This has resulted in a division of opinions among fans, with some supporting his right to free speech, while others find his statements offensive or inappropriate.

Team Dynamics

DeAngelo’s interactions with teammates have been a source of concern for many.

Reports of conflicts with fellow players and coaches can create a divisive atmosphere within a team, potentially affecting overall performance and morale.

Inconsistent Play

While DeAngelo has shown flashes of talent and offensive prowess, his play has been criticized for inconsistency and defensive lapses.

This can lead to frustration among fans and team management, especially if they expect a higher level of performance.

Trade History

DeAngelo has been traded multiple times in his career, which can be an indication of concerns or issues that teams have had with him.

This kind of movement can lead to speculation and negative perceptions about a player’s ability to fit into a team environment.

Off-Ice Controversies

In addition to his on-ice behavior, DeAngelo has been involved in off-ice controversies, including incidents related to his personal life.

These incidents can contribute to a negative public image and may influence how fans and organizations view him.

Media Attention

Due to his behavioral issues and controversial statements, DeAngelo has garnered a significant amount of media attention.

This can amplify both positive and negative perceptions of him, depending on how his actions and statements are received by the public.

Disputes with Teammates and Coaches

DeAngelo has had public disagreements with teammates and coaches.

In January 2021, he was placed on waivers by the New York Rangers after an altercation with goaltender Alexandar Georgiev, which reportedly escalated to the point where teammates had to step in to intervene.

Controversies and Incidents

Controversies and Incidents

Over the years, Tony DeAngelo has been involved in numerous controversies and incidents that have contributed to the negative perception of him among certain hockey fans and the general public.

Here the key controversies include:

Altercations and Fights

DeAngelo’s temper and propensity for on-ice altercations have been well-documented.

He has been involved in fights and altercations with other players, which some argue have brought negative attention to the teams he has played for.

Racial Slurs

One of the most significant controversies surrounding Tony DeAngelo was his use of racial slurs on social media.

In 2013, while he was still a junior player in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), he used racially insensitive language on Twitter. This incident resurfaced in 2019, further damaging his reputation.

Misconduct and Suspensions

DeAngelo has faced disciplinary actions from the NHL on multiple occasions. He has been suspended for inappropriate contact with officials, among other misconduct issues.

Political and Social Media Controversies

DeAngelo has been known to express his political views on social media, particularly his support for then-U.S. President Donald Trump.

His posts on various social and political issues have drawn criticism and heated responses from some fans, contributing to the hate he receives.

Disputes with Teammates and Coaches

DeAngelo has had public disagreements with teammates and coaches.

In January 2021, he was placed on waivers by the New York Rangers after an altercation with goaltender Alexandar Georgiev, which reportedly escalated to the point where teammates had to step in to intervene.

The Influence of Social Media on Public Sentiment Towards Tony DeAngelo

The role of social media in fueling the hate directed towards Tony DeAngelo cannot be underestimated. In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become powerful tools for both fans and athletes to express their opinions, share information, and interact with one another.

However, the nature of social media also makes it a breeding ground for controversy and polarizing discussions.

Here are the key ways in which social media has played a significant role in the negative perception of Tony DeAngelo:

Amplification of Controversies

Social media platforms allow controversial incidents involving public figures like DeAngelo to quickly gain traction.

Negative news and behavior, whether on or off the ice, can spread like wildfire, reaching a broad audience in a matter of minutes. This amplification intensifies the perception of DeAngelo’s negative image.

Instantaneous Reactions

Social media provides an outlet for immediate reactions to events and actions.

Fans and pundits can express their opinions and emotions in real-time, which often leads to heated debates and further entrenches negative views of the player.

Polarization and Echo Chambers

Social media platforms tend to create echo chambers where like-minded individuals congregate and reinforce each other’s beliefs.

Those who disapprove of DeAngelo’s actions and behavior find support in these echo chambers, which can lead to a groupthink mentality that further fuels the hate.

Disputes and Confrontations

DeAngelo’s active and confrontational presence on social media has led to disputes with fans, media, and fellow players.

These interactions often turn acrimonious and contribute to his divisive image. Social media disputes also have a way of going viral, attracting more attention and criticism.

Long-Lasting Impact

Information shared on social media tends to have a long-lasting impact. Past controversies, such as DeAngelo’s use of racial slurs, can resurface and haunt him even years later.

The digital record of his actions and statements remains accessible for anyone to scrutinize.

Fan Engagement

While some fans may support and defend DeAngelo, social media provides a platform for others to express their displeasure and disappointment.

Negative comments and criticisms can be shared and amplified, further shaping the public perception of the athlete.

News Aggregation and Reporting

Social media platforms serve as sources of news and information.

Stories and reports about DeAngelo’s controversies are often disseminated through these platforms, making it more likely for his behavior to receive widespread attention.


Why do some people have a negative opinion of Tony DeAngelo?

Some people hold a negative opinion of Tony DeAngelo due to a combination of his on-ice conduct, off-ice controversies, and his presence on social media.

What are some of the reasons behind the criticism directed at Tony DeAngelo?

Tony DeAngelo has faced criticism for his confrontational on-ice behavior, use of offensive language in the past, disputes with teammates, and his outspoken presence on social media.

How does Tony DeAngelo’s social media activity influence public opinion?

Tony DeAngelo’s active presence on social media, where he shares his political views and engages in online disputes, has polarized fans.

Has Tony DeAngelo faced disciplinary actions in his career?

Yes, Tony DeAngelo has faced disciplinary actions from the NHL, including suspensions and fines, for various incidents throughout his career. These actions have added to the criticism directed at him.

Can Tony DeAngelo change the perception of him in the eyes of the public?

While it is possible for individuals to change and grow, it will require sincere effort and commitment from Tony DeAngelo.

To Recap

The animosity directed towards Tony DeAngelo stems from a combination of his on-ice behavior, off-ice controversies, and his presence on social media.

His altercations, use of racial slurs, disciplinary actions, and public disputes have contributed to a divisive image.

Additionally, DeAngelo’s outspokenness on social and political issues has further polarized opinions. While redemption is possible, it will require genuine efforts toward personal growth and improved conduct.

Ultimately, the hate directed at DeAngelo serves as a reminder of the scrutiny and expectations faced by professional athletes in the digital age, highlighting the significant impact of both on- and off-field behavior on public perception.

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