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Stick Does Claude Giroux Use

In the dynamic world of professional hockey, the choice of equipment can be a defining factor in a player’s performance.

Claude Giroux, the formidable captain of the Philadelphia Flyers, has consistently captured the spotlight with his skill, finesse, and leadership on the ice.

Central to his success is the carefully selected hockey stick – a pivotal tool that influences shooting accuracy, puck control, and overall gameplay.

In this exploration, we delve into the specific details of the stick Claude Giroux wields, shedding light on the characteristics and features that contribute to his remarkable on-ice prowess. Welcome to the realm of elite hockey equipment: What Stick Does Claude Giroux Use?

What Stick Does Claude Giroux Use?

For hockey enthusiasts and fans of the Philadelphia Flyers, Claude Giroux stands out as a prominent figure known for his exceptional skill, creativity, and leadership on the ice.

Here, we delve into one of the crucial elements of Giroux’s equipment – his hockey stick. Specifically, we aim to answer the intriguing question: What stick does Claude Giroux use?

Claude Giroux

As the captain of the Philadelphia Flyers, Giroux has established himself as one of the NHL’s premier players.

Boasting over 800 career points, he has not only been a consistent point producer for the Flyers but has also contributed significantly to Team Canada’s success in international tournaments.

The Chosen Stick

Sherwood T90 Grip Composite Hockey Stick in our research, we discovered that Claude Giroux opts for the Sherwood T90 Grip Composite Hockey Stick.

This stick is categorized as high-end and is favored by numerous professional players, including Giroux.

Key Features of the Sherwood T90

  • Carbon Fiber Composite Construction: The T90 is constructed with a carbon fiber composite material, enhancing power and accuracy.
  • Lightweight Design: Known for its lightweight nature, the T90 contributes to Giroux’s on-ice.
  • Low Kick Point: Featuring a low kick point, the stick flexes near the bottom of the shaft.
  • Dual-Bridge Blade: The stick incorporates a dual-bridge blade design, enhancing stability, durability, puck feel, and control.

Giroux’s Personal Touch

Claude Giroux has expressed his affinity for the T90, citing its feel and impact on his gameplay. Having been a user of Sherwood Sticks since childhood, Giroux has developed a loyal relationship with the brand.

Additionally, he has customized his stick to align with his preferences, including a distinct curve and flex that deviate from the standard model.

Speculations Regarding Claude Giroux’s Preferred Hockey Stick

While concrete details about Claude Giroux’s specific stick preferences are limited, there are several speculations based on his playing style and historical choices.

It’s important to note that these speculations are not confirmed by Giroux or Sherwood, and equipment preferences can change over time.

Stick Flex and Curve

Stick Flex and Curve

Speculation suggests that Giroux may opt for a stick with a moderate to low flex. This would align with his ability to generate quick shots and release pucks with force.

Additionally, he might prefer a mid-curve or toe curve to facilitate precise puck handling and shooting accuracy.

Brand Loyalty

Given Giroux’s long-standing relationship with Sherwood sticks, there might be a certain loyalty to the brand.

It’s common for players to stick with equipment they trust, and Giroux’s history with Sherwood could influence his stick choices.

Influence of Technological Advancements

As technology advances, hockey stick manufacturers regularly introduce new features.

Giroux may be drawn to sticks that incorporate the latest innovations, whether in terms of materials, blade technology, or overall design, to gain a competitive edge on the ice.

Feedback and Testing

Professional players often have the opportunity to provide feedback to equipment manufacturers during the development phase.

Giroux may have been involved in testing and offering insights into stick prototypes, influencing the final design of sticks in the Sherwood lineup.


It’s reasonable to speculate that Giroux, like many elite players, might have specific customizations to his sticks.

This could include adjustments to the lie, blade pattern, or even personalized graphics. These modifications would cater to his individual playing style and preferences.

Backup Sticks and Rotation

NHL players typically have multiple sticks in their rotation for a game. Speculation surrounds the number of backup sticks Giroux carries during a game, as well as whether he maintains a consistent rotation or has a preferred stick for critical moments.

Significance of the Hockey Stick in Giroux’s Performance

The hockey stick is a pivotal piece of equipment for any player, and in Claude Giroux’s case, it holds significant importance in shaping his on-ice performance.

Here are several aspects highlighting the significance of the hockey stick in Giroux’s gameplay:

Shooting Accuracy and Power

Shooting Accuracy and Power

The design and characteristics of Giroux’s chosen stick, the Sherwood T90, play a crucial role in his shooting accuracy and power.

The stick’s carbon fiber composite construction contributes to the power behind his shots, while the low kick point enables a quick release, catching goalies off guard.

Puck Handling and Control

Giroux’s stick choice impacts his ability to handle the puck with precision and control. The dual-bridge blade design of the Sherwood T90 enhances stability, durability, and puck feel.

This allows Giroux to maneuver the puck skillfully, contributing to his playmaking abilities and overall control on the ice.

Quick Release and Agility

The low kick point of Giroux’s stick is particularly significant for his playing style. It allows for a rapid release of shots, catching opponents and goaltenders by surprise.

Additionally, the stick’s lightweight design aids in Giroux’s agility, enabling him to navigate the ice swiftly and make quick, decisive plays.

Consistency and Familiarity

Giroux’s stick choice reflects a sense of consistency and familiarity. Having used Sherwood sticks since his youth, he has developed a level of comfort with the brand.

This consistency in equipment can contribute to a player’s confidence on the ice, impacting their overall performance.

Customization for Personal Preferences

Giroux’s stick customizations, such as adjustments to the curve and flex, highlight the personalized nature of his gear.

These customizations cater to his specific playing style and preferences, ensuring that the stick complements his strengths and enhances his overall performance.

Brand Loyalty and Player-Brand Relationship

The significance of Giroux’s stick goes beyond its physical attributes. His loyalty to the Sherwood brand represents a longstanding relationship between the player and the equipment manufacturer.

This relationship can contribute to trust and confidence in the equipment, influencing Giroux’s mental approach to the game.

Adaptability to Playing Style

The hockey stick acts as an adaptable tool that can be tailored to Giroux’s evolving playing style.

As players grow and refine their skills, having a stick that can accommodate adjustments in strategy, positioning, and tactics is crucial. Giroux’s stick choice likely aligns with his dynamic approach to the game.

Performance Consistency Across Game Situations

The stick’s role in Giroux’s performance extends to its reliability in various game situations.

Whether he’s taking a critical shot in a high-pressure moment or engaging in physical play along the boards, the stick’s design and features contribute to a consistent performance that Giroux can rely on throughout a game.

Influence on Team Dynamics

A captain and leader on the Philadelphia Flyers, Giroux’s choice of stick can have an indirect impact on team dynamics. A player’s proficiency with their equipment can set a standard for the team, influencing the choices of other players.

Giroux’s stick preference may, in turn, contribute to a team-wide trust in certain brands or models, fostering a cohesive approach to equipment choices within the team.


What brand of hockey stick does Claude Giroux use?

Claude Giroux uses Sherwood hockey sticks, with a preference for the Sherwood T90 Grip Composite Hockey Stick.

What features make the Sherwood T90 Grip stick unique?

The Sherwood T90 Grip stick is known for its carbon fiber composite construction, low kick point for quick shots, lightweight design, and dual-bridge blade that enhances stability, durability, and puck control.

Why does Claude Giroux choose the Sherwood T90 stick?

Giroux values the T90 for its combination of power and accuracy in shooting, the quick release enabled by the low kick point, and the overall feel and control provided by the stick’s design.

Has Claude Giroux made any personal customizations to his stick?

Yes, Giroux has customized his Sherwood T90 stick to suit his preferences, including adjustments to the stick’s curve and flex, offering a personalized feel that deviates from the standard model.

How long has Claude Giroux been using Sherwood sticks?

Giroux has been using Sherwood sticks since his youth, showcasing a longstanding relationship with the brand that has influenced his trust in and loyalty to Sherwood equipment.

To Recap

Claude Giroux’s choice of the Sherwood T90 Grip Composite Hockey Stick is a testament to the intricate relationship between a player and their equipment.

The stick’s carbon fiber composite construction, low kick point, and dual-bridge blade align seamlessly with Giroux’s dynamic playing style, contributing to his shooting precision, quick release, and puck control.

His loyalty to Sherwood, dating back to his youth, underscores the significance of trust and familiarity in a player’s gear.

As Giroux continues to dominate the ice, his stick remains a vital extension of his skillset, showcasing the symbiotic connection between player and equipment in the world of professional hockey.

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