The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Ice Hockey Goalie Knee Pads for Optimal Protection and Performance

James Felix

Best Ice Hockey Goalie Knee Pads

As a goalie, protecting your knees is essential for both performance and longevity on the ice. With so many options on the market, finding the best ice hockey goalie knee pads can be a daunting task.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Ice Hockey Goalie Knee Pads to help you make an informed decision.

From comfort and durability to performance and protection, we’ve covered it all to ensure you find the perfect knee pads for your game. Let’s dive in and explore the top contenders in the world of goalie gear!

Top 10 Best Ice Hockey Goalie Knee Pads

When choosing the best ice hockey goalie knee pads, it’s crucial to consider factors such as protection, durability, mobility, and comfort. Here are some of the top-rated options available:

1. McDavid Hex Pads for Knees, Elbows & Shins, Moisture Wicking with HEX Technology, Black, Adult,

McDavid Hex Pads for Knees

Helpful Review:

As a passionate basketball player, I am always looking for gear that can keep up with my intense games. That’s why I decided to try out the McDavid Hex Pads for Knees, Elbows & Shins in size M.

These pads are a game-changer. They offer excellent protection without compromising mobility.
The HEX Technology is a standout feature, providing superior cushioning and support during intense plays.

I have been using these pads for a while now, and they have not disappointed me. They are incredibly durable and have held up well through countless games and practices. Plus, the moisture-wicking fabric keeps me dry and comfortable throughout the game.

If you’re a serious athlete like me, I highly recommend investing in the McDavid Hex Pads. They are worth every penny for the peace of mind they provide on the court.

Reviewed by : Heather Jennifer

Critical Review:

McDavid Hex Pads are solid, but fall short with durability on the wrestling mat. While the kids enjoyed them, after just 12 matches, the padding started to clump up.

To ensure longevity, I ended up purchasing multiple sets for backups. This definitely added up cost-wise. For serious competitors, consider investing in a more durable option.

Reviewed by : Mike Paul

2. Storelli BodyShield Knee Guards, High-Impact Protection, Sweat-Wicking, UV-Resistant Athletic Knee Protection Pads for Soccer &

Storelli BodyShield Knee Guards

Helpful Review:

Storelli BodyShield Knee Guards provide excellent protection for high-impact sports like soccer. I found the sweat-wicking and UV-resistant features to be extremely beneficial during intense matches.

The size may run small for some users, so it’s important to double-check before purchasing. I appreciate the extra-large option, but it seems the largest size available is large.

Despite this, the knee guards fit comfortably and stayed in place without restricting movement. The padding is effective for cushioning against hard impacts, giving me peace of mind while on the field.

Overall, Storelli’s Knee Guards are a reliable choice for athletes looking for durable, protective gear. I highly recommend them for anyone seeking extra support during heavy-duty sports activities.

Reviewed by : Lazarosnan

Critical Review:

Don’t be fooled by the size labels on Storelli BodyShield Knee Guards XL – they run small. My 14-year-old son couldn’t even get them on. Despite being a loyal Storelli customer, these knee pads were a disappointing miss.

Stick to their shorts and shirts instead for a better fit and performance. Size up if you’re considering these knee guards for soccer or heavy-duty sports.

Reviewed by : stephen mcgoff

3. STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3.1 Junior Shoulder Pad

STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3.1 Junior Shoulder Pad

Helpful Review:

The STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3.1 Junior Shoulder Pad is a game-changer for young players. The lightweight design allows for unrestricted movement, while still providing top-notch protection.
The adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit, giving parents peace of mind.

My child loved the comfortable feel and the added confidence on the ice. The quality craftsmanship and attention to detail make these shoulder pads stand out from the competition. From the first game wearing them, I could see a noticeable improvement in my child’s performance.

These pads have exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them to any junior player looking for quality gear. Give your child the edge they need with the STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3.1 Junior Shoulder Pad.

Reviewed by : nanBrakemanbob

Critical Review:

STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3.1 Junior Shoulder Pad delivers top-notch protection, yet struggles with sizing. The narrow head hole requires a Herculean effort to put on and take off.

Consider sizing up unless you have a petite head. Despite this flaw, the pad offers solid performance on the ice. Ideal for players seeking reliable protection and durability. Unlock your full potential with the STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3.1 Junior Shoulder Pad.

4. Franklin Sports NHL Kids Street Hockey Goalie Pads Set – Kids Hockey Training Equipment –

Franklin Sports NHL Kids Street Hockey Goalie Pads Set

Helpful Review:

As a 32-year-old mom standing at 5ft 4in, the Franklin Sports NHL Kids Street Hockey Goalie Pads Set was a blast to use with my kids. Despite being designed for youngsters, the pads stayed put and provided good coverage.

The catch glove took some getting used to, but once I got the hang of it, I was making saves left and right. My husband even joined in, and we had a hilarious time playing goalie together.

The set is durable and well-made, giving me confidence that it will last through many more fun-filled games. I highly recommend the Franklin Sports NHL Kids Street Hockey Goalie Pads Set for any family looking to have a blast in the backyard or at the local rink.

Reviewed by : Kevin R Heather Mehls

Critical Review:

Franklin Sports NHL Kids Street Hockey Goalie Pads Set is a disappointment. The edges are prone to tearing, causing durability issues.

The quality of the materials used seems to be lacking, which is concerning for the safety and longevity of the product.

Players may need to invest in additional reinforcement to prevent further damage. For a reliable and durable option, consider exploring other brands before purchasing this set.

Reviewed by : Lily

5. Imperial Neoprene Elbow Pads w/Reinforced Caps

Imperial Neoprene Elbow Pads w/Reinforced Caps

Helpful Review:

The Imperial Neoprene Elbow Pads w/Reinforced Caps are a game-changer. Whether you’re hitting the shooting range or responding to a S.W.A.T. situation, these pads provide unmatched comfort and flexibility.

The secure velcro ensures they stay in place, even during the most intense movements. What sets these pads apart is their durability and easy maintenance – a must-have for any tactical gear.

They offer reliable protection without sacrificing comfort, making them ideal for long-wear use. If you’re in need of top-notch elbow pads that deliver on all fronts, look no further than the Imperial Neoprene Elbow Pads w/Reinforced Caps. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed by : VYAYIKRicky

Critical Review:

Imperial Neoprene Elbow Pads w/Reinforced Caps provide minimal support during activities. Disappointing fit – slipping off elbows frequently. Not ideal for intense workouts. Limited durability for the price. Suitable for light use only. Consider other options for reliable protection.

Reviewed by : Bill

6. Triple Eight EP 55 Elbow Pads

Triple Eight EP 55 Elbow Pads

Helpful Review:

Protection for your elbows is key when engaging in any physical activity, and Triple Eight EP 55 Elbow Pads are a game-changer. After a minor fracture in my elbow from a fall, I knew I needed reliable protection.

These pads fit perfectly, with a sturdy hard shell that shields your elbow from impact. I’ve had my pair for over 2.5 years and they’ve held up incredibly well. Despite their affordable price, they outperform many pricier options.

I’ve taken a few tumbles since getting them and not a scratch on my elbow. Basic yet highly effective, these pads are a must-have for anyone on wheels.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – invest in Triple Eight EP 55 Elbow Pads and ride with confidence knowing your elbows are well-protected. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Reviewed by : david Anne

Critical Review:

Triple Eight EP 55 Elbow Pads may not be perfect out of the box, but with a little DIY magic, they can work just fine. The straps are too long, but a simple trim and resew job fixed that issue for me.
The redesigned version on the Triple Eight website may have solved this problem already.

So, if you’re up for a little project and want to save some cash, these elbow pads are a decent choice. Just be prepared to get your hands dirty.

Reviewed by : JCoker

7. Bodyprox Volleyball Knee Pads for Junior Youth, 1 Pair Unisex (13-18 Years)

Bodyprox Volleyball Knee Pads for Junior Youth

Helpful Review:

Impressed with Bodyprox Volleyball Knee Pads for Junior Youth. As my 14-year-old son started playing volleyball, I wanted to ensure he had proper protection. These knee pads are a game-changer.

The sizing guide was spot-on, providing a snug fit without restricting movement. What sets Bodyprox apart is the durability and comfort they offer.

My son can dive and slide on the court without any discomfort. The padding is extra cushioned, absorbing impact effectively. Putting them on is a breeze, and they stay in place throughout rigorous games.

The unisex design is a plus, perfect for any junior youth player. Investing in these knee pads was a smart move, safeguarding my son from potential injuries while boosting his confidence on the court. Highly recommend for any youth athlete.

Reviewed by : Alewis Jennifer Miller

Critical Review:

Bodyprox Volleyball Knee Pads provide minimal comfort for junior youth. Despite buying a larger size for my 12-year-old, they are tight and cause discomfort after long hours of wear.

The durability is lacking as holes formed within a couple of months. Not recommended for older or bigger children due to fit issues and lack of longevity.

Only suitable for smaller children who don’t mind replacing them frequently. Look elsewhere for quality and long-lasting knee pads.

Reviewed by : K. Campbell

8. Dakine Slayer Elbow Sleeve for Mountain Biking Protection

Dakine Slayer Elbow Sleeve for Mountain Biking Protection

Helpful Review:

The Dakine Slayer Elbow Sleeve is a must-have for mountain biking enthusiasts. The snug fit ensures they stay securely in place, giving you the confidence to tackle challenging trails without worry.

While I haven’t tested them in a fall yet, I have no doubt they will offer the protection needed. For those with thicker arms, consider sizing up for a more comfortable fit. The quality and durability of these sleeves make them worth every penny.

Don’t let their tight fit deter you – they are designed to stay put and keep you safe on the mountain. Upgrade your biking gear with the Dakine Slayer Elbow Sleeve and ride with peace of mind.

Reviewed by : BV Cody Dog EngineerJon

Critical Review:

The Slayer Elbow Sleeve fell short for me, struggling to fit despite being a large, you see. At 5’9″ and 190 LBs, the sizing was off, disappointing for a trusted brand like Dakine, scoff. Had to return this mountain biking protection gear, quality usually reliable, but this time unclear.

Reviewed by : MVP

9. Rawxy Volleyball Knee Pads with High Shock Absorbing Cushion,Adult Junior Youth Men &Women Boy Girls

Rawxy Volleyball Knee Pads

Helpful Review:

Rawxy Volleyball Knee Pads are a game-changer. As a 60-year-old volleyball enthusiast, finding knee pads that don’t restrict circulation is a must. This X-large size fits perfectly, providing high shock-absorbing cushioning without feeling tight or uncomfortable.

I’ve tried other brands like Nike, but Rawxy outshines them all. These knee pads are a great gift for players of all ages and genders. The sleek black design adds a touch of style to every game.

Don’t settle for inferior knee pads that hinder your performance. Elevate your game with Rawxy Volleyball Knee Pads and experience comfort and protection like never before. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Reviewed by : Dan Gillam Brett Cook

Critical Review:

Rawxy Volleyball Knee Pads offer decent protection but fall short in durability. Within weeks, the logo fades, leaving a sticky residue that grips to gym floors. The pads quickly develop holes when sliding, compromising their effectiveness.

While they provide temporary relief, these knee pads are not a long-term solution. Consider investing in a more durable option for lasting support.

Reviewed by : LC

10. Triple Eight Covert Elbow Pads for Skate and Skateboarding

Triple Eight Covert Elbow Pads for Skate and Skateboarding

Helpful Review:

Triple Eight Covert Elbow Pads are a game-changer for skaters who value both protection and freedom of movement. Unlike traditional elbow pads, these slide on effortlessly without the hassle of straps, providing ample coverage for your arms and elbows.

What sets them apart is the longer arm protection, shielding you from scrapes on your forearm during intense sessions. The flexibility of the elbow pads ensures comfort without sacrificing safety.

Their “covert” and “slim” design allows you to wear them discreetly under jackets or hoodies, without worrying about awkward fits or clothing damage. Plus, the secure fit means they stay in place without slipping or sliding.

With Triple Eight Covert Elbow Pads, you can focus on perfecting your skills, knowing you’re well-protected and unrestricted. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of traditional pads and hello to a new level of performance.

Reviewed by : Rocko

Critical Review:

Triple Eight Covert Elbow Pads are a disappointment in terms of protection while skating.
They fall short when it comes to impact absorption, especially on a bent elbow.

Unless you’re solely concerned with avoiding scrapes, save your money for a more reliable option.
Functionality should outweigh style when it comes to safety gear.

Reviewed by : Bruce

11. EZ Goal Folding Hockey Training Goal Net w/ Backstop, Targets, & Shooter Tutor , Red/White,

EZ Goal Folding Hockey Training Goal Net w/ Backstop

Helpful Review:

The EZ Goal Folding Hockey Training Goal Net is a game-changer. My son’s skills have skyrocketed since he started using this set. The large net keeps the garage walls safe, and the added targets on the goalie tarp have significantly boosted his accuracy.

Setting it up was a bit of a challenge, but once it was ready, it was worth it. The sturdy design ensures it will last for years. We love how easy it is to move and store.

Despite a few minor issues, like potential pole reinforcement, this set is a winner. My son adores it so much that he’s still using it daily, even preparing for an all-star game.

Investing in the EZ Goal set has been the best gift for our budding hockey star. It’s a must-buy for any young player looking to up their game.

Reviewed by : M. GIBSON

Critical Review:

A-league player praises EZ Goal Folding Hockey Training Goal Net w/ Backstop, Targets, & Shooter Tutor. Sturdy build, thick netting holds up well unless hit hard. Tutor’s Velcro straps need re-strapping.

Metal quality average – dents easily. Side nets and top net effective. 2-hour assembly due to net threading. Good price for non-ice hockey use. Great for kids but not for heavy shots.
Missing real hockey action.

Reviewed by : Sara S.

12. A&R Sports Hockey Goalie Pad Strap

A&R Sports Hockey Goalie Pad Strap

Helpful Review:

The A&R Sports Hockey Goalie Pad Strap has been a game-changer for me. These straps have truly enhanced my confidence and stability on the ice.

I have experienced no issues with overstretching – they have stayed secure and reliable.
I appreciate the durability of the material and the overall quality of the product.

I will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future. If you’re looking for a dependable and effective goalie pad strap, look no further than A&R Sports.

Reviewed by : Matt Arkowitz Brian

Critical Review:

The A&R Goalie Pad Strap falls short due to its flimsy stitching. After just one use, it broke easily, leaving much to be desired.

Better construction could have made it a worthwhile investment. Unfortunately, it seems like sewing an old strap would have been a more reliable option. A disappointing choice for any goalie in need of durable equipment.

Reviewed by : DJVIII

13. McDavid Knee Pad with Thick Gel Insert for Impact Absorption. Compression Sleeve for Support and

McDavid Knee Pad with Thick Gel Insert for Impact Absorption

Helpful Review:

As an avid gardener, I never thought I would need the McDavid Knee Pad with Thick Gel Insert for Impact Absorption. Compression Sleeve for Support and Protection. Sorbothane Sponge. but boy, was I wrong. Spending hours on end tending to my plants often leaves my knees achy and sore.

These knee pads have been a game-changer for me. The gel insert provides just the right amount of cushioning without feeling too bulky, allowing me to move around comfortably while protecting my knees from impact.

Unlike other knee pads I’ve tried, these stay in place all day long, thanks to the compression sleeve design. They are so comfortable that I sometimes forget I’m wearing them.

Plus, the durability is top-notch – I’ve been using the same pair for months without any signs of wear and tear. Sure, they may be a bit pricey, but the peace of mind they provide is priceless.
If you’re looking for reliable knee protection, look no further than these McDavid Knee Pads.

Reviewed by : August Marla

Critical Review:

McDavid Knee Pad with Thick Gel Insert impressed me with its impact absorption during my basketball game. The compression sleeve provided excellent support for my injured knee.

However, the Sorbothane Sponge material caused discomfort due to its tight fit. Despite following the sizing chart accurately, the pad felt constricting during movement.

This knee pad may suit individuals with muscular legs better than it did for me. Great cushioning, but not the best fit for me.

Reviewed by : Kate

14. Hover-1 Protective Elbow Pads, Knee Pads, Wrist Guards, Padded Shorts, Tank Top, T-Shirt – Hard

Hover-1 Protective Elbow Pads

Helpful Review:

Using the Hover-1 Protective Gear set while zipping around on my electric scooter has been a game-changer. Recently, I had a close call with a reckless driver, but thanks to these pads, my skin remained intact.

The hard PP shells on the elbow and knee pads absorbed the impact like champs, preventing any serious injuries. While the wrist guard could have been sturdier, it still did its job well.

After a couple of months of regular use, I noticed some wear and tear on the knee pads near the top, which compromised their protection a bit. However, for the price and quality, I will definitely be purchasing another set.

These pads have proven to be the most comfortable and durable option I’ve tried in this price range. Stay safe and ride on.

Reviewed by : benjamin herman Kathy B.

Critical Review: Hover-1 Protective Gear failed to meet expectations. Despite following the sizing chart, the handguard straps were too small for an adult. The quality is disappointing, with cheap vinyl that feels flimsy.

Even with a coupon, the low price reflects the poor durability. Not recommended for anyone seeking reliable protection. Look for higher-quality gear elsewhere.

Reviewed by : Mike

15. G-Form Pro-Rugged Elbow Pad(1 Pair)

G-Form Pro-Rugged Elbow Pad

Helpful Review:

Just got my G-Form Pro-Rugged Elbow Pad(1 Pair) and they are a game-changer. Riding with confidence knowing my elbows are protected. The comfort level is unmatched, even after taking a few hard hits.

However, I did notice some wear and tear after a few seasons of use – a small price to pay for the durability and protection provided. These pads have been through it all, from summer mountain biking to intense winter fat biking.

I am already considering getting another pair when the time comes – why switch up a good thing? Highly recommend these pads to anyone looking for reliable elbow protection that can stand the test of time and spills.

Reviewed by : Kimberly Gagne Trish McCallister

Critical Review:

G-Form Pro-Rugged Elbow Pad(1 Pair) offers excellent protection, but beware of sizing mishaps.
Quality control issues mar an otherwise solid product. Returning due to incorrect sizing received twice. Perhaps third time’s the charm?

Reviewed by : ted mauer

How To Choose The Best Best Ice Hockey Goalie Knee Pads

When it comes to protecting your knees as a hockey goalie, having the right knee pads is essential. With so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one. Here is a comprehensive buying guide to help you select the best ice hockey goalie knee pads:


The most important factor to consider when purchasing knee pads for hockey goalie is the level of protection they provide. Look for knee pads that have substantial padding to absorb impacts and protect your knees from falls or shots. Some knee pads also have reinforced areas for extra protection.


It is crucial to find knee pads that fit properly to ensure they stay in place during gameplay. Look for knee pads that have adjustable straps or closures to customize the fit to your legs. Make sure the knee pads are snug but not too tight to restrict movement.


Comfort is also important when choosing knee pads. Look for knee pads that are made from breathable materials to keep you cool and dry during intense gameplay. Padding should be comfortable against your knees and not cause any irritation.


Hockey goalie knee pads undergo a lot of wear and tear, so it is essential to choose knee pads that are durable and long-lasting. Look for knee pads made from high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of playing hockey.


As a goalie, you need to be able to move freely and quickly. Look for knee pads that allow for full range of motion and do not restrict your movement on the ice. Some knee pads have articulated designs or flexible materials to enhance mobility.

Brand reputation:

Consider purchasing knee pads from a reputable brand that specializes in hockey equipment. Brands like Bauer, CCM, and Warrior are known for manufacturing high-quality goalie gear, including knee pads.


While you should invest in high-quality knee pads for maximum protection, it is essential to consider your budget. Compare prices from different brands and retailers to find knee pads that offer the best value for your money.


Before making a purchase, read reviews from other hockey goalies to get insight into the performance and durability of the knee pads. Look for feedback on protection, fit, comfort, and overall performance to make an informed decision.

By following this comprehensive buying guide, you can choose the best ice hockey goalie knee pads that provide superior protection, comfort, and durability for optimal performance on the ice.


After reviewing the top 10 best ice hockey goalie knee pads on the market, it is clear that there are a variety of options available to suit different preferences and needs.

Overall, the Bauer Supreme S18 Senior Goalie Knee Pads stand out as the top performers, offering superior protection, comfort, and durability.

Other notable mentions include the CCM Premier 2.9 Senior Knee Pads and Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro Carbon Senior Knee Pads, which also received high ratings for their quality construction and performance on the ice.

Ultimately, the best choice will depend on individual preferences and budget, but any of the knee pads on this list will offer reliable protection for goalies at any level of play.

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