Top 10 Golf Course Wedding Venues for Your Perfect Day

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golf course wedding venues

Dreaming of a picturesque wedding surrounded by lush greenery and stunning landscapes? Look no further than the top golf course wedding venues that offer a perfect blend of elegance and natural beauty.

From the exclusive Hamptons to the breathtaking Grand Tetons, these venues provide an unforgettable setting for your special day.

Whether you envision a lavish affair or an intimate gathering, these locations cater to a variety of preferences and styles.

With a range of options to choose from, including indoor and outdoor spaces, these golf course venues offer not only stunning views but also impeccable service and amenities.

Imagine saying “I do” near the historic Torrey Pines Golf Course’s 18th green or exchanging vows with the majestic Gore Mountain Range as your backdrop.

Each venue has its unique charm and character, making it a sought-after choice for couples looking to tie the knot in a truly memorable setting.

When it comes to hosting a wedding at a golf course, these top venues offer a perfect blend of natural beauty, elegance, and exceptional service, making them popular choices among couples seeking a picturesque setting for their special day.

1. Wee Burn Country Club (Darien)

Wee Burn Country Club in Darien stands out as a premier wedding venue, offering couples the opportunity to exchange vows amidst the stunning backdrop of one of the most renowned golf courses in the northeast.

With its high-end facilities, including a beautiful tented patio setup for ceremonies and top-notch getting ready accommodations, Wee Burn provides a luxurious and memorable setting for weddings.

2. Farmington Polo Club (Farmington)

Farmington Polo Club exudes the charm of a traditional country club, overlooking the picturesque Farmington Valley.

This Connecticut wedding venue offers couples a choice of two scenic outdoor ceremony sites the gazebo and pergola followed by a reception in either of the elegant indoor rooms or outdoor tents.

With its country club aesthetic and panoramic views, Farmington Polo Club is a sought-after destination for weddings.

3. Rolling Hills Country Club (Wilton)

Rolling Hills Country Club in Wilton combines lush greenery with sophisticated amenities to create an ideal setting for weddings.

The venue’s serene ambiance and impeccable service make it a popular choice for couples looking to exchange vows in a tranquil yet elegant environment.

From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, Rolling Hills offers versatile spaces to cater to different wedding styles.

Couples can choose from indoor ballrooms with panoramic views or outdoor garden settings for their ceremony and reception.

The experienced staff at Rolling Hills Country Club ensures that every detail is taken care of, allowing the couple to relax and enjoy their special day surrounded by beauty and luxury.

4. Lyman Orchards (Middlefield)

Lyman Orchards in Middlefield offers a unique wedding experience amidst picturesque orchards and scenic landscapes.

This charming venue provides couples with the opportunity to host a rustic and romantic wedding surrounded by the beauty of nature.

With its distinctive charm and abundance of photo opportunities, Lyman Orchards is a preferred choice for couples seeking a whimsical and enchanting wedding venue.

Couples can exchange vows under the open sky or in a rustic barn setting, adding a touch of elegance to their special day at Lyman Orchards.

The venue’s serene ambiance and natural beauty make it a top choice for those dreaming of a romantic outdoor wedding.

5. Shenecossett Yacht Club (Groton)

Shenecossett Yacht Club in Groton offers a blend of coastal charm and nautical elegance for couples looking to host a waterfront wedding.

With breathtaking views of the shoreline and a variety of indoor and outdoor event spaces, this venue provides couples with a beautiful backdrop for their special day.

From intimate ceremonies to grand receptions, Shenecossett Yacht Club offers a captivating setting for weddings of all sizes.

Whether you envision an intimate ceremony or a grand reception, the Shenecossett Yacht Club in Groton provides a captivating setting for weddings of all sizes.

With breathtaking coastal views and versatile indoor/outdoor spaces, this venue offers a beautiful backdrop for your special day.

6. Madison Beach Club (Madison)

Madison Beach Club in Madison provides couples with a coastal chic wedding venue overlooking the Long Island Sound.

With its beachfront location and elegant facilities, including a spacious ballroom and outdoor patios, this venue offers couples a sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere for their wedding celebrations.

Whether exchanging vows on the beach or dancing under the stars, Madison Beach Club promises a memorable and scenic setting for weddings.

Couples also have the option to host their ceremony on the lush green golf course, adding a touch of natural beauty to their special day.

The flexibility and versatility of the venue make it a top choice for couples seeking a picturesque and customizable wedding experience.

7. The Inn at Longshore (Westport)

The Inn at Longshore in Westport offers couples a historic and charming venue for their wedding celebrations.

With its onsite accommodations and elegant event spaces, including a 3000 square foot ballroom and stone terrace room, The Inn at Longshore ensures a memorable and convenient experience for couples and their guests.

Whether hosting a lavish reception or an intimate gathering, this venue provides a picturesque setting for weddings of all sizes.

8. Glastonbury Hills Country Club (Glastonbury)

Glastonbury Hills Country Club in Glastonbury caters to couples seeking a serene and elegant wedding venue surrounded by rolling hills and panoramic views.

With its full-service event planning staff and picturesque outdoor spaces, including manicured gardens and spacious reception areas, this venue offers couples a sophisticated and scenic setting for their special day.

From grand affairs to intimate ceremonies, Glastonbury Hills Country Club provides the perfect backdrop for memorable weddings.

9. New Haven Lawn Club (New Haven)

New Haven Lawn Club in New Haven embodies historic elegance and timeless charm, providing couples with a classic and sophisticated wedding venue.

With its distinctive architecture and beautifully landscaped grounds, this venue offers couples a romantic setting for their celebrations.

From the grand ballroom to the outdoor terrace, New Haven Lawn Club provides versatile spaces for couples to create their dream wedding in a picturesque and elegant setting.

10. Lake of Isles (North Stonington)

Lake of Isles in North Stonington offers couples a picturesque and tranquil wedding venue located amidst scenic woodlands and pristine lakes.

With its captivating natural surroundings and upscale amenities, including indoor and outdoor event spaces, Lake of Isles provides couples with a versatile and stunning setting for their wedding celebrations.

Whether opting for an outdoor ceremony by the lake or a reception in the elegant ballroom, Lake of Isles promises a memorable and enchanting experience for couples on their special day.

How to Book a Golf Course Wedding Venue

When it comes to booking a golf course wedding venue, there are essential steps to follow to secure your ideal location.

Additionally, asking the right questions during the venue selection process can help you make informed decisions.

Steps for Securing Your Ideal Venue

Securing the ideal golf course wedding venue involves several key steps to ensure you choose the perfect location for your special day.

Here’s a structured approach:

Determine Your Budget

Start by setting a clear budget for your wedding venue, including any additional costs for catering, decorations, and accommodations.

Research Potential Venues

Look for golf course wedding venues that match your vision, whether you prefer coastal views, mountain backdrops, or lush landscapes.

Schedule Site Visits

Arrange visits to your shortlisted venues to get a feel for the space, amenities, and overall ambiance. Consider how each venue aligns with your wedding theme.

Confirm Availability

Check the availability of your preferred dates at each venue and ensure they can accommodate your desired wedding size.

Review Contracts Thoroughly

Carefully read through venue contracts, paying attention to terms, cancellation policies, and any restrictions that may impact your wedding plans.

Discuss Customization Options

Speak with venue coordinators about customization options, such as decor choices, menu selections, and seating arrangements.

Finalize Details

Once you’ve selected a venue, finalize all details, including payment schedules, vendor coordination, and any special requests for your wedding day.

Capacity and Layout

Inquire about the venue’s capacity for guests and its layout for ceremonies and receptions. Consider asking about any restrictions or regulations for decorating the space, as well as the availability of on-site amenities such as catering services or bridal suites for getting ready on the big day.

Catering Services

Ask about the catering options available, including menu selections, dietary accommodations, and beverage offerings.

Event Coordination

Discuss the level of support provided by the venue’s event coordinator and their involvement in planning and executing your wedding.

Outdoor Spaces

If you’re considering an outdoor ceremony or reception, ask about backup plans for inclement weather and access to indoor spaces.

Amenities and Extras

Find out about additional amenities offered by the venue, such as bridal suites, groomsmen lounges, and on-site accommodations for guests.

Restrictions and Regulations

Clarify any restrictions or regulations imposed by the venue, such as noise ordinances, curfew times, and decor guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of golf course wedding venues?

You have options like outdoor ceremonies, tented receptions, ballrooms, and all-outdoor arrangements based on your vision and the club’s rules.

What are some popular golf course wedding venues?

From luxury beach resorts to venues with stunning views, there are golf courses worldwide perfect for weddings, setting a beautiful scene for your big day.

How much do golf course weddings typically cost?

Costs vary based on factors like location, season, guest count, and venue amenities. Consider additional expenses for hotel venues and potential membership discounts at private clubs.

How should you decorate a golf course wedding venue?

Coordinate with the onsite team for indoor and outdoor decor that complements your theme and color palette.


After exploring the top golf course wedding venues that offer natural beauty, elegance, and exceptional service, couples have a range of options to choose from for their special day.

From the stunning natural beauty of Coyote Hills Golf Course to the Mediterranean-themed Anaheim Hills Golf Clubhouse, each venue provides a unique backdrop for a memorable wedding celebration.

When it comes to booking a golf course wedding venue, couples should consider essential steps to ensure a smooth planning process.

Setting a realistic budget is crucial to narrow down options and avoid any unexpected costs. Researching venues thoroughly allows couples to find a location that aligns with their vision and preferences.

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