Harris English Putter: A Deep Dive into His Winning Grip and Maintenance Secrets

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For nearly a decade, Harris English has quietly wielded a Ping Palm Lock putter grip, a piece of equipment that rarely garners attention.

Yet, during an intense 8-hole sudden-death playoff at the Travelers Championship, golf enthusiasts couldn’t help but notice the well-worn grip on his Ping Hohum putter.

This grip, dating back to his college days at the University of Georgia, has become a silent partner in his success.

English’s loyalty to his unique putter paid off again at the Sentry Tournament of Champions. The same Ping putter that secured his victory at the 2013 Mayakoba Golf Classic resurfaced to help him clinch another win.

It’s not just a tool but a testament to his consistency and faith in his equipment, proving that sometimes, the most unassuming gear can make the biggest impact.

Overview of Harris English’s Putter

Harris English’s putter, an essential tool in his golf bag, has been with him for many years. English relies on its unique features and consistent performance during important tournaments.

Key Features

The distinctive aspect of English’s putter is the Ping Palm Lock grip, which has been significantly worn over time. The grip, with minimal rubber left, retains a practical yet unconventional look.

Its damaged state required quick fixes, with vice-captain Davis Love III performing makeshift repairs using an X-Acto knife and gauze. Despite its worn condition, the grip continues to provide English with exceptional feel and confidence on the greens.

Performance Analysis

English’s putter performance is noteworthy given its critical role in his recent tour victories. His wins at the 2021 Sentry Tournament of Champions and the Travelers Championship highlight the putter’s reliability under pressure.

Even with the grip’s unconventional appearance, English’s ability to make clutch putts showcases his skill and trust in his equipment. The putter has helped him secure a spot on the United States Ryder Cup team, proving that performance often outweighs aesthetics.

Comparison with Other Professional Golfers’ Putters

Professional golfers often choose putters based on feel, performance, and personal preference, which results in a diverse range of putter designs in play on the tour.

Modern professional golfers typically favor putters that enhance stability, control, and alignment. Mallet putters, for example, have grown popular due to their increased forgiveness and alignment aids.

Golfers like Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy often use tailor-made Spider models known for their stability and high MOI (Moment of Inertia).

Blade putters, although traditional, attract players such as Tiger Woods who prefers a classic Scotty Cameron Newport 2 for its clean lines and precision.

Impact on Game Performance

The choice of putter impacts a golfer’s performance significantly. Stability-focused putters reduce mishits and offer consistent roll.

Players like Jon Rahm have switched to Odyssey’s Stroke Lab putters, which combine a steel and graphite shaft to promote better tempo and consistency. Harris English’s use of a worn Ping Palm Lock grip showcases a unique approach, prioritizing feel and familiarity over aesthetics.

Despite its condition, this grip contributed to his wins, illustrating that confidence in the equipment can often outweigh the latest technological advancements in the game.

Performance and Consistency

Putter consistency is critical for professionals aiming for repeatable performance under pressure. English’s putter, despite its unconventional state, has proven its reliability through his wins at major events like the 2021 Sentry Tournament of Champions.

Other players might switch equipment frequently to gain technological advantages, but English’s trust in his longtime putter highlights a different path to putting success.

Technical Specifications of a Pro’s P’utter

When discussing the technical specifications of a professional golfer’s putter, several key elements come into play that contribute to its performance and suitability for high-level competition:

Design Elements

Design greatly influences a putter’s performance. Harris English’s Ping Palm Lock grip, featuring a distinctive “banana flap” at the end, is frayed and worn, which he finds advantageous for comfort and control.

The material placement and grip ergonomics significantly affect how a golfer handles the club.

Additionally, the precise balance and weight distribution in the putter head and shaft are crucial for stroke stability, highlighting the differences between professional and amateur equipment.

Material and Technology

The material and technology behind English’s putter add to its uniqueness. The grip material, once a rubber compound, is now predominantly a gauze-like cloth due to extended use.

Modern putters often incorporate multi-material construction, combining metals like steel and titanium with polymer inserts to enhance feel and performance. Putter faces may include milled patterns that improve the roll and consistency of the ball.

Despite the wear, English’s putter has remained effective, demonstrating that familiarity and personal adaptation to one’s equipment can trump cutting-edge innovations, especially under high-pressure scenarios.

Maintenance Tips for High-End Putters

Proper maintenance ensures high-end putter performance for years. Focus on cleaning, storage, and professional servicing.

Regular Cleaning Practices

Routine cleaning removes dirt and grass, maintaining putter functionality. Use a soft brush and warm water for the head. Wipe the shaft with a dry cloth. Check the grip for wear; clean it with mild soap and water. Remove moisture to prevent rust or degradation.

Professional Servicing

Professional servicing keeps putters in top shape. Every season, visit a golf shop for a comprehensive check. Ensure alignment and loft are correct. Address grip replacement or repair, like Harris English’s emergency grip surgery, to maintain control and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What putter grip does Harris English use?

Harris English uses the Ping Palm Lock putter grip, which he has remained loyal to throughout his career. This grip contributes significantly to his game performance and success.

Why is the choice of putter important for golfers?

The right putter can dramatically impact a golfer’s performance by improving consistency, comfort, and control. A well-chosen putter helps maintain better stroke mechanics, especially under pressure.

What are some common maintenance tips for high-end putters?

Regular cleaning and professional servicing are essential for maintaining high-end putters. This includes periodic grip replacements and repairs to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

How does professional servicing impact putter performance?

Professional servicing, including grip replacement or repair, helps maintain control and comfort. For example, Harris English underwent an emergency grip surgery to preserve his putter’s performance.

Who supplies Harris English’s golfing equipment?

Harris English’s golfing equipment is supplied by Ping. He also has marketing relationships with CapTech and M3COM.


Harris English’s steadfast reliance on his Ping Palm Lock putter grip underscores the profound impact of personal equipment preferences on a golfer’s success.

While many pros gravitate towards stability-focused designs, English’s choice highlights the importance of comfort and control. The technical aspects of a putter, combined with meticulous maintenance, play a pivotal role in achieving consistent performance.

Regular cleaning and professional servicing, including grip replacements, ensure that high-end putters remain in peak condition. Harris English’s approach serves as a testament to the significance of tailored equipment and diligent upkeep in the pursuit of golfing excellence.

Whether facing a tough green or aiming for a crucial putt, his unwavering trust in his equipment ensures optimal performance. Such dedication to detail sets top golfers apart and is instrumental in their success.

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