How Wyndham Clark’s Custom Putter Transformed His Game: Tips for Amateurs

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wyndham clark putter

Wyndham Clark’s recent success on the greens has sparked considerable interest in his choice of putter. Just before the ATT Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Clark spent several hours with Mike Kanski, testing nine different putters to find the right fit.

This meticulous approach to fine-tuning his equipment paid off, leading to a historic round that highlighted his improved putting performance.

Among the putters tested was a new Odyssey Ai Jailbird, which notably lacked an alignment line on the crown—a stark contrast to Clark’s previous US Open-winning putter that featured three small dots.

This switch seemed to address his struggles on the greens, a challenge he had faced since the US Open. Clark’s dedication to refining his game and finding the perfect putter demonstrates the critical role that equipment plays in achieving golfing excellence.

wyndham clark putter

Overview of Wyndham Clark’s Putter

Wyndham Clark’s putter has played a key role in his recent success on the greens. His transition to the Odyssey AiOne Jailbird Cruiser highlights his commitment to improving his putting game.

Historical Performance

Clark initially switched to a putter model inspired by Rickie Fowler’s Odyssey Versa Jailbird at the start of 2023. This change led to immediate improvements, including a win at the 2023 US Open.

His putting performance was consistently strong, finishing no worse than T29 in his last six starts, with four top-six finishes. Despite this success, Clark struggled on the greens towards the end of the season, prompting him to seek further improvement.

Design Features

Clark’s current putter, the Odyssey AiOne Jailbird Cruiser, features AI-driven design enhancements. The Cruiser has a 35.75-inch shaft, slightly shorter than the previous 39-inch length, improving control and precision.

Additionally, Clark opted for a model without an alignment line, favoring feel over visual aids. This putter’s design includes a longer counterbalanced feature, aiding stability during strokes.

His switch to a cross-handed grip technique further supports his focus on leveling his shoulders at setup, enhancing accuracy by minimizing hand movement.

Comparison With Other Professional Golfers’ Putters

Both Rickie Fowler and Rory McIlroy have influenced Wyndham Clark’s choice of putter, each professional bringing unique specifications and performance enhancements to their equipment.

Putter Specs

Wyndham Clark uses an Odyssey counterbalanced putter inspired by Rickie Fowler’s Odyssey Versa Jailbird, featuring a longer shaft, counterbalancing technology, and custom grip modifications.

Fowler initially copied his caddie’s putter and modified it, resulting in improved performance, including top finishes and a US Open victory.

In contrast, Rory McIlroy uses a TaylorMade Spider Tour Hydro Blast mallet putter with a new SuperStroke Zenergy Pistol Tour grip, highlighting the significance of familiarity and grip adjustments for peak performance after a brief trial with the Scotty Cameron 009M.

Performance Metrics

Wyndham Clark’s performance markedly improved after switching to the Odyssey Versa Jailbird putter, leading to a 3rd place ranking in SG Putting at +7.465 and notable achievements, including a 2023 US Open victory.

Rickie Fowler also experienced a resurgence with the same putter, securing multiple top finishes and strong SG Putting metrics. Meanwhile, Rory McIlroy’s use of the TaylorMade Spider Tour Hydro Blast with a new grip enhanced his control and consistency.

These examples highlight the significant impact of customized putter specifications on a golfer’s performance.

Impact of Putter on Wyndham Clark’s Games

The switch to a Rickie Fowler-inspired putter transformed Wyndham Clark’s game. Here, we explore how it affected his performance in key tournaments and the technological advancements involved.

Key Tournaments and Outcomes

Clark’s new putter, modeled after Rickie Fowler’s design, revolutionized his game. His performance peaked recently, earning him a win at the Wells Fargo Championship and four top-six finishes in his last six starts.

Notably, Clark ranked 3rd in Strokes Gained Putting (SG: Putting) at the Charlotte tournament, with a remarkable +7.465 score. Another significant milestone was his face-off with Fowler at Medalist Golf Club, where Clark’s accuracy from inside 10 feet impressed observers.

Technological Advancements

Clark’s custom putter, an Odyssey model, incorporates several critical design elements inspired by Fowler. Features include a slab of lead tape on the sole, a blacked-out Microhinge face insert, and an inch-shorter shaft for better control.

Clark’s putter lacks traditional alignment aids, a choice that significantly improves his feel and accuracy on the green. This strategic customization, endorsed by his consultants and technicians, has been instrumental in Clark’s recent successes.

Recommendations for Amateur Golfers

Improving your golf game often starts with selecting the right putter and refining your technique. Here are key recommendations to help amateur golfers enhance their performance on the greens.

Choosing the Right Putter

Selecting a suitable putter can significantly impact your game. Amateurs should find one that complements their stroke and feels comfortable.

Evaluating different designs, like mallet and blade putters, helps determine the best fit, while testing various lengths ensures a natural stance.

Advanced features, such as adjustable weights, face inserts, lead tape for stability, blacked-out face inserts for alignment, and customized grip size, enhance control, feel, comfort, and precision.

Learning from Wyndham Clark’s Technique

Observing Wyndham Clark’s putting technique offers valuable insights for improving your game. Clark emphasizes the importance of a consistent putting routine and practice.

Using a putter that complements your stroke style, inspired by Rickie Fowler, can enhance performance. His smooth, controlled stroke and use of visual alignment aids ensure accuracy and proper setup.

Incorporating technology and custom equipment, like Clark’s putter, and adjusting grip and putter head configurations to personal preferences, can lead to a balanced and effective putting stroke.

Frequently Asked Questions

What putter helped Wyndham Clark improve his game?

Wyndham Clark significantly improved his putting game using the Odyssey AiOne Jailbird Cruiser putter, inspired by Rickie Fowler, and later adjusted with the Odyssey Versa Jailbird putter.

Who influenced Wyndham Clark’s putter choice?

Wyndham Clark’s putter choice was influenced by professional golfers Rickie Fowler and Rory McIlroy, leading to his improved performance and ranking.

What adjustments did Clark make to his putter?

Clark’s custom putter featured modifications like lead tape and a blacked-out Microhinge face insert, which enhanced his feel and accuracy.

How has Clark’s performance improved with the Odyssey putter?

With the Odyssey Versa Jailbird putter, Clark achieved significant improvements, ranking 3rd in SG Putting.

What recommendations does the article offer for amateur golfers when choosing a putter?

The article emphasizes choosing a putter with a focus on consistency, visual alignment aids, and incorporating technological adjustments similar to Clark’s modifications for a balanced and effective putting stroke.


Wyndham Clark’s journey with the Odyssey AiOne Jailbird Cruiser putter showcases the importance of the right equipment and technique in golf. His success, influenced by Rickie Fowler and Rory McIlroy, highlights the impact of custom putter modifications.

Amateur golfers can learn from Clark’s approach by focusing on consistency, visual alignment aids, and embracing technological advancements. By doing so, they can enhance their putting performance and overall game.

Moreover, understanding the balance and feel of a putter, as Clark demonstrates, can make a significant difference in pressure situations. Paying attention to grip styles, shaft lengths, and head weights can aid in finding the putter tailored to one’s unique stroke.

This methodical approach can transform putting from a weakness into a reliable strength, propelling golfers to new levels of competition readiness and enjoyment.

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