What Hand Does Artemi Panarin Shoot With? Left-Handed Maestro of the NHL

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What Hand Does Artemi Panarin Shoot With? Left-Handed Maestro of the NHL

Artemi Panarin, a luminary in professional ice hockey, is renowned for his electrifying plays and unparalleled skills on the ice. One pivotal aspect that distinguishes him is his shooting hand.

Born on October 30, 1991, in Korkino, Russia, Panarin shoots left-handed, a characteristic that significantly influences his style of play.

This fundamental trait, though seemingly subtle, holds considerable importance in the world of hockey. It shapes the angles of his shots, impacts his puck-handling finesse, and even influences his defensive maneuvers.

Understanding Panarin’s shooting hand sheds light on the intricacies of his game and offers insight into the strategic nuances that contribute to his extraordinary success in the NHL.

What Hand Does Artemi Panarin Shoot With?

Artemi Panarin, the professional ice hockey player, shoots with his left hand.

Here are some points about his playing style and handedness:

Left-Handed Shooter

Artemi Panarin is a left-handed shooter, which means he holds the hockey stick with his left hand at the top of the shaft and shoots with his left side facing the net.

Left-Wing Position

Being a left-handed shooter, Panarin often plays on the left wing. This allows him to use his dominant hand for shooting and puck control.

Stickhandling and Passing

His left-handedness influences his stickhandling and passing skills. He has a natural advantage when it comes to controlling the puck on his stick due to his dominant hand placement.

One-Timers and Snap Shots

As a left-handed shooter, Panarin is typically more comfortable taking one-timers and snapshots from the left side of the ice. This is because he can quickly release the puck with his dominant hand.

Defensive Challenges

When facing a right-handed goaltender, a left-handed shooter like Panarin might find it slightly more challenging to shoot on the goalie’s blocker side (the right side).

This is because the blocker (the goalie’s stick-hand side) is positioned to cover that area.


While Panarin primarily plays on the left wing, he’s a versatile player and can adapt to different situations. He’s known for his creativity on the ice and can make plays from various positions.

Power Play Role

On the power play, Panarin might be positioned on the left side, where he can take advantage of his left-handed shot for potential scoring opportunities.

Defensive Considerations

Defensively, when playing against right-handed shooters, Panarin needs to be mindful of their tendencies. Right-handed shooters may have a preference for shooting from specific angles or positions on the ice.

The Role of Left-Handed vs. Right-Handed Shooters

The Role of Left-Handed vs. Right-Handed Shooters

The role of left-handed versus right-handed shooters in ice hockey is a dynamic aspect that significantly influences the game.

Each handedness brings its own set of advantages and considerations, impacting a player’s style of play, positioning, and effectiveness on the ice.

Let’s delve into the distinct roles and advantages of left-handed and right-handed shooters in ice hockey.

Left-Handed Shooters

Element of Surprise

Left-handed shooters, like Artemi Panarin, have the advantage of surprise. Since the majority of hockey players are right-handed shooters, goaltenders are often more accustomed to facing shots from that side.

When a left-handed shooter takes a shot, it can catch goaltenders off guard, leading to increased scoring opportunities.

Angle Advantage

Left-handed shooters have a different angle of attack when approaching the net.

This can create unique scoring opportunities, as the goaltender must adjust to the trajectory of the shot, potentially making it more challenging to make a save.

Power Play Prowess

On power plays, left-handed shooters have a strategic advantage. The extra space created due to the numerical advantage allows them to exploit their shooting angle effectively.

This can lead to increased scoring chances and makes left-handed players valuable assets on the power play unit.

Puck-Handling Advantage

Left-handed players use their dominant hand to control the puck.

This gives them a natural advantage in protecting the puck from defenders and maneuvering through traffic. It enables them to maintain possession and create offensive opportunities.

Passing to the Right

Left-handed players have a more natural motion when passing to their right. This is beneficial for setting up plays in the offensive zone, as they can distribute the puck accurately to teammates on that side.

Right-Handed Shooters:

Reversed Advantage

Right-handed shooters, being in the minority, also possess an element of surprise.

They can catch goaltenders off guard with shots from their side, as it deviates from the more common left-handed shots.

Defensive Edge

Right-handed shooters can have an advantage in defensive situations. 

Their positioning on the right side of the ice can make it easier to clear the puck out of their own zone or disrupt plays by opposing left-handed shooters.

Faceoff Advantage

In faceoff situations, right-handed players have an edge. They can use their dominant hand to gain leverage and control over the puck, potentially winning more faceoffs.

Passing to the Left

Right-handed players have a more natural motion when passing to their left. This can be advantageous in setting up plays on that side of the ice, where they can accurately distribute the puck to teammates.


Right-handed shooters may have a slight advantage in certain defensive scenarios due to the way they hold their stick.

How Panarin’s Shooting Hand Influences His Performance

How Pana rin's Shooting Hand Influences His Performance

Artemi Panarin’s left-handedness as a shooter has had a substantial impact on his performance throughout his career. This fundamental aspect of his playing style influences various aspects of his game, contributing to his effectiveness as an elite forward in the NHL.

Let’s delve into how Pana rin’s shooting hand influences his performance on the ice:

Shooting Accuracy and Style

Artemi Panarin’s left-handed shooting style is a trademark of his play. This unique angle catches goaltenders off guard, increasing their shooting accuracy.

The unpredictability of his shots makes it challenging for goalies to anticipate the puck’s trajectory, giving Panarin an edge in scoring opportunities.

Puck-handling Expertise

With his dominant left hand, Panarin excels in puck control. This advantage allows him to navigate through tight spaces and create scoring chances.

His proficiency in protecting the puck from defenders contributes to his effectiveness in maintaining possession and generating offensive plays.

Passing Precision

Panarin’s left-handedness enhances his passing ability. He executes precise passes to his right, setting up plays in the offensive zone.

This accuracy complements his shooting skills, making him a dual threat. His ability to distribute the puck efficiently contributes to his team’s offensive efforts.

Power Play Proficiency

Positioned on the right side of the ice during power plays, Panarin’s left-handed shot provides a strategic advantage.

The unique shooting angles created by his left-handedness can catch goaltenders off guard. This proficiency on the power play makes him a valuable asset to his team’s offensive strategy.

Defensive Contributions

Even defensively, Panarin’s left-handedness plays a role. His dominant left hand aids in stick checks and poke checks, disrupting plays and regaining possession.

This defensive prowess, combined with his offensive skills, showcases Panarin’s versatility and effectiveness on both ends of the ice.

Artemis Ability to Excel Regardless of His Shooting Hand

Artemi Panarin’s exceptional abilities on the ice transcend the influence of his shooting hand. While his left-handedness does play a role in shaping his playing style, Panarin’s success can be attributed to a combination of skills, work ethic, and hockey IQ.

Versatility in Playmaking

Panarin’s vision and hockey sense are the cornerstone of his game. He possesses an uncanny ability to read the flow of play and make split-second decisions.

This innate understanding of the game allows him to excel in various situations, regardless of his shooting hand.

Outstanding Puck-handling Skills

Panarin’s proficiency in handling the puck is remarkable. His soft hands and quick reflexes make him a threat in one-on-one situations.

This skill set allows him to create scoring chances and maintain possession, irrespective of his dominant hand.

Adaptability to Defensive Pressure

Panarin’s agility and spatial awareness enable him to navigate through tight spaces and evade defenders.

Whether it’s weaving through traffic or executing precise dekes, he excels at creating space for himself, making him a formidable force on the ice.

Hockey IQ and Anticipation

Panarin’s hockey intelligence sets him apart. He anticipates plays, reads opposition movements, and positions himself strategically.

This keen understanding of the game enables him to excel in both offensive and defensive situations, regardless of his shooting hand.

Accurate Passing and Playmaking

Panarin’s passing ability is world-class. He has a knack for finding teammates in prime scoring positions, setting them up for success.

His ability to distribute the puck accurately and make quick decisions contributes significantly to his team’s offensive output.

Work Ethic and Dedication

Panarin’s relentless work ethic and dedication to his craft have been instrumental in his success.

He constantly seeks to improve and refine his skills, both on and off the ice. This commitment to excellence has propelled him to the upper echelons of professional hockey.

Creativity in Offensive Plays

Panarin’s creativity on the ice is a testament to his hockey genius. He has an uncanny ability to envision plays that others might not see.

Whether it’s a dazzling deke or a perfectly timed pass, his creativity consistently leads to scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.

Clutch Performances in High-pressure Situations

Panarin has a knack for delivering in critical moments. Whether it’s a crucial goal late in a game or a game-changing play on a power play, he thrives under pressure.

This ability to step up when it matters most showcases his mental fortitude and competitive spirit.

Leadership and Team Impact

Beyond his individual brilliance, Panarin’s presence has a profound impact on his team. He leads by example, demonstrating dedication, discipline, and a relentless work ethic.

His positive influence on teammates, both on and off the ice, contributes to a winning culture within the locker room.


What hand does Artemi Panarin shoot with?

Artemi Panarin shoots left-handed. This means he holds the hockey stick with his left hand at the lower end and uses his right hand higher up to control the direction and power of his shots.

How does Panarin’s left-handedness influence his play?

Panarin’s left-handedness provides him with a unique shooting angle that can catch goaltenders off guard.

Are most hockey players left-handed shooters?

No, the majority of hockey players are right-handed shooters. This makes left-handed shooters like Panarin somewhat less common, which can give them an element of surprise on the ice.

Does Panarin’s left-handedness affect his defensive play?

Yes, even on the defensive side, Panarin’s left-handedness can be an advantage.

How has Panarin’s left-handedness contributed to his success in the NHL?

Panarin’s left-handedness has played a significant role in shaping his playing style.

To Recap

Artemi Panarin’s left-handed shooting style has become a defining characteristic of his exceptional play in professional hockey. This unique aspect provides him with a distinctive advantage on the ice.

The element of surprise in his shooting angles, coupled with his precision in puck-handling and passing, makes him a formidable force. Panarin’s left-handedness also contributes to his effectiveness on power plays and even defensively.

While his shooting hand is a notable feature, it is his versatile skill set, hockey IQ, and unwavering work ethic that truly define his success.

Panarin’s ability to excel, regardless of his shooting hand, solidifies his status as an elite player in the NHL.

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