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Tony Finau, a powerhouse in professional golf, returns to the Mexico Open as the defending champion, having clinched victory last year with a stunning final-round 66.

Known for his formidable swing and consistent performance, Finau’s choice of golf equipment plays a crucial role in his success. His golf bag is a testament to cutting-edge technology and personal preference, tailored for peak performance.

Finau’s driver, the Ping G430 LST 9, paired with a Mitsubishi Diamana GT 70TX shaft, exemplifies the blend of stability and power essential for long, accurate drives.

His influence extends beyond just using clubs; he helped design a putter with Ping, even earning a spot on its patent.

As Finau prepares to defend his title, examining his club choices offers valuable insights into what makes a champion’s toolkit.

Overview of Tony Finau’s Clubs

Tony Finau’s golf clubs reflect a unique blend of performance and precision. He carefully selects each club to ensure it meets his high standards for distance, control, and consistency on the course.

Key Brands Used by Tony Finau

Finau primarily uses clubs from the well-respected brand Ping, such as the Ping G430 LST driver and Ping Blueprint 4-PW irons, optimized for performance and precision.

He also employs clubs from other top brands, including a Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond 3-wood, various Ping wedges, and a Titleist Vokey Design WedgeWorks Proto 60. Additionally, he uses a Ping PLD Anser 2 Prototype putter, reflecting his active role in club design.

Evolution of Clubs Over the Years

Finau’s club selection has evolved significantly, moving from the Ping G425 LST driver to the G430 LST, and adjusting the loft for better control.

His commitment to leveraging technological advancements is further highlighted by his collaboration with Ping in designing a specialized putter, contributing to its patent.

This evolution reflects both advancements in golf technology and his adaptive strategy on the course.

What’s in the Bag?

Tony Finau’s bag showcases a strategic selection of clubs, reflecting his focus on achieving peak performance.

Driver and Fairway Woods

Finau uses a Ping G430 LST driver with a Mitsubishi Diamana D Limited 70 TX shaft. This driver offers reduced spin and is tailored for high-speed swings, adding control.

His 3-wood, a Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond T, is paired with a Mitsubishi Diamana D Limited 80 TX shaft, providing consistency and distance.

Irons and Wedges

Finau relies on Ping Blueprint irons (4-PW) with Graphite Design Tour AD DI 105 Hybrid X 3 shafts for precise shots. He also carries a Nike Vapor Fly Pro 3-iron, giving him versatility.

His wedge setup includes the Ping Glide 4.0 (50°, 56°) for varied short-game scenarios, a Ping S159 gap wedge, and a Gabe Golf 6109 The Surgeon lob wedge, covering comprehensive wedge needs.

Putter and Golf Ball

Finau rounds out his bag with a Ping PLD Anser 2D Prototype putter, a creation he significantly influenced. This putter aids in maintaining consistent putting performance. For balls, he uses the Titleist Pro V1, known for its exceptional control and distance.

Analysis of Tony Finau’s Club Selection

Tony Finau’s club selection provides a keen insight into his approach to achieving peak performance. His choices reflect a balance between innovation and strategic play, emphasizing both distance and precision.

Performance Impact of Club Choices

Tony Finau’s club choices, particularly his Ping G430 LST driver, Ping Blueprint irons, and wedge setup, play a pivotal role in optimizing his performance across the course:

Ping G430 LST Driver

Finau’s use of the Ping G430 LST driver, paired with a Mitsubishi Diamana D Limited 70 TX shaft, highlights his focus on distance and control:

  • Distance and Control: The driver’s design reduces spin and optimizes trajectory, key for achieving long and accurate drives.
  • Customized Fit: With a swingweight of D6 and a length of 45.25 inches, the driver is tailored to suit Finau’s height and swing style, maximizing consistency and comfort.
  • Loft Adjustment: Adjusting the loft from 7 degrees to 6.25 degrees enhances launch control and spin management, contributing to more reliable and extended drives.

Ping Blueprint Irons

Finau’s selection of Ping Blueprint irons underscores his commitment to precision and workability:

  • Precision and Workability: These irons are renowned for their ability to shape shots and maintain accuracy, crucial for navigating various course conditions and strategic shot-making.
  • Versatility with Nike Vapor Fly Pro 3-Iron: The addition of the Nike Vapor Fly Pro 3-iron adds versatility to his long game, bridging distance gaps and providing options for challenging shots.

Wedge Setup

Finau’s wedge setup, featuring a combination of Ping and Gabe Golf wedges, ensures versatility and performance around the greens:

  • Adaptability: The wedges are chosen specifically to handle a variety of short-game scenarios, allowing Finau to execute different types of shots with confidence and precision.

Comparisons With Previous Years

Comparing Finau’s current club selection with previous years reveals subtle yet significant upgrades, such as transitioning from the Ping G425 LST driver to the G430 LST for better performance.

Minor loft adjustments and consistent shaft choices indicate a process of fine-tuning for enhanced speed and control. Expanding his equipment beyond one brand, he now uses a Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond T 3-wood and Titleist wedges.

Finau’s involvement in designing the Ping PLD Anser 2D Prototype putter shows his influence in creating equipment tailored to his style. These changes highlight Finau’s commitment to using technology and personal insight to refine his game yearly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What driver does Tony Finau use?

Tony Finau uses the Ping G430 LST driver, which focuses on providing optimal launch conditions and distance control for peak performance.

What brands does Tony Finau incorporate into his club setup?

Finau strategically incorporates equipment from Ping, Callaway, Titleist, and Nike to ensure a comprehensive and versatile approach to his game.

What specific woods does Tony Finau play with?

Tony Finau currently plays with the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond T 3-wood, aiming for enhanced consistency and versatility.

Has Tony Finau influenced the design of any of his clubs?

Yes, Tony Finau has influenced the design of his Ping PLD Anser 2D Prototype putter, enhancing his putting performance.

What innovation focus does Tony Finau have regarding his clubs?

Tony Finau emphasizes innovation in his club choices, continuously adjusting and incorporating new technologies to boost his performance.


Tony Finau’s club selection showcases a blend of innovation and strategic play, featuring equipment like the Ping G430 LST driver and the Ping PLD Anser 2D Prototype putter.

His choices reflect a commitment to distance, precision, and versatility, drawing from various brands to refine his game. Finau’s meticulous approach and adaptability keep him at the forefront of golf, continually pushing boundaries.

His attention to advancements in golf technology optimizes his equipment to match evolving techniques, demonstrating his dedication to continuous improvement and excellence in every round.

Finau’s bag isn’t just about variety but synergy, ensuring each club complements the others to maximize performance. This harmonious setup underscores his prowess, as he leverages cutting-edge gear to stay competitive.

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