Top 30 MLB Stadiums Rated by Fans: A Definitive Ranking

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Ranking MLB Stadiums by Fan Ratings

Step into the world of MLB stadiums and discover which ballparks steal the show according to fan ratings. From the sizzle of the grill at Citi Field to the concrete charm of Fenway Park, each venue offers a unique experience that resonates with baseball enthusiasts.

The Athletic’s comprehensive survey, based on nearly 9,000 responses, unveils the top contenders in terms of facility, family-friendliness, fan experience, and the all-important food and drink offerings.

As fans weigh in on their stadium preferences, a clear picture emerges of what makes a ballpark a home run or a swing and a miss.

With data revealing surprising insights like Guaranteed Rate Field’s top-rated cuisine, the rankings offer a glimpse into the diverse tastes and expectations of baseball aficionados.

So, buckle up as we dive into the fan-driven rankings of MLB stadiums, where every seat tells a story, and every bite adds flavor to the game-day experience.

Top 30 MLB Stadiums Ranked by Fan Ratings

For the 2024 MLB season, here’s a breakdown of the ranking for all 30 stadiums based on various factors such as atmosphere, amenities, fan experience, and historical significance:

30. Oracle Park

Located in San Francisco with breathtaking views of the bay, Oracle Park combines modern amenities with a classic ballpark feel. It’s renowned for its picturesque setting, excellent food options, and passionate Giants fanbase.

Fan ratings consistently place Oracle Park among the top MLB stadiums in the country, highlighting its unique blend of location, amenities, and atmosphere that create an unforgettable experience for baseball fans.

29. Dodger Stadium

Situated in Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium offers panoramic views of the cityscape and nearby mountains. It’s celebrated for its rich history, iconic Dodger Dogs, and the electrifying atmosphere during Dodgers games.

Ranked highly by fans for its picturesque setting and legendary food offerings, Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles creates an unforgettable experience for visitors, combining stunning views and a vivid game-day ambiance.

28. Fenway Park

As the oldest ballpark in MLB, Fenway Park in Boston exudes charm with its intimate seating and iconic Green Monster. It’s a pilgrimage site for baseball enthusiasts, offering a glimpse into baseball’s storied past.

Ranked highly by fans, Fenway Park in Boston consistently receives praise for its unique atmosphere and historical significance, making it a must-visit destination for any baseball fan looking to experience the rich heritage of America’s favorite pastime.

27. PNC Park

Located in Pittsburgh, PNC Park boasts stunning vistas of the downtown skyline and the Allegheny River. It’s praised for its scenic views, especially from the outfield seats, and its welcoming atmosphere for Pirates fans.

Ranked among the top MLB stadiums by fan ratings, PNC Park in Pittsburgh offers unparalleled views of the downtown skyline and the Allegheny River. Fans appreciate its scenic vistas from the outfield seats and the welcoming atmosphere for Pirates fans.

26. Wrigley Field

Home to the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field is synonymous with ivy-covered walls, classic architecture, and a lively atmosphere. It’s situated in the heart of Chicago’s North Side, offering a nostalgic baseball experience.

Ranked as one of the top MLB stadiums by fan ratings, Wrigley Field continues to attract visitors with its iconic features and rich history, making it a must-visit destination for baseball enthusiasts.

25. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Known for sparking the retro ballpark trend, Camden Yards in Baltimore combines modern amenities with a throwback feel.

Its downtown location and fan-friendly environment make it a favorite among Orioles supporters. The stadium’s unique design, including the iconic warehouse backdrop, adds to the overall charm of the venue.

Fans appreciate the various food options and views of the field from almost every seat, enhancing the game-day experience at Camden Yards.

24. Petco Park

Located in downtown San Diego, Petco Park features stunning views of the city skyline and the nearby harbor. It’s celebrated for its modern design, comfortable seating, and vivid atmosphere during Padres games.

Fans consistently rank Petco Park highly for its picturesque location, modern amenities, and energetic vibe on game days, making it a top choice among MLB stadiums.

23. Citizens Bank Park

Home of the Philadelphia Phillies, Citizens Bank Park is praised for its diverse food options, family-friendly amenities, and passionate fan base. It offers a lively environment for enjoying baseball in Philadelphia.

Ranked among the top MLB stadiums by fan ratings, Citizens Bank Park stands out for its diverse food options, family-friendly amenities, and passionate fan base, making it a vivid destination for experiencing baseball in Philadelphia.

22. Citi Field

Located in Queens, New York, Citi Field is known for its spacious layout, unique architectural features, and nods to Mets history throughout the ballpark.

It provides a comfortable setting for fans to enjoy Mets games. Fan reviews consistently praise Citi Field for its wide variety of food and beverage options, including local favorites and traditional ballpark fare.

The stadium’s clean facilities and friendly staff also contribute to its positive reputation among visitors.

21. Coors Field

Situated in Denver, Coors Field is renowned for its high altitude, which contributes to a unique playing environment and impressive home runs. It offers breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains and a vivid fan experience.

Coors Field has consistently ranked high among MLB stadiums by fan ratings, thanks to its unique features, including the high altitude that adds an exciting element to games and the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

Additionally, the nice fan experience at the stadium further adds to its appeal and popularity among baseball enthusiasts.

20. Busch Stadium

Home to the St. Louis Cardinals, Busch Stadium features picturesque views of the Gateway Arch and downtown St. Louis. It’s known for its loyal fan base, lively atmosphere, and memorable Cardinals traditions.

In fan ratings, Busch Stadium consistently ranks high due to its unique blend of history, modern amenities, and passionate fan engagement. The vast energy of the stadium resonates with baseball enthusiasts and Cardinals supporters alike.

19. Progressive Field

Located in Cleveland, Progressive Field offers a blend of modern amenities and a classic ballpark feel. It’s praised for its downtown location, excellent sightlines, and passionate Indians fan base.

Its unique design also includes a kid-friendly section and a wide variety of food options. These features contribute to the overall positive fan experience at Progressive Field, making it a top choice among MLB stadiums.

18. Truist Park

Home of the Atlanta Braves, Truist Park is a relatively new stadium with state-of-the-art amenities and a vivid atmosphere.

It’s known for its family-friendly environment, unique design, and the Battery Atlanta entertainment district nearby.

It consistently ranks high in fan ratings for its modern features and engaging experiences, making it a favorite among baseball enthusiasts.

Truist Park offers a seamless blend of tradition and innovation, setting a high standard for MLB stadiums nationwide.

17. Yankee Stadium

The home of the New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium is steeped in baseball history and offers modern amenities for fans. It’s known for its grand architecture, Monument Park, and the aura of Yankees tradition.

With an impressive seating capacity of over 47,000, Yankee Stadium provides an unforgettable experience for baseball enthusiasts.

The stadium’s iconic facade and state-of-the-art facilities contribute to its reputation as a must-visit destination for sports fans.

16. Kauffman Stadium

Located in Kansas City, Kauffman Stadium is famous for its fountains beyond the outfield and a relaxed atmosphere. It provides a scenic backdrop for Royals games and is loved for its family-friendly environment.

Being one of the oldest stadiums in the MLB, Fenway Park in Boston is renowned for its iconic Green Monster and rich baseball history.

Fans appreciate its intimate setting and unique dimensions, making it a favorite among baseball enthusiasts.

15. Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Home of the Los Angeles Angels, Angel Stadium offers a classic California baseball experience with recent upgrades. It’s known for its comfortable seating, fan amenities, and proximity to Disneyland.

Angel Stadium’s convenient location and modern amenities make it a top choice for baseball fans visiting Anaheim. Its recent upgrades enhance the classic California baseball experience, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable day at the ballpark.

14. Target Field

Situated in Minneapolis, Target Field combines modern amenities with a cozy, urban ballpark atmosphere. It’s praised for its local food offerings, skyline views, and the enthusiastic support of Twins fans.

Ranking high in fan ratings, Target Field in Minneapolis stands out for its blend of modern amenities and urban ballpark charm.

The stadium’s acclaim stems from its diverse local food options, picturesque skyline vistas, and the passionate backing of Twins fans.

13. T-Mobile Park

Located in Seattle, T-Mobile Park offers spectacular views of the Puget Sound and downtown Seattle skyline. It’s known for its retractable roof, excellent sightlines, and the passionate Mariners fan base.

While T-Mobile Park’s overall ranking among MLB stadiums may vary, its unique features and enthusiastic fan base consistently contribute to its positive fan ratings and feedback in stadium reviews.

12. Comerica Park

Home of the Detroit Tigers, Comerica Park offers a blend of modern amenities and nods to Detroit’s baseball history. It’s celebrated for its tiger statues, diverse food options, and the enthusiastic support of Tigers fans.

Its prime location in downtown Detroit also adds to the appeal, providing easy access to restaurants, bars, and other attractions.

This vivid atmosphere enhances the overall game day experience at Comerica Park, making it a top choice for baseball fans and visitors alike.

11. Minute Maid Park

Situated in Houston, Minute Maid Park features a retractable roof and is known for its unique train feature above the left-field wall. It offers a comfortable setting for enjoying Astros games with modern conveniences.

Minute Maid Park is widely praised by fans for its lively atmosphere and excellent amenities, making it a top choice for baseball enthusiasts looking to catch an Astros game in style.

The stadium’s retractable roof ensures that games can proceed rain or shine, adding to the overall appeal of the venue.

10. Rogers Centre

Located in Toronto, Rogers Centre is an indoor stadium with a retractable roof, allowing for year-round baseball regardless of weather. It’s known for its modern amenities and the passionate support of Blue Jays fans.

Ranked as one of the top MLB stadiums by fan ratings, Rogers Centre offers a unique experience with its versatile indoor-outdoor design and vivid atmosphere created by the enthusiastic Blue Jays supporters.

9. Great American Ball Park

Home to the Cincinnati Reds, Great American Ball Park offers picturesque views of the Ohio River and downtown Cincinnati. It’s celebrated for its riverboat deck seating, local food options, and Reds history.

Ranked by fan ratings, Great American Ball Park consistently earns top marks for its unique riverboat deck seating, diverse local food choices, and immersive Reds historical experiences, making it a standout destination among MLB stadiums.

8. American Family Field

Situated in Milwaukee, American Family Field provides a comfortable setting for Brewers games with modern amenities. It’s praised for its fan-friendly environment, local beer selections, and the famous racing sausages.

These factors contribute to American Family Field consistently receiving high fan ratings and making it a top contender when ranking MLB stadiums based on fan satisfaction and overall experience.

7. Guaranteed Rate Field

Home of the Chicago White Sox, Guaranteed Rate Field offers a modern ballpark experience on Chicago’s South Side. It’s known for its fan amenities, local food options, and the energetic atmosphere during White Sox games.

When ranking MLB stadiums by fan ratings, Guaranteed Rate Field often scores high due to its modern amenities, diverse food selection, and vivid game-day ambiance, making it a standout choice for baseball enthusiasts.

6. Globe Life Field

Located in Arlington, Texas, Globe Life Field is a relatively new stadium with a retractable roof. It offers modern amenities and a comfortable environment for enjoying Texas Rangers games.

Fan ratings for Globe Life Field are consistently high, with praise for its state-of-the-art facilities and seating options. Visitors often highlight the impressive views and overall game-day experience at this modern MLB stadium.

5. Nationals Park

Situated in Washington, D.C., Nationals Park offers a modern ballpark experience with views of the Capitol Building. It’s known for its family-friendly atmosphere, local food options, and the passionate support of Nationals fans.

When ranking MLB stadiums by fan ratings, Nationals Park consistently earns top marks for its modern amenities, picturesque views, and vivid atmosphere that truly embody the spirit of baseball.

The park’s unique features, such as the views of the Capitol Building and local food options, set it apart from the rest. Nationals fans’ unwavering support also adds to the overall allure of this impressive stadium.

4. LoanDepot Park

Home of the Miami Marlins, LoanDepot Park is a relatively new stadium with modern amenities and a retractable roof. It offers a comfortable setting for enjoying Marlins games with views of the Miami skyline.

LoanDepot Park receives high fan ratings for its convenient location in the heart of Miami, making it easily accessible for locals and tourists alike. Additionally, its state-of-the-art facilities and fan-friendly atmosphere contribute to its positive reputation among baseball enthusiasts.

3. Chase Field

Located in Phoenix, Chase Field features a retractable roof and offers a comfortable environment for enjoying Arizona Diamondbacks games. It’s known for its fan amenities and occasional special events beyond baseball.

Fans have praised the unique swimming pool area and air-conditioned concourses at Chase Field, making it a top choice for baseball enthusiasts seeking both entertainment and comfort during MLB games.

2. Tropicana Field

Situated in St. Petersburg, Florida, Tropicana Field is an indoor stadium with artificial turf. While functional, it lacks the charm of outdoor ballparks and has faced criticism for its playing surface and lack of natural light.

Falling short in aesthetics compared to traditional outdoor ballparks, Tropicana Field has been known for its artificial turf and limited natural light. These drawbacks have led to ongoing criticism of the stadium’s overall appeal.

1. Oakland Coliseum

Home of the Oakland Athletics, the Oakland Coliseum is known for its aging infrastructure and occasional issues with facilities. It’s praised for its passionate fan base but has faced challenges in providing a modern fan experience.

Despite its shortcomings, the Oakland Coliseum still holds a special place in the hearts of many baseball fans for its rich history and loyal supporters. The passionate atmosphere created by the fans often outweighs the infrastructure drawbacks.

Overview of MLB Stadium Rankings

When exploring the rankings of MLB stadiums based on fan ratings, it becomes evident that various factors play a significant role in shaping these evaluations.

From the quality of facilities to the overall fan experience, each aspect contributes to the overall perception of a ballpark among baseball enthusiasts.

Additionally, regional differences play a crucial role in determining how fans perceive and rate their experiences at different stadiums.

Factors Influencing Fan Ratings

Ranking MLB stadiums by fan ratings involves considering several factors that contribute to the overall fan experience.

Here are some key factors that influence how fans perceive and rate stadiums:

Location and Accessibility

The location of a stadium plays a crucial role in fan satisfaction. Stadiums located in or near city centers often benefit from easy access to public transportation, reducing the hassle of parking and traffic congestion.

Proximity to major highways or airports can also enhance accessibility for fans traveling from out of town.

Stadium Design and Layout

The architectural design and layout of a stadium significantly impact fan comfort and overall experience. Modern stadiums prioritize clear sightlines from all seats, comfortable seating arrangements, and amenities like luxury suites and club lounges.

Intuitive concourse layouts that minimize congestion and provide easy access to concessions and facilities also contribute positively to fan ratings.

Atmosphere and Environment

The atmosphere inside a stadium is influenced by factors such as crowd engagement, music, and in-game entertainment.

Stadiums with passionate fan bases and traditions, such as unique chants or rituals, often create a vivid atmosphere that enhances the overall experience.

Additionally, factors like the quality of the playing surface, stadium lighting, and overall cleanliness contribute to a positive environment for fans.

Food and Beverage Options

The variety, quality, and affordability of food and beverage options are essential considerations for fan ratings. Modern stadiums offer diverse menus that cater to different tastes, including local specialties and healthier options.

Premium food offerings and craft beer selections have become increasingly popular, providing fans with a more gourmet experience compared to traditional stadium fare.

Technology and Connectivity

In today’s digital age, stadiums that offer robust Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile app integration for ticketing, concessions, and interactive experiences receive higher ratings from tech-savvy fans.

Access to real-time game statistics, replays, and social media engagement enhances the overall fan experience and keeps fans connected throughout the game.

History and Tradition

Stadiums with rich histories or distinctive architectural features often hold a special place in fans’ hearts. These venues evoke a sense of nostalgia and tradition, contributing to a unique and memorable experience for fans.

Maintaining and celebrating historical elements while integrating modern amenities can strike a balance that resonates positively with fans of all ages.

Fan Engagement Opportunities

Opportunities for fan engagement, such as player interactions, autograph sessions, and behind-the-scenes tours, enhance the overall fan experience. Interactive fan zones, where fans can participate in games and activities related to the team, create memorable moments and strengthen fan loyalty.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

Cleanliness and maintenance of stadium facilities, including restrooms, seating areas, and concourses, are critical for ensuring fan comfort and satisfaction.

Well-maintained facilities reflect the stadium management’s commitment to providing a positive experience for fans and contribute to a welcoming atmosphere.

Ticket Affordability and Value

The cost of tickets relative to the overall experience and amenities offered is an important consideration for fan ratings.

Stadiums that offer a range of ticket prices to accommodate different budgets, along with value-added perks such as promotions or discounts on concessions, are likely to receive higher ratings from fans.

Environmental Considerations

Increasingly, fans are concerned about environmental sustainability and expect stadiums to implement eco-friendly practices.

Efforts such as recycling programs, energy-efficient lighting, and sustainable food sourcing contribute to a stadium’s environmental footprint and appeal to environmentally conscious fans.

Stadiums that prioritize sustainability initiatives often receive positive feedback from fans who value responsible stewardship of resources.

Regional Differences in Fan Experience

Regional differences significantly affect how fans experience MLB stadiums. Factors such as local culture, weather conditions, and team traditions play a crucial role in shaping the overall fan experience.

Stadiums located in different regions often cater to the preferences and expectations of their local fan base, leading to diverse experiences across various ballparks.

Understanding these regional differences is key to appreciating the rich tapestry of MLB stadium culture and fan engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors determine the top MLB stadiums?

Fan ratings play a crucial role in determining the top MLB stadiums, considering factors like overall fan experience, amenities, views, charm, and entertainment value.

Can older stadiums improve their fan ratings?

Yes, older stadiums can improve their fan ratings by undergoing renovations that enhance fan comfort, modernize amenities, and preserve historical significance while catering to diverse fan preferences.

How do newer stadiums excel in comparison to older ones?

Newer stadiums excel in comfort and convenience, setting high standards for fan experiences with modern amenities, improved seating options, and diverse food selections to boost fan ratings.


The evolution of MLB stadiums over the years has significantly impacted fan ratings and preferences.

Newer stadiums like PNC Park in Pittsburgh have set a high standard with their picturesque views, intimate designs, and unique architectural features, earning top rankings among fans.

On the other hand, classic venues such as Wrigley Field continue to charm fans with their nostalgic vibe and historical significance, showcasing a blend of tradition and modern amenities.

As fan expectations continue to evolve, stadium owners and operators are increasingly focusing on enhancing the overall fan experience by offering a wide range of amenities, comfortable seating options, and innovative food selections.

These efforts not only cater to the diverse preferences of fans but also contribute to boosting fan ratings and stadium rankings across the MLB.

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