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Marriott Hotel in New York City

For avid hockey fans, getting an autograph from their favorite NHL player can be a dream come true. One way to increase the chances of getting an autograph is by finding out where the visiting teams are staying during their travels. However, locating NHL teams in hotels can be a challenge, especially with COVID-19 restrictions in place.

In this article, we will explore some tips and suggestions for hotel hunting for NHL autographs, including examples of fans who have had success, recommendations for locating teams in hotels, and the advantages and disadvantages of different locations for autograph hunting.

Do Nhl Teams Stay in Hotels?

Yes, NHL teams typically stay in hotels when traveling for games. These hotels are often carefully selected by the teams for factors such as proximity to the arena, security, and amenities. Fans interested in meeting or getting autographs from players may sometimes locate visiting NHL teams in their hotels.

However, due to COVID-19 restrictions and protocols, there may be limitations on player and staff movement within the hotel, as well as on fan access to players.

Popular NHL Team Hotels

When NHL teams hit the road, they need a place to stay that can provide comfort and convenience. Over the years, certain hotels have become popular choices for visiting NHL teams. Here are some of the most popular NHL team hotels in various cities:

Marriott Hotel in New York City

The majority of NHL teams stay at the Marriott Hotel in New York City, which is conveniently located just across the parking lot from the Nassau Coliseum. The hotel provides easy access to the arena, which is the oldest building in the National Hockey League.

However, due to COVID-19, the NHL has implemented strict travel protocols for team safety, so players and coaches are not allowed to enter each other’s rooms.

Marriott Hotel in New York City

Westin Harbour Castle and Delta Hotel in Toronto

Many NHL players stay at the Westin Harbour Castle, which is located very close to the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors. However, some teams may start staying at the new Delta Hotel, which is on the same street as the arena and just a block away.

Le Nouvel Hotel in Montreal

When visiting Montreal to play against the Canadiens, NHL teams often stay at Le Nouvel Hotel. This hotel is conveniently located near the Bell Centre, making it a popular choice for visiting teams.

Other Popular Hotels for Visiting Nhl Teams in Various Cities

Each NHL team has its own preferences for hotels when visiting different cities. Sometimes these preferences change based on availability and dates.

However, there are a few other hotels that are popular choices for visiting NHL teams, including the JW Marriot in Cherry Creek in Denver, Monaco in Denver, and the Westin in the Westminster Promenade.

Overall, when NHL teams hit the road, they look for hotels that can provide them with comfort, convenience, and safety. While the pandemic has changed some of the protocols for NHL team travel, hotels remain an essential part of the road trip experience for players and coaches alike.

Nhl Travel Protocols During Covid-19

The NHL has implemented a variety of safety measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including regular testing for players and staff, mandatory mask-wearing, and restrictions on player and staff movement during travel.

These protocols have been designed to minimize the risk of exposure and spread of the virus among players, staff, and the wider community.

Assigned Hotel Accommodations for Each Team

Each NHL team is assigned specific hotel accommodations when traveling to other cities for games. This ensures that teams are staying in environments that have been approved and monitored by the league and that proper safety measures are in place.

Restrictions on Player and Staff Movement Within the Hotel and During Travel

Players and staff are not allowed to enter each other’s rooms, and there are assigned seating arrangements at meals to ensure proper distancing.

During travel, teams are required to use private transportation and are not allowed to use public transportation or visit public spaces, such as restaurants or bars.

Impact on Fan Access to Players

Due to these restrictions, fans may have limited access to players and staff during travel. Autograph signings and other fan events are not currently permitted, and players are discouraged from interacting with fans outside of official team events.

However, some teams have found creative ways to engage with fans virtually, such as hosting online Q&A sessions or virtual meet-and-greets.

Hotel Hunting for Nhl Autographs

For many avid NHL fans, getting an autograph from their favorite player or team is a prized possession. With the NHL’s strict COVID-19 protocols, obtaining an autograph has become more challenging. Nevertheless, determined fans have found ways to get the autographs they desire.

Fans seeking autographs from NHL teams can often be seen outside the team hotels before games. They come armed with pens, pucks, jerseys, and cameras, hoping to get a prized signature. Some fans have even been known to follow team buses from the airport to the hotel or arena.

Suggestions for Locating Visiting Nhl Teams in Hotels

If you’re looking to locate visiting NHL teams in hotels, a good starting point is to check with the arena where they will be playing. They may have information about where the team will be staying.

Additionally, social media is a great tool for finding out where teams are staying. Fans can follow team social media accounts, as well as player and coach accounts, for any location updates. You can also check with the hotel itself and ask if the team is staying there.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Locations for Autograph Hunting

When it comes to autograph hunting, the location of the hotel can make a big difference. For example, a hotel located near the arena may be more convenient for fans as they can catch the team leaving for the game or returning after the game. However, a hotel in a more secluded area may provide more privacy for the players and thus fewer distractions.

Another factor to consider is the level of security at the hotel. Some hotels may have stricter security protocols, which may make it more challenging for fans to gain access to players. On the other hand, hotels with less security may provide more opportunities for fans to interact with players.

It’s important to note that while fans are eager to get autographs, they must respect the players’ privacy and follow any protocols in place. Players are often restricted from interacting with fans outside of official events or meet and greets. It’s crucial to avoid any behavior that may disrupt the team’s preparations or put players at risk.

In conclusion, obtaining autographs from NHL teams can be a fun and exciting experience for fans. While COVID-19 protocols have made it more challenging, determined fans can still find ways to get the autographs they desire. Fans should always respect the players’ privacy and follow any protocols in place, and remember that their safety and well-being are the top priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all NHL teams required to stay in designated hotels during the season?

Yes, as part of the NHL’s COVID-19 protocols, each team is assigned specific hotels to stay in while traveling for games.

Can fans access the hotel areas where NHL teams stay during road trips?

No, access to the areas where NHL teams stay is restricted to players, staff, and authorized personnel only.

Can fans still get autographs from NHL players despite the COVID-19 restrictions?

It may be more challenging due to the restrictions on player movement and fan access, but fans may still be able to get autographs in certain situations such as during pre-game warmups or at team practices.

Can fans stay in the same hotel as the NHL team during road trips?

While it is technically possible to stay in the same hotel as the NHL team, it is highly unlikely as the team’s accommodations are generally kept private and reserved solely for the team and authorized personnel.

Will the NHL continue to implement COVID-19 protocols for the upcoming season?

As of now, the NHL has announced that it will continue to monitor the situation and make decisions based on guidance from public health officials. It is likely that some COVID-19 protocols will remain in place for the upcoming season, but the specifics are yet to be determined.

Final Words

Hunting for NHL autographs can be an exciting and rewarding experience for fans. While it may require some effort and patience, the thrill of meeting your favorite players and obtaining their signatures can make it all worthwhile.

By using the suggestions and strategies outlined above, fans can increase their chances of success when searching for visiting NHL teams in hotels.

However, it’s important to remember to always be respectful of the players’ time and space, as well as any hotel policies or restrictions in place. With these considerations in mind, fans can enjoy the thrill of the hunt while staying safe and respectful.

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