Top 10 Best Women’s College Hockey Coaches of All Time

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10 Best Women's College Hockey Coaches of All Time

Within the illustrious world of women’s college hockey, coaches stand as architects of triumph, mentors shaping champions. 

In this exploration, we meticulously unveil the Top 10 Best Women’s College Hockey Coaches of All Time. From strategic masterminds to compassionate leaders, these coaches have left an indelible mark on the sport.

The criteria extend beyond victories, encompassing mentorship, player development, and a lasting impact on the game’s landscape. 

Join us in celebrating the trailblazers who transcended coaching excellence, forging legacies that extend beyond the rink and into the hearts of players and fans alike.

Top 10 Best Women’s College Hockey Coaches of All Time

Times pass and many hockey coaches appear. But it’s hard to forget the following Women’s College Hockey Coaches who are known to be the best of all time. Let’s learn about them properly:

1. Bill Mandigo

Bill Mandigo
  • Wins: 646
  • Losses: 168
  • Ties: 52
  • Win Pct: .776
  • Total Games: 866

Bill Mandigo, a coaching luminary, has left an indelible mark on women’s college hockey. His staggering record of 646 wins in 866 games speaks volumes about his coaching prowess. 

Mandigo, a strategic genius on the ice, not only excelled in developing individual skills but also fostered a culture of teamwork and resilience.

Mandigo’s coaching philosophy extends beyond the rink, emphasizing character development and academic excellence. His ability to inspire and mold young athletes into formidable competitors has made his teams perennial contenders. 

The .776 winning percentage reflects not only his tactical acumen but also his knack for instilling a winning mentality in his players.

2. Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson
  • Wins: 607
  • Losses: 116
  • Ties: 53
  • Win Pct: .816
  • Total Games: 776

Mark Johnson stands as a titan in women’s college hockey coaching, boasting an impressive record of 607 wins in 776 games. 

His teams consistently exhibit a blend of finesse, discipline, and strategic brilliance on the ice, attributes that have become synonymous with his coaching legacy.

Johnson’s .816 winning percentage is a testament to his commitment to excellence. His coaching transcends the game, focusing on nurturing not only exceptional athletes but also well-rounded individuals. 

A pioneer in the sport, Johnson’s impact extends far beyond wins and losses, influencing the landscape of women’s college hockey for generations to come.

3. Michael Sisti

Michael Sisti
  • Wins: 558
  • Losses: 229
  • Ties: 64
  • Win Pct: .693
  • Total Games: 851

Michael Sisti’s coaching journey in women’s college hockey has been marked by consistent success and a commitment to player development. With 558 wins in 851 games, Sisti has established himself as a respected figure in the coaching fraternity.

Sisti’s teams embody a tenacious spirit and a never-say-die attitude, characteristics instilled by their astute mentor. 

While his .693 winning percentage reflects a competitive edge, Sisti’s impact goes beyond the scoreboard. 

His ability to mentor and shape the next generation of athletes, coupled with a genuine passion for the sport, has solidified his place in the annals of women’s college hockey coaching.

4. Katey Stone

Katey Stone
  • Wins: 523 
  • Losses: 284 
  • Ties: 58 
  • Win Pct: .638 
  • Total Games: 865

Katey Stone, a trailblazing figure in women’s college hockey coaching, has amassed an impressive record of 523 wins, 284 losses, and 58 ties over 865 games, maintaining a solid .638 win percentage. 

As the head coach of Harvard’s women’s hockey team, Stone has not only achieved remarkable success on the scoreboard but has also left an indelible mark on the sport.

Stone’s coaching style is characterized by a perfect blend of strategic acumen and a deep commitment to player development. 

Her teams exhibit a disciplined yet creative approach on the ice, showcasing her ability to mold individual talents into a cohesive unit. 

Beyond the numbers, Stone is celebrated for fostering a culture of resilience and sportsmanship, instilling life skills in her players that extend far beyond the rink.

5. Mike Carroll

Mike Carroll
  • Wins: 499
  • Losses: 124 
  • Ties: 48 
  • Win Pct: .779 
  • Total Games: 671

Mike Carroll stands as a beacon of coaching excellence in women’s college hockey, boasting an extraordinary record of 499 wins, 124 losses, and 48 ties across 671 games, with an impressive win percentage of .779. 

Carroll’s coaching journey has been defined by a commitment to excellence, with a meticulous focus on both skill development and strategic gameplay.

Known for his innovative coaching methods and ability to adapt to evolving game dynamics, Carroll has consistently propelled his teams to success. 

His approach not only emphasizes on-ice performance but also places a strong emphasis on building a supportive and cohesive team culture. 

Under Carroll’s guidance, players thrive not just as athletes but as individuals equipped with the skills and mindset necessary for success beyond the hockey arena.

6. Brad Frost

Brad Frost
  • Wins: 485 
  • Losses: 101 
  • Ties: 40 
  • Win Pct: .807 
  • Total Games: 626

Brad Frost, a luminary in women’s college hockey coaching, commands a remarkable record of 485 wins, 101 losses, and 40 ties, boasting an exceptional .807 win percentage across 626 games. 

As the head coach of the University of Minnesota’s women’s hockey team, Frost has engineered a powerhouse program that consistently dominates on the national stage.

Frost’s coaching prowess is evident not only in the win column but also in the development of elite talent. His teams showcase a captivating blend of skill, strategy, and resilience, reflecting Frost’s emphasis on holistic player growth. 

Beyond the accolades, Frost is renowned for his commitment to fostering a positive team culture, creating an environment where athletes thrive both on and off the ice.

7. Kevin Houle

  • Wins: 483 
  • Losses: 57 
  •  Ties: 27 
  • Win Pct: .876 
  • Total Games: 567

Kevin Houle stands as a coaching giant in women’s college hockey, boasting an extraordinary record of 483 wins, 57 losses, and 27 ties, with an unparalleled .876 win percentage over 567 games. 

As the head coach of the Plattsburgh State Cardinals, Houle has established a dynasty marked by sustained excellence and dominance.

Houle’s coaching philosophy revolves around a relentless pursuit of perfection, with an emphasis on precision, teamwork, and a commitment to relentless effort. 

His teams consistently rank among the nation’s elite, and Houle’s ability to develop talent and create a winning culture has solidified his status as one of the most successful and respected coaches in women’s college hockey.

8. Joe Cranston

Joe Cranston
  • Wins: 471
  • Losses: 157
  • Ties: 46
  • Win Pct: .733
  • Total Games: 674

Joe Cranston stands as a stalwart in the realm of Women’s College Hockey coaching, having amassed an impressive record over 674 games. 

His coaching prowess is evident in a remarkable win percentage of .733. Cranston’s strategic acumen and leadership have not only translated into victories but also fostered a culture of excellence within his team. 

His 471 wins attest to a sustained commitment to success, while the 46 ties showcase his team’s resilience and ability to navigate challenging matchups. 

Cranston’s coaching journey is marked by a keen understanding of the game, an ability to adapt, and a knack for nurturing the talents of his players. 

As the eighth-ranked coach, his legacy extends beyond the numbers, leaving an indelible mark on the Women’s College Hockey landscape.

9. Dave Flint

  • Wins: 437
  • Losses: 172
  • Ties: 51
  • Win Pct: .701
  • Total Games: 660

Dave Flint’s coaching career in Women’s College Hockey is distinguished by a balance of success and consistency. With 437 wins over 660 games, Flint has guided his teams with a blend of strategic finesse and leadership. 

His impressive .701 win percentage underscores a commitment to excellence and a knack for developing winning programs. 

The 172 losses, while inevitable in the competitive landscape, are eclipsed by the resilience and determination instilled in his teams. Flint’s coaching style reflects adaptability and a keen understanding of the nuances of the game. 

As the ninth-ranked coach, his impact extends beyond the scoreboard, leaving an enduring legacy of competitiveness and sportsmanship in Women’s College Hockey.

10. Jeff Kampersal

Jeff Kampersal
  • Wins: 434
  • Losses: 334
  • Ties: 96
  • Win Pct: .558
  • Total Games: 864

Jeff Kampersal, ranked tenth among Women’s College Hockey coaches, embodies a coaching journey marked by endurance and perseverance. 

His 434 wins over 864 games reflect a dedication to the sport and a commitment to developing competitive teams. 

Kampersal’s coaching style, while yielding a .558 win percentage, showcases the ability to navigate the challenges inherent in a highly competitive landscape. 

The 334 losses and 96 ties are emblematic of a coach who has weathered the highs and lows, consistently refining his approach. Kampersal’s impact extends beyond the win-loss record, influencing the character and resilience of the players he mentors. 

As the tenth-ranked coach, his contribution to Women’s College Hockey is a testament to the enduring qualities of determination and passion.


Top 10 Best Women’s College Hockey Coaches determined?

Rankings consider coaching accomplishments, team success, and lasting impact on the sport. Coaches with sustained excellence, championship victories, and positive contributions to players’ development earn a place in the Top 10.

Is the emphasis solely on national championships?

While national titles are significant, the rankings assess a coach’s overall legacy. Consistent success, mentorship, and influence on the sport’s growth contribute to a coach’s standing in the Top 10.

Do recent coaching achievements carry more weight?

Rankings strike a balance, considering both historical contributions and recent successes. Coaches with enduring impact and recent accomplishments that enhance their legacy are recognized in the Top 10.

Can a coach’s influence beyond the rink impact rankings?

Absolutely. Coaches who contribute to players’ personal and academic development, foster a positive team culture, and advocate for the sport’s growth can enhance their standing in the Top 10.

How often are the rankings updated to reflect current coaching trends?

Rankings undergo periodic updates to incorporate recent coaching achievements, industry recognition, and evolving coaching landscapes. 

Regular assessments ensure the list remains a dynamic reflection of the best women’s college hockey coaches, both past and present.

Wrapping Up

As the final buzzer echoes through the annals of women’s college hockey, the Top 10 Best Coaches emerge as guiding lights, their legacies etched in the victories, mentorship, and profound impact on the sport. 

Beyond the championships, each coach’s influence resonates in the stories of empowered athletes and the growth of women’s hockey. 

This collection of coaching luminaries serves as a tribute to the architects of success, whose dedication and wisdom have sculpted not only champions but the very essence of women’s college hockey.

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