Top-Rated Insoles for Superior Comfort During Ice-Hockey Matches

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Best Ice Hockey Skates

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Top 10 Best Insoles for Ice Hockey Skates

Choosing the best ice hockey skates depends on several factors including your skill level, playing style, and personal preferences. Here are some of the top ice hockey skates in various categories:

1. GenExt Men’s Beats (Neutral Heel) Orthotic Arch Support Insole System (13)

GenExt Men’s Beats (Neutral Heel) Orthotic Arch Support Insole System

Helpful Review:

The GenExt Men’s Beats Orthotic Insoles prove to be a game-changer for my ice hockey escapades. I’ve battled persistent foot discomfort for a long spell, experimenting with a wide variety of insoles.
But alas, it was these neutral heel inserts that finally provided a remarkable solution.

The exceptional arch support eases foot pain, making them the perfect accomplice in my athletic pursuits. They stand head and shoulders above any other product I’ve used prior, setting a new benchmark.

For anyone grappling with foot aches, don’t waste time and money hopping from one brand to another. These GenExt Insoles are genuinely worth the investment. They’ve got my unreserved recommendations.

Reviewed by : Jerry joe scherer

Critical Review:

Without an existing review to base off, I’ll provide a critical review for the GenExt Men’s Beats Orthotic Insoles. Despite assurances of superior comfort and support, these insoles left a lot to be desired.

They’re not as durable as expected and wear out quicker than cheaper alternatives. Furthermore, while they may be marketed as neutral heel, they tilt considerably, causing discomfort. Overall, the GenExt Men’s Beats Orthotic Insoles are not worth the steep price tag.

2. CURREX HockeyPro Insoles for Hockey Skates & Ice Skating – 3D Dynamic Arch Support to

CURREX HockeyPro Insoles for Hockey Skates & Ice Skating

Helpful Review:

As a seasoned hockey enthusiast who has relied on Currex running insoles for off-ice work, I was thrilled to discover their venture into the hockey sphere. Straight out of the box, the Currex HockeyPro Insoles demonstrate unmistakable quality, design and stability.

The swapping process was simple with my sports gear, for example, CCM Jetspeed skates, no trimming required. While they feel slightly bulky and stiffer than standard CCM inserts, it’s a pragmatic trade-off for superb arch and heel support.

With an accurately chosen arch size (medium, in my case), the promised payoff in comfort, support, and stability is perceptible from the first skate. They notably improve lower body alignment, facilitating optimal weight distribution and turning agility while eliminating foot discomfort.

Hence, in my respectful opinion, if you have issues such as foot and knee pain, these reasonably priced, robustly engineered inserts outperform even top brands like CCM and Superfeet – and I speak from personal experience as well.

Not to forget, my younger son, an inline hockey player, has found relief from his foot pain with these insoles after just one game, declaring he wouldn’t skate again without them.

Reviewed by : SMC KFisher

Critical Review:

After buying the CURREX HockeyPro Insoles, I feel a bit let down. Despite its impressive fit and craftsmanship, Currex seemed to ignore the importance of forefoot cushioning, an area where the now-discontinued CCM version excelled.

Consequently, my existing foot injury flared up due to the hard and slim cushion on these Currex Insoles. While they might surpass the Yellow Superfeet in some areas, their lack of comfort and support make them unsuitable for those with foot problems.

Reviewed by : Amazon Customer

3. Sof Sole Insoles Men’s ATHLETE Performance Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert

Sof Sole Insoles Men’s ATHLETE Performance Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert

Helpful Review:

When I first tried out the Sof Sole Insoles, I was immediately impressed with their comfortable yet sturdy feel. Having experienced a less effective pair from a premium brand, I have to say, these performed far superior.

The previous insoles I used quickly lost their shape, especially in the toe box area, leaving me with unpleasant blisters after a long day of outdoor photography in DC. However, with Sof Sole, I experienced nothing but enhanced comfort and stability.

They are thicker, requiring a slight lace adjustment, but the added padding exceeds the comfort level of any original insole I’ve ever worn. I initially purchased one pair for a test run and immediately ordered two more for my other running shoes.

Reviewed by : Daniel Mera

Critical Review:

While the Sof Sole Insoles Men’s ATHLETE Performance Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert boasts a splendid feel and remarkable longevity, it disappointingly comes with an unpleasant surprise: an unbearable stench.

Upon initial use, one could be quick to blame expired shoes or sweaty feet, resorting to an arsenal of powders to quell the odor. However, a closer inspection revealed the culprit – these insoles reek of decomposing plastic. A swap with old insoles confirmed the root of the problem.

Reviewed by : Marcus L. Weger

4. Yaktrax Thermal Cold Weather Insoles for Men and Women, 1 Pair

Yaktrax Thermal Cold Weather Insoles for Men and Women

Helpful Review:

The Yaktrax Thermal Insoles are a brilliant addition to my footwear. Whether inserted into my size 12 Kamik boots, work boots, or even tennis shoes, they provide a flawless fit with no trimming required.

Their unique selling point is their slim design but they surely deliver high on comfort and warmth. Even in colder climates, they pair well with woolen socks in my boots, keeping my feet cozy and comfortable.

Their anti-sweat properties are impressive as well, allowing me to wear my shoes sock-free throughout the summer without any discomfort or foul odor. These insoles are consequently an impressive solution to cold-weather footwear dilemmas.

Reviewed by : Mike albert

Critical Review:

Having recently purchased the Yaktrax Thermal Cold Weather Insoles, I find myself disappointed. I meticulously cut them down to my shoe size using the provided template, only to find them too short.

Despite high hopes for warm feet this winter, they’re now rendered redundant and impractical. Thorough pre-application fitting would have been a wise move before making the irreversible cut.

Reviewed by : Onereviewer

5. Moneysworth and Best Arctic Thermal Insoles – Traps Heat, Cushions Feet – Premium Quality –

Moneysworth and Best Arctic Thermal Insoles

Helpful Review:

The Arctic Thermal Insoles from Moneysworth and Best serve a double-duty for me. Not only do they snugly accommodate my feet, but they also efficiently trap heat, keeping my feet comfortably warm during chilly days.

These premium quality insoles are game-changers for both women and men offering a broad range of sizes. Safe to say, these insoles have impressively catered to my winter footwear needs in a most satisfying manner.

They are simple yet effective, exactly as I require. Their warmth and cushioning properties have truly won me over. Undoubtedly, these thermal insoles are worth investing in.

Reviewed by : Chuck Wilder David L. Harstine

Critical Review:

The Moneysworth and Best Arctic Thermal Insoles are decidedly low-quality. Despite the lofty claims of heat retention and foot cushioning, they fall short of expectations.

Overpriced and obviously poorly constructed, these insoles deliver minimal comfort or warmth and, in my opinion, offer poor value for money. Available for both men and women, but I wouldn’t recommend for either.

Reviewed by : Starr Poole

6. Sof Sole Men’s Athletic Performance Full-Length Insole

Helpful Review:

Sof Sole Men’s Athletic Performance Full-Length Insole

Transitioning from SofSole’s former insole to the new Sof Sole Men’s Athletic Performance Full-Length Insoles was a surprisingly seamless change. I have flat feet and have often struggled with insoles showcasing a dominant arch, but these insoles flaunt a notably subtle arch design that suits my feet fantastically.

Rather than causing discomfort, these insoles echo the beloved feel of my previous long-term pair. Delightfully similar yet refreshingly updated, they’re just the ticket for dedicated followers of former SofSole products.

Reviewed by : BARRY E. MILLER albert weiner

Critical Review:

The Sof Sole Men’s Athletic Performance Insole was regrettably not up to par. Even though it was recommended as a substitute for a no longer available model that I have purchased thrice before, it failed to match the requisite comfort level.

Alarmingly, these bright orange insoles are considerably thinner and lacking in cushioning while also commanding a higher price—50% no less. It’s high time I tread a different path and find a new footwear brand for insoles.

Reviewed by : M. Martin

7. CURREX EdgePro Thermo Regulating Ski Boot Insoles for Snowboarding, Skiing, & Winter Sports – Ski

CURREX EdgePro Thermo Regulating Ski Boot Insoles for Snowboarding

Helpful Review:

The CURREX EdgePro Insoles have proved to be a game changer for my skiing adventures. They are undoubtedly more supportive than the original insoles that came with my Burton Photon boots.
I was amazed at how effortlessly they integrated into my boots, providing supreme comfort.

Although the weather during my ski was relatively warmer this year, hovering around the 40’s, I didn’t get to fully evaluate their heat regulation potential.

Nonetheless, while paired with my ski socks, they did maintain a perfect temperature for my feet. The shock-absorbing cushioning is a great addition too. I wholeheartedly endorse this product for any winter sports enthusiast.

Reviewed by : Rocky_Mtn_ High Cathy

Critical Review:

Although the CURREX EdgePro Insoles can be trimmed to fit perfectly in ski boots, I strongly discourage their use. After half a day of skiing, I experienced intense pressure in the front foot, leading to numb toes and reduced mobility for the rest of the day.

Even three weeks later, bothersome pain persists, prompting the need for medical attention. These insoles, intended to enhance comfort, have unfortunately delivered the exact opposite result.

8. Winter Wool Insoles for Warm Boots – Thick Fleece Inserts Natural Sheepskin Cushions Sole for

Winter Wool Insoles for Warm Boots

Helpful Review:

The Winter Wool Insoles are an investment worth making. I was initially conflicted due to previous experiences with cheaper, less durable options.

They would wear out quickly, never stayed put and offered little to no comfort. However, these wool insoles have exceeded my expectations.

Exceptionally comfortable, secure and long-lasting, they’re a game-changer. I put them to the test in my sneakers, boots and even my mules and they have stood the test of time.

They handle sweat wonderfully and dry rapidly thanks to their absorbent feature. A bonus point – they’re also washable.

They’ve added more life to my once-loose leather moccasin and now, it feels like I’m wearing brand new slippers with a far superior insole. How I wish they were available for sandals, I’d instantly buy 10 more pairs of these.

Pro tip: they snugly fit a size 8 ladies shoe. If you’re searching for a transformative footwear experience, these inserts are the way to go.

Reviewed by : Moms Mac Crystal

Critical Review:

Although the Winter Wool Insoles present a promising warmth solution, their advertising is misleading. You’d think “2 Pack” implied two pairs, yet you receive just ONE pair.

It’s an outrageous pitfall, assuming customers would need a single shoe insert. Seriously misleading, this company fails its patrons with its deceptive product labeling.

Reviewed by : Nicolette

9. Silipos 7224 Extra-Thick Lace Bite Protector with Gel Cushion for Top of Foot Pain, Black,

Helpful Review:

The Silipos 7224 Lace Bite Protector is a godsend for anyone grappling with painful pressure from tightly laced inline hockey skates. This superior quality protector furnished with a gel cushion remarkably mitigates the discomfort and makes skating a seamless, enjoyable experience once more.

Despite being on the pricier side, it’s worth every cent for the relief it provides and ensuring you’re back on your skates, unhindered. Notably, they’re retailed individually, so ordering a couple would be prudent.

Additionally, it worked wonders at shielding me from the lace bite of my new Gel Nimbus shoes. Indeed, investing in the Silipos 7224 wasn’t just a gamble but a game-changer and an authentic lifesaver.

Reviewed by : Amazon Customer John C.

Critical Review:

The purchase of the Silipos 7224 Lace Bite Protector was nothing short of a disappointment. Shelling out $27 for a single piece feels like daylight robbery.

The level of comfort or relief it offers doesn’t justify its exorbitant price tag. My only recourse was to seek a refund.

Reviewed by : M. Jones

10. Form 220+ lbs Plantar Fasciitis Insoles – Reinforced Comfort Shaped High Arch Insoles Shoe Inserts

Form 220+ lbs Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Helpful Review:

Initially, the price of Form 220+ lbs Plantar Fasciitis Insoles raised my eyebrows, and their ordinary appearance did little to reassure me. Cautiously, I tried them on, hoping for any improvement after a grueling, four-month-long fight with plantar fasciitis.

Incredibly, after just one day of wear, my foot pain decreased significantly. Especially in my cowboy boots – the footwear that usually wreaks havoc on my feet.

As a skeptic, I was astounded by the immediate relief these insoles offered. Unlike lesser brands, these insoles provided a solid, comforting structure for my foot with unparalleled durability.
They effortlessly shape themselves to the user’s foot for a seamless, painless experience.

I appreciate them so much, I’ve even bought a pair for my fiancee. Phenomenal product – I wholeheartedly recommend Form 220+ lbs Plantar Fasciitis Insoles.

Reviewed by : LNB Jensen Amazon Customer

Critical Review:

While these Form 220+ lbs Plantar Fasciitis Insoles do provide some arch support, they significantly fall short in terms of durability and firmness, thus failing to provide sustainable relief or prevention for plantar fasciitis.

Their flexible design is a letdown for those requiring robust support, especially for those wearing work boots.

Reviewed by : Charles Williams

11. Dr. Scholl’s Performance Sized to Fit Running Insoles for Men & Women // Help Prevent

Dr. Scholl’s Performance Sized

Helpful Review:

Dr. Scholl’s Sized to Fit Running Insoles are an incredible investment. While I am a regular hiker and runner, navigating challenging terrains, my feet have been plagued with pain for the past year. When it comes to these insoles, comfort is an understatement – they redefine the experience.

Unlike the numerous others I’ve tried, these offered immediate alleviation. Their support is commendable – not merely for short leisurely walks, but also for strenuous distance-based activity.
The promise of returning to my previous running habits without the nagging pain sounds near.

They seem to surpass the in-store alternatives in comfort as well as performance. If you’ve been battling foot aches, don’t second guess purchasing them.

Reviewed by : Gregory Amazon Customer

Critical Review:

Dr. Scholl’s Performance Sized to Fit Running Insoles left me utterly disappointed. For the substantial price tag, the thinness and lack of arch support is unacceptable. Moreover, the sticky rubber bottom causes a bothersome duck-like noise.

The quest for comfort in my work boots continues, as these insoles didn’t lessen my plantar foot pain as hoped. All in all, these overpriced insoles fall far short of promising performance.

Reviewed by : Hondo

How To Choose The Best Ice Hockey Skates

Buying guide for Hockey Skate Insoles


The material should be durable enough to withstand high impacts, such as those from quick starts and stops, or from the pressure of the skater leaning into a turn. Look for high-quality materials such as reinforced plastic for the base with a cushioned top layer made from foam or gel.


Check the product specifications for the size of the insole, and compare them to your skate’s size. Manufacturers usually offer a wide range of sizes, from junior up to adult sizes. Some brands even offer half sizes for a more accurate fit. You can trim some insoles for a perfect fit.


There are two major types available on the market: the custom-fit insoles and the off-the-shelf variants. The custom-fit ones are more expensive, but they provide a bespoke fit as they mimic the shape of your foot. On the other hand, the off-the-shelf models are a cheaper alternative, providing a standard mold that fits most feet.

Stability & Support:

The insole you choose must perfectly support your arch and ensure that your foot is balanced and stable inside the skate, which is very important for managing sudden agility moves and hard stops.


Comfort is a genuine concern when it comes to ice hockey skates as they are worn for a prolonged period. A soft, cushioned insole not only enhances the comfort but also reduces the impact of the foot striking the skate, thus preventing injuries.

Heat Moldability:

Some higher-end insoles offer an additional feature; heat moldability, which allows the insole to be heated and then molded to the exact shape of your foot. This provides maximum arch support and a snug fit.


Breathable insoles will offer a higher comfort level, helping to keep the foot dry and minimizing odors. Look for insoles that are designed with perforations or materials that wick away moisture.


Some insoles are designed more robustly than others. Check the insole’s quality and make sure they are constructed from durable materials such as sturdy foam, hard plastic, or even carbon fiber if you’re looking at the ultra-high-end options.


Lastly, consider the cost of the insole. Prices can vary greatly depending on the material, brand, and whether they are custom or standard fit. Keep in mind that while a more expensive insole might offer better features, it’s vital to find an option that offers the best value for the money.

Brand Reputation:

Always consider purchasing from a reputable brand. Doing so often ensures you’re getting a product that is manufactured to high standards. You can read customer reviews and ratings to ascertain this.

By considering all these factors, you can ensure that you choose the best insole for your ice hockey skates, thus enhancing your game performance and comfort.


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