Unveiling the Top Ice Hockey Sticks to Rule the Game in the Near Future

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Best Ice Hockey Skates

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Top 10 Best Ice Hockey Sticks in 2024

Choosing the best ice hockey stick for 2024 involves considering factors like your playing style, position, and personal preferences. Here are some of the top-rated ice hockey sticks in 2024, known for their performance, durability, and advanced features:

1. NERF FLEXPLAY Kids Hockey Stick and Ball Set – Indoor & Outdoor Street Hockey Set

Helpful Review:

My child revels in the joy of the NERF FLEXPLAY Hockey Set, a gift appreciated for its nimble design. Its soft ball doesn’t leave any unsightly marks on my walls, a blessing for any parent.

The stick, with its adjustable height, caters for kids of all ages, making it a popular choice for gifting among our friends.

While its robustness is admirable in its unextended state, a word of caution for those adventurous young ones engaged in high-intensity street games – the fully-extended stick’s plastic build may be at risk of breaking.

Nonetheless, it’s a starter set that blends the thrill of the game with the flexibility of indoor play.

Reviewed by : Bahram johari Jen

Critical Review:

Despite the immediate appeal of NERF FLEXPLAY Kids Hockey Stick and Ball Set’s apparent quality, it falls short of expectations. The lightweight attribute, while great for swift play, compromises the product’s durability.

Irrespective of the player’s skill level, the stick’s longevity is questionable, making the overall construction a disappointing facet of this otherwise promising indoor & outdoor street hockey set.

Reviewed by : Kitchen

2. Franklin Sports Mini Hockey Flex Stick and Ball Set – Play Knee Hockey Anytime, Anywhere

Franklin Sports Mini Hockey Flex Stick and Ball Set

Helpful Review:

The Franklin Sports Mini Hockey Set offers a charming gateway to the world of hockey – a perfect initiation for my little one who’s eager to emulate mom’s sporting passion. The compact size of the sticks is befitting for his small hands, although I was taken aback by how short they were.

This clearly sets the product up for youth instead of adults – a revelation that my 7-year-old grandson thoroughly enjoys. While due to their size, I may deter from a repurchase for adult usage, I’d absolutely endorse this set as a wonderful start for any child keen on hockey.

Reviewed by : lapoljo Jonah Rivers

Critical Review:

Purchased the Franklin Sports Mini Hockey Flex Stick and Ball Set for humorous knee hockey adventures with my young grandson. However, he seems more enchanted by Star Wars, often mistaking them for “light sabers.”

Despite his rigorous handling, the durability of these mini hockey sticks is commendable, albeit a tad heavy, which could cause potential hurt. While their lastingness is promising, re-directing his focus from intergalactic battles to knee-hockey might be a challenge.

Reviewed by : DJ

3. Franklin Sports Kids Ice Hockey Sticks – Ripper Junior + Youth Composite Hockey Sticks –

Franklin Sports Kids Ice Hockey Sticks

Helpful Review:

The Franklin Sports Kids Ice Hockey Sticks make for hours of fun street hockey sessions for our little sports enthusiasts. While we haven’t taken them to the rink for competitive games, the construction seems robust.

One quirky inconsistency we observed was a minor size discrepancy – the stick measured slightly shorter than some of its counterparts which advertize the same length. It gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘short stick’.

Just some playful numerical mystery to add to your game. Regardless, the textured grip provision is a noteworthy feature that not only enhances hold, but also the overall look of these hockey sticks.

The Ripper Junior Hockey Sticks are indeed a great investment for children’s recreational sport.

Reviewed by : Sparty Ms H

Critical Review:

The Franklin Sports Kids Ice Hockey Sticks may suffice for young initiates in hockey or the occasional lake shinny-game, but their quality is questionable for high-level play like AAA.

While these sticks make for acceptable practice tools, their simplicity and limited durability fall short for any more intense needs. The textured grip does add a nice touch, though.

Reviewed by : Dronedad

4. STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Hockey Stick

STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Hockey Stick

Helpful Review:

My order for the STX Surgeon RX3 arrived way ahead of time and it’s exactly as listed – not the RX3.1 pictured. The stick is undoubtedly remarkable in comparison to my old one and I find myself deliberating on getting an extra one.

Though I haven’t tested it on ice yet, the RX3 feels weightless, mimicking a sheet of paper’s lightness – a feature that truly stands out. It also strikingly lives up to its description and its unique lye is a welcome departure from other commonplace hockey sticks.

Reviewed by : MCinVA Mike MN

Critical Review:

Though the STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Hockey Stick shines in its lightweight build and impressive slapshot power, the stick fails to deliver an optimal flex, curve, and hand combination. Only after upgrading to a different version was I able to truly feel the puck.

Don’t settle for subpar, invest in the right flex from the start. Despite its shortcomings, its strength and convenience have secured my loyalty.

Reviewed by : Marco

5. Franklin Sports NHL Kids Street Hockey Stick Set – Includes (2) Youth Street Hockey Sticks

Franklin Sports NHL Kids Street Hockey Stick Set

Helpful Review:

Purchased this Franklin Sports Kids Street Hockey Set for my grandson’s birthday and the look on his face was priceless. The set is perfectly scaled to suit his young frame and the build quality is commendable.

The purchasing process was hassle-free, underlining an altogether satisfying shopping experience. A word of caution, though – this set is specifically designed for pre-tweens.

Even a 7-year old might find the sticks a tad short unless he’s on skates. This set is indeed a perfect initiation into the riveting world of hockey for the little ones.

Reviewed by : S. Garbacz M. Haverdink

Critical Review:

The Franklin Sports NHL Kids Street Hockey Stick Set may be light on your pocket but lacks the ruggedness necessary for an outdoors game. Whilst suitable for a preschooler’s indoor play, it fails to hold up to the rigor of larger, more aggressive children.

The set is simply not built to withstand high-energy play and can disappoint those looking for durability.

Reviewed by : Adam

6. Franklin Sports 36″ NHL Hockey Goal with 2 Sticks – Youth Hockey Goal and Stick

Franklin Sports 36″ NHL Hockey Goal with 2 Sticks

Helpful Review:

While you’ll need to use caution during setup due to the slightly fragile plastic, the Franklin Sports 36″ NHL Youth Goal and Stick set offers a good playing experience overall. A standout feature is the construction of the net, which exhibits robust craftsmanship.

Disappointingly, one of the stick blades did fracture unexpectedly after a minor drop. Despite this setback, the official NHL decoration and overall functionality makes this set a worthwhile purchase for young hockey enthusiasts.

The manufacturers should be contacted to remedy issues with the stick, thus securing a complete, reliable set for young thriving players.

Reviewed by : Erica Lovingood Micah Cunningham

Critical Review:

Despite being marketed toward discerning buyers, the Franklin Sports 36″ NHL Hockey Goal with 2 Sticks falls short of expected standards.

Although it visibly withstands daily use and harsh weather, a closer look reveals a stark deterioration in play, prompting scrutiny over its touted quality, relative to the price. A disappointing purchase for ardent NHL enthusiasts.

Reviewed by : Jennifer B

7. Winnwell Composite Ice Hockey Stick – Hockey Sticks for Inline & Ice Hockey Players, Ice

Winnwell Composite Ice Hockey Stick

Helpful Review:

Despite some delivery mix-ups, the Winnwell Composite Ice Hockey Stick stands out as a good intermediate level hockey stick for my son. The quality and pricing meet expectations, and the delivery was prompt.

However, the unintentional right-hand delivery, as opposed to the left-hand ordered, hindered my personal experience. Interestingly, I managed to find a lighter and more affordable stick elsewhere, creating slight hesitance in extending a hearty recommendation for this product.

Nonetheless, for any player at the intermediate or senior level, this stick can be a potential satisfactory pick.

Critical Review:

Though the Winnwell Composite Ice Hockey Stick promises exhilarating playtime on frosty ponds this winter, it fails to deliver an exceptional performance expected from such a renowned brand.

Loved by my son initially, it, unfortunately, fell short on fulfilling the needs of intermediate and senior ice hockey players. The quality is ordinary and incapable of withstanding rigorous use.

Reviewed by : JJ

8. Franklin Sports NHL Kids Hockey Stick & Ball Set, Soft Sport Technology, 24.5 in, for

Franklin Sports NHL Kids Hockey Stick & Ball Set

Helpful Review:

The Franklin Sports NHL Kids Hockey Stick & Ball Set is nothing short of an investment in boundless fun, and even more so, in your child’s budding inclination towards the world of hockey.

This isn’t the first time I’ve bought a stick from this brand, and with every purchase, I’ve grown fonder of them.

The soft sport technology they use assures that my hardwood floors remain unscathed and my little ones safe during their pretend sword-fights.

While the quality of the recent stick we bought seemed somehow compromised – it was a tad bit bulkier and the stitching a little loose at the base – it was still a charming addition to my 18-month-old’s playtime.

But I’ll reserve my judgement on its longevity until she outgrows it. Do consider this set for your future hockey champions.

Reviewed by : Nathan T Hakala sara g

Critical Review:

The Franklin Sports NHL Kids Hockey Stick & Ball Set may be great for indoor play, owing to its soft sport technology and scuff-free skills, but it fails on the durability front.

Despite its charm for a toddler with a passion for hockey, there’s a high chance that the thin plastic may not survive enthusiastic use. It’s certainly not the best option for a robust 2-year-old on a hockey high.

Reviewed by : Jen

9. Franklin Sports Ambush Street Hockey Stick – 46″, 52″, 58″

Franklin Sports Ambush Street Hockey Stick

Helpful Review:

The Franklin Sports Ambush Hockey Stick has proven to be a sturdy sports gear for my kid, who has been using it rigorously for three months without signs of damage.

The stick’s overall quality is commendable, though, the decals, not being directly printed, tend to scuff and peel away almost instantly, which slightly mars its visual appeal.

When it comes to delivery, despite promises of a swift 2-day delivery, be mindful that we experienced a one-week wait, testing our Halloween costume plans. So, if you need it urgently, allot extra time for potential delivery delays.

Reviewed by : nathan lackey Whose Juan

Critical Review:

The Franklin Sports Ambush Street Hockey Stick falls short in delivering a satisfactory performance. Despite being lightweight and durable, its comfort level in handling misses the mark.

As a seasoned hockey player, I expected more from it, particularly for its price point. I’m not inclined to recommend this to fellow players.

Reviewed by : A Guy

How To Choose The Best Ice Hockey Skates

Choosing the best ice hockey stick requires careful deliberation, as the utility of the stick significantly affects your gameplay on the rinks.

As we approach 2024, there might be new introductions in the market, but the basics on how to choose the best stick will remain the same. Here’s a detailed guide for making that decision:

Skill Level:

The first step in picking the right hockey stick is to assess your skill level. If you’re a beginner, opt for a stick that offers you maximum forgiveness. Intermediate and professional players can go for sticks that offer a higher level of precision and power.

Stick Length:

Pick the length according to your height and playing style. Shorter sticks offer more control and are good for dekes, while longer sticks work well for defense. If you’re unsure about the length, go for a longer stick, as you can always trim it down to suit your preference.


Stick flex refers to the amount of force needed to bend the stick. A lower number indicates a more flexible stick. If you’re new to ice hockey, opt for a higher flex (85-100) for a better slapshot.

Blade Curve & Lie:

These factors affect the puck’s trajectory and your stickhandling. A stick with a deep curve is great for lifted shots, while mild curves are for straight shots. In terms of lie, a higher lie number is suitable for upright skaters, whereas lower lie numbers work well for those who lean forward more.


Most sticks in 2024 will likely be made of carbon fiber composites for superior durability and performance. However, sticks with wooden blades or a foam core are still good options for a more traditional feel and lower cost.


The weight of the stick can affect your swing speed, maneuverability, and shot accuracy. Professional players often prefer lighter sticks for quicker, accurate shots.

Hand Orientation:

Sticks come in left and right orientations. Choose the one based on your dominant hand. If you’re a righty, go for a left-handed stick, so your right (dominant) hand is on top to offer better control.

Type of Stick:

You can opt for a one-piece stick (OPS), where the blade and shaft are a single unit, or a two-piece stick, which offers the flexibility of changing the blade. An OPS generally provides a better feel and performance, but it’s also more expensive.

Brand and Price:

Sticks from reputable brands like Bauer, CCM, Warrior, etc., typically offer superior quality. Determine your budget beforehand and try to get the best possible stick within your price range.

Remember that the perfect stick is subjective, and it should feel just right for you. Don’t hesitate to try out different sticks before making your final decision.


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