The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Ice Hockey Shooting Pad for Improved Performance

James Felix

Best Ice Hockey Shooting Pad

Looking to improve your hockey skills and master your shooting technique? Look no further than our comprehensive review of the Top 10 Best Ice Hockey Shooting Pads on the market.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, these innovative training tools will take your game to the next level.

Join us as we break down the features, performance, and overall value of each shooting pad to help you find the perfect fit for your training needs. Let’s hit the ice and elevate your game!

Top 10 Best Ice Hockey Shooting Pad

Choosing the best ice hockey shooting pad depends on factors like durability, surface quality, size, and additional features. Here are some top options that are highly regarded by players:

1. FORZA 6ft x 4ft Hockey Shooting Target | 5 Scoring Zones | Ultra Durable to

FORZA 6ft x 4ft Hockey Shooting Target

Helpful Review:

The FORZA Hockey Shooting Target is a game-changer. The 5 scoring zones make practice sessions engaging and challenging, perfect for honing accuracy skills.

Its durability ensures it can withstand intense training sessions, making it a long-lasting investment. Setting up and taking down is a breeze, allowing for more time on the ice.

This shooting target is exactly what any hockey player needs to elevate their game. Say goodbye to flimsy shooter tutors, and hello to precision and improvement with FORZA.

Reviewed by : mrllnfn Russ Ciesielski

Critical Review:

The FORZA hockey shooting target is a game-changer for improving accuracy. The 5 scoring zones challenge your skills and the ultra-durable material ensures long-lasting use.

Perfect for honing your skills at home or in the rink. Boost your accuracy with this top-notch target.
An essential tool for any hockey player looking to up their game.

2. STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3.1 Junior Shoulder Pad

STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3.1 Junior Shoulder Pad

Helpful Review:

“The Junior Surgeon RX3.1 Shoulder Pads by STX Ice Hockey are a game-changer for young players. The lightweight design provides excellent mobility while still offering superior protection.

These pads have a sleek, low-profile look that doesn’t sacrifice on coverage. The adjustable straps ensure a customizable fit for players of all sizes.

The ventilation system keeps players cool during intense games, reducing moisture build-up. The durability of these pads is top-notch, holding up to the toughest hits and slashes. Overall, the Surgeon RX3.1 Junior Shoulder Pads are a must-have for any young hockey player

Reviewed by : nan Brakemanbob

Critical Review:

The STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3.1 Junior Shoulder Pad is solid, but the head hole is tight. It takes some effort to put on and take off. Consider sizing up or have a smaller head for a better fit. Despite this, it offers good protection and mobility on the ice.

3. TRUE TEMPER Laxyard Backyard Lacrosse Kit, Set of 3 Lacrosse Short Sticks, 1 Ball, and

TRUE TEMPER Laxyard Backyard Lacrosse Kit

Helpful Review:

The TRUE TEMPER Laxyard Backyard Lacrosse Kit is a game-changer. The sticks have perfect pockets for precise passes and shots. What sets this kit apart is the portable mini goal – perfect for transforming any space into a lacrosse field. It’s like bringing the game to life wherever you go.

This set is my go-to for lawn or beach lax sessions, bringing back the nostalgic charm of playing in 2010. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, the Laxyard kit offers endless fun and excitement.

Reviewed by : Rizzo Nicholas Willmon

Critical Review:

The TRUE TEMPER Laxyard Backyard Lacrosse Kit is a disappointment. The net’s supporting poles quickly tear through the flimsy fabric, rendering it unusable after just a few days. The seams are weak and easily unravel, forcing us to resort to duct tape for repairs. This kit is overpriced for the subpar quality it delivers.

Reviewed by : steve friebert

4. Crown Sporting Goods Ice Hockey Pucks, Regulation Size – Vulcanized Rubber Hockey Puck with Grippy,

Crown Sporting Goods Ice Hockey Pucks

Helpful Review:

The Crown Sporting Goods Ice Hockey Pucks are a game-changer in my home gym. As a spacer for my rolling lift jack, these regulation-size vulcanized rubber pucks work like a charm, providing sturdy support and stability.

But beyond their original purpose, I’ve found these pucks to be incredibly versatile. Their grippy, textured walls make them perfect for a variety of exercises, adding an extra challenge to my workouts.

The 3″ diameter and 1″ thickness are ideal for grip strength exercises and balancing drills. At 166g, they are just heavy enough to make a difference without being cumbersome.

Whether you’re a hockey player looking to improve your skills or a fitness enthusiast looking for new equipment, the Crown Sporting Goods Ice Hockey Pucks are a must-have addition to your routine.

Reviewed by : John Ferro Daven

Critical Review:

Crown Sporting Goods Ice Hockey Pucks may not be ideal for tuning forks, but they deliver on the ice. The vulcanized rubber construction ensures durability and a grippy texture for optimal performance.

While not meant for musical instruments, these pucks are perfect for hockey training. The 3″ diameter and 1″ thickness provide a regulation size feel, making them a great addition to any player’s equipment collection.

Reviewed by : Jennifer H.

5. Franklin Sports Hockey Shooting Targets – NHL BLACK

Franklin Sports Hockey Shooting Targets

Helpful Review:

Franklin Sports Hockey Shooting Targets – NHL BLACK are not durable enough for intense puck shooting, as my teenage son quickly tore them apart. While they may hold up better against softer balls, they lack the durability needed for serious hockey practice.

The design is appealing and the targets are easy to install, but the material simply cannot withstand the force of repeated puck shots. For those looking to improve their shooting accuracy with pucks, I recommend investing in sturdier targets that can withstand the power of a hard shot.

Overall, these targets may be suitable for more casual or gentle play, but they are not up to the task for serious hockey practice sessions.

Reviewed by : Michael Zaken Moe

Critical Review:

Franklin Sports Hockey Shooting Targets – NHL BLACK are a frustrating waste of money. My son used them for only five minutes before they started falling apart.

Within a day, all four targets were damaged beyond repair. I reached out to the manufacturer weeks ago but received no response. Save yourself the disappointment and avoid this product at all costs.

Reviewed by : Zs.Vasne

6. Potent Hockey Training – Skate-able Synthetic Ice Tiles [10-Pack] – Premium Quality Dryland Flooring Tiles

Potent Hockey Training

Helpful Review:

Potent Hockey Training’s Skate-able Synthetic Ice Tiles are a fantastic addition to any aspiring hockey player’s training regimen. Setting them up was a breeze, although a few required some extra effort to snap together properly.

Once assembled, the tiles fit snugly without any gaps or bumps, providing a seamless surface for practicing on.

While I personally struggled to skate on them, my daughters had a blast gliding around. It’s a great way for them to hone their skills without leaving home.

Adding a second set expanded the space for more advanced training, allowing them to perfect different moves.

Indoor setup is recommended to avoid getting the tiles dirty, as they do shed a bit during use. The built-in lubricant can make surfaces slippery, so caution is advised.

Despite some minor cleanup, these tiles are a valuable tool for any hockey enthusiast looking to enhance their game. Ideal for garage or patio use, Potent Hockey Training’s tiles offer a convenient way to train anytime, anywhere.

Reviewed by : SC stephanie lorton

Critical Review:

Skate-able Synthetic Ice Tiles from Potent Hockey Training offer a unique dryland training experience. While they may not mimic real ice perfectly, they provide a new challenge for skaters looking to improve their skills off the rink.

The friction may be a bit much for smooth gliding, but with determination and practice, these tiles offer a fun and effective way to work on your basics. Don’t expect a perfect ice-like experience, but embrace the challenge and see improvements in your skating abilities.

Reviewed by : Nikki S.

7. NERF FLEXPLAY Kids Hockey Stick and Ball Set – Indoor & Outdoor Street Hockey Set

NERF FLEXPLAY Kids Hockey Stick and Ball Set

Helpful Review:

The NERF FLEXPLAY Kids Hockey Stick and Ball Set is a game-changer for young hockey enthusiasts.
The adjustable height stick caters to growing players, ensuring that it can be used for years to come.

The included street hockey ball is durable and perfect for both indoor and outdoor play.
What sets this set apart is the attention to detail in the construction – from the comfortable grip to the sturdy build, every aspect has been carefully considered.

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, this set is sure to elevate your game and provide hours of fun for the whole family. Get your hands on the NERF FLEXPLAY Kids Hockey Stick and Ball Set and experience the joy of street hockey like never before.

Reviewed by : Bahram johari Jen

Critical Review:

The NERF FLEXPLAY Hockey Stick and Ball Set is a mixed bag. While sturdy at its base height, extending the stick reveals its flimsy plastic construction.

Unfortunately, this fragility was exposed during rough street hockey play, leading to a breakage. While the set is versatile for indoor and outdoor use, durability is a concern. Consider this when deciding on purchasing for your young hockey enthusiasts.

Reviewed by : Kitchen

8. Kapler Ice Hockey Target Street Hockey Shooting Targets, Fit 72″ x 48″ Goal Hockey Targets

Kapler Ice Hockey Target Street Hockey Shooting Targets

Helpful Review:

The Kapler Ice Hockey Target is a game-changer for honing hockey skills. This target has transformed my child’s shot accuracy and power on the ice.

The durable material ensures it can withstand countless shots without tearing. The size fits perfectly on our goal, making practice sessions efficient and enjoyable.

Watching my child’s improvement has been truly rewarding. It’s a fantastic training tool that adds an element of fun to skill development.

The visual feedback from hitting the target boosts confidence and motivation. If you want to elevate your game, the Kapler Ice Hockey Target is a must-have. Give the gift of skill enhancement with this top-quality hockey target.

Reviewed by : EKL Kelly

Critical Review:

Kapler Ice Hockey Target is a must-have for any serious street hockey player. The durable material can withstand powerful shots, helping improve accuracy and precision.

The 72″ x 48″ size is perfect for practicing a variety of shooting techniques. However, the target can be a bit challenging to set up initially. Overall, Kapler Ice Hockey Target is a valuable tool for honing your hockey skills.

Reviewed by : Amazon Customer

9. SKLZ Universal Corner Shooting Targets for Lacrosse and Hockey Goals

SKLZ Universal Corner Shooting Targets for Lacrosse and Hockey Goals

Helpful Review:

The SKLZ Corner Shooting Targets for Lacrosse and Hockey Goals are truly top-notch. Their durability and ease of use make them a standout product. I have been using them regularly and have no complaints whatsoever.

They have truly elevated my training sessions, helping me improve my accuracy and technique. I would confidently recommend the SKLZ Corner Shooting Targets to anyone looking to enhance their skills in lacrosse or hockey. Don’t hesitate to invest in these targets – they are worth every penny.

Reviewed by : carol fava Paul- Wayne Mahlow

Critical Review:

SKLZ Corner Targets for Lacrosse and Hockey fall short due to flimsy rubber straps prone to breaking. Disappointingly, durability is an issue as the straps deteriorate quickly over time.

In my case, I had to resort to replacing them with nylon string. Regrettably, the manufacturer declined to provide replacement straps.

Despite the potential for enhancing shooting accuracy, the product’s quality hinders its overall value and longevity.

Reviewed by : Emmanuel E.

10. Trademark Innovations Ice Hockey Target Shooting Board for Pucks

Trademark Innovations Ice Hockey Target Shooting Board for Pucks

Helpful Review:

The Ice Hockey Target Shooting Board for Pucks from Trademark Innovations is a game-changer for my young hockey player. This durable pad is the perfect size for practicing shots and easily fits in our car for on-the-go training sessions.

Cleaning is a breeze, and the surface remains slick for consistent puck movement.
My child loves the challenge of aiming for the targets, improving accuracy and precision with each practice session.

I appreciate the quality construction and convenience this shooting board offers. Kudos to Trademark Innovations for creating a product that enhances our hockey training experience.
It’s a must-have for any aspiring young hockey player, and I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by : Ally Shay Conaty

Critical Review:

Trademark Innovations Ice Hockey Target Shooting Board for Pucks is a disappointment. Real pucks slide off, just like with a green biscuit.

It offers no real improvement for practicing shots. Stick to shooting on pavement instead.
This board is a waste of time and money. Don’t bother with it.

Reviewed by : John Grimes

11. Better Biscuit Shooter-3 Pack,Dark Green

Better Biscuit Shooter-3 Pack

Helpful Review:

The Better Biscuit Shooter-3 Pack in Dark Green is truly a game-changer. As a hockey player, I can attest to the significant improvement in my stick handling skills after using this product.

The pack comes in a sleek dark green color, adding a touch of style to my training sessions. The design is durable and long-lasting, ensuring that I can practice with confidence without worrying about wear and tear.

With three biscuits included, I can easily switch between them for a variety of drills. Overall, I highly recommend the Better Biscuit Shooter-3 Pack to any player looking to take their skills to the next level.

Reviewed by : liz m Karlie

Critical Review:

The Better Biscuit Shooter-3 Pack in Dark Green is a solid alternative to GB pucks. Initially priced at $20 for 3 pucks, the value was unbeatable.

Unfortunately, the recent price hike to $39.99 puts it on par with GB. While the quality is comparable, the cost may sway future purchases towards GB. Overall, a good product that needs to reconsider its pricing strategy to stay competitive.

12. Franklin Sports NHL Hockey Goalie Shooting Target – Hockey Goal Practice Target – Street Hockey

Franklin Sports NHL Hockey Goalie Shooting Target

Helpful Review:
Immersive Training with NHL Hockey Goalie Shooting Target: The NHL Hockey Goalie Shooting Target offers a realistic goalie graphic that truly elevates my training sessions. The high-quality graphic captures a genuine goaltender’s presence, enhancing the focus and intensity of my practice.

Adaptable for Varied Drills: This hockey goalie target is incredibly versatile, accommodating different types of shots including wrist shots and slap shots. It also allows me to target specific areas of the net, making it an essential tool for refining my accuracy and precision.

The target’s flexibility has helped me elevate my game and improve my overall performance on the ice.

Portable Practice Solution: The compact and portable design of this shooting target makes it easy to transport. Whether I’m at the rink or practicing in my backyard, I can easily set it up for a challenging goalie simulation.

Its portability makes it a convenient training companion for hockey players looking to enhance their skills on the go.

Reviewed by : Melissa Ferguson Richard Taylor

Critical Review:

Franklin Sports NHL Hockey Goalie Shooting Target is more for looks than practice. The velcro is a struggle to attach, especially on regulation goals.

After a brief warmup, the stitching falls apart with the impact of hockey pucks. It’s clear these targets weren’t designed by players familiar with the game’s intensity. Save your money and invest in a sturdier option for effective street hockey practice.

Reviewed by : Erik A.

13. Skate Anytime – Synthetic Ice for Hockey – Skateable Artificial Ice Tiles – Backyard Ice

Skate Anytime – Synthetic Ice for Hockey

Helpful Review:

Skate Anytime is a game-changer for hockey enthusiasts. The installation was a breeze, and the quality exceeded my expectations. Watching my kids hone their skills on this synthetic ice has been a joy.

Not only is it a convenient way to practice at home, but it also provides endless entertainment.
I’m impressed by the durability so far, considering the amount of use it’s getting.

If you’re looking to take your game to the next level or simply enjoy some fun family time on the “backyard ice rink”, Skate Anytime is the way to go.

Reviewed by : Alyssa COVID Hockey

Critical Review:

Skate Anytime disappoints with its miniature dimensions. Hardly worth the investment. Disappointing size; it’s almost a tease. Don’t be fooled by its compactness; you won’t get the real experience.

Reviewed by : Gurgen Dulyan

14. Get Out! Hockey Shooting Pad Ice Hockey Training Equipment – Synthetic Ice for Hockey Stick

Get Out! Hockey Shooting Pad Ice Hockey Training Equipment

Helpful Review:

Get Out. Hockey Shooting Pad is a game-changer for my family of avid hockey players.
With three players practicing up to 100 shots a day, durability is key. This pad is impressively smooth, and a bit of silicone gel transforms it into a slick surface akin to real ice.

Unlike other pads we’ve tried, this one lays perfectly flat without any annoying bends or bumps. After a month of heavy use, it’s still going strong without any signs of wear and tear.

We’ve had our fair share of shooting pads that couldn’t handle the intensity of slap shots, but Get Out. has proven to be sturdy and reliable. A must-have for any serious hockey player looking to up their game.

Reviewed by : Flyover Chris Jake Hemmah

Critical Review:

The Get Out. Hockey Shooting Pad is a disappointment. Arrived damaged, and replacement took too long. Performance isn’t affected much, but rubber pucks don’t glide well. Not ideal for serious hockey training.

Reviewed by : Amazon Customer

15. Swing Sports Hockey Pucks Bulk Set – 25pk 3x1in Rubber 6oz Black Hockey Biscuits for

Swing Sports Hockey Pucks Bulk Set

Helpful Review:

As a hockey coach, I am always on the lookout for quality training equipment for my team. The Swing Sports Hockey Pucks Bulk Set has been a game-changer for our practices.

The 25-pack of 3x1in rubber pucks is perfect for drills and scrimmage games. The weight and size mimic real game pucks, allowing players to improve their stickhandling and shooting skills effectively.

The durable construction ensures these hockey biscuits can withstand countless slap shots and passes without losing their shape. Plus, the classic black color makes them easy to spot on the ice. Overall, this bulk set is a great investment for any hockey team looking to up their training game.

Critical Review:

Swing Sports Hockey Pucks Bulk Set exceeds expectations. With a surprise 30 pucks instead of 25, you’re getting extra value.

While the heavy burnt rubber smell may linger, these 3x1in 6oz black hockey biscuits are perfect for practice and training.

Despite the slightly lighter weight of 5.8 oz, these pucks are durable and great for honing your skills on the ice. No country of origin listed, but these pucks deliver quality performance.

Reviewed by : Luna_ Blue

How To Choose The Best Best Ice Hockey Shooting Pad

Ice hockey shooting pads are essential training tools for players who want to work on their shooting and stickhandling skills.

Choosing the best ice hockey shooting pad can make a big difference in your training routine. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing an ice hockey shooting pad:


Ice hockey shooting pads come in various sizes, so it’s important to choose one that fits your needs. Larger shooting pads provide more surface area to practice on, but they can be heavier and more difficult to transport.

Smaller shooting pads are more portable but may not offer as much practice space. Consider how much space you have available for training and choose a shooting pad that fits your needs.


Ice hockey shooting pads are typically made from high-density plastics or synthetic materials. High-quality materials are important to ensure the shooting pad is durable and can withstand regular use.

Look for shooting pads that are thick and have a smooth surface to mimic the feel of ice and pucks gliding smoothly.


Since shooting pads endure a lot of wear and tear from constant use, it’s essential to choose a durable shooting pad that will last a long time.

Look for shooting pads that are made from heavy-duty materials and are resistant to cracks, chips, and warping. A high-quality shooting pad will maintain its shape and surface integrity even after prolonged use.


If you plan to practice your shooting skills at different locations, consider a shooting pad that is lightweight and easy to transport.

Some shooting pads come with built-in handles or carrying straps for easy portability. Additionally, look for shooting pads that are easy to clean and maintain, so you can keep them in top condition wherever you go.


Ice hockey shooting pads can vary in price, so it’s important to set a budget and choose a shooting pad that offers the best value for your money.

Higher-priced shooting pads may offer more features and durability, but there are also budget-friendly options available that provide good quality for less. Consider your needs and budget when making your decision.

Additional Features:

Some ice hockey shooting pads come with additional features such as rebounders, target holes, or shooting pads with different surfaces for stickhandling practice. Consider what features are important to you and choose a shooting pad that suits your training goals and preferences.

Choosing the best ice hockey shooting pad involves considering factors such as size, material, durability, portability, price, and additional features.

By selecting a shooting pad that meets your needs and preferences, you can enhance your training experience and improve your shooting and stickhandling skills on and off the ice.


After reviewing the top 10 best ice hockey shooting pads, it is clear that these products offer a high level of quality and performance for hockey players looking to improve their shooting skills.

The shooting pads vary in size, material, and durability, providing options for players of all levels. The Sniper’s Edge shooting pad stands out for its premium quality construction and smooth surface, making it ideal for intense practice sessions.

Overall, investing in a high-quality shooting pad can greatly benefit players in enhancing their shooting accuracy and power on the ice.

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