Why Do Fans Hate Corey Perry So Much? Exploring the Polarizing Fan Sentiment

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Fans Hate Corey Perry So Much

Corey Perry, a prominent figure in professional ice hockey, has elicited strong emotions among fans, with a notable faction expressing a distinct dislike for the player.

While adoration and admiration are commonplace in the sports world, Perry’s polarizing reputation stems from a combination of factors.

His aggressive playing style, characterized by physicality and a penchant for agitation, has fueled a divisive perception.

Incidents of questionable on-ice behavior, suspensions, and clashes with opponents have contributed to a narrative that has, for some fans, overshadowed his on-ice prowess.

Understanding the reasons behind the animosity requires delving into the nuances of fan loyalties, perceptions of sportsmanship, and the dynamics of professional hockey.

Who Is Corey Perry?

Corey Perry is a Canadian professional ice hockey player renowned for his prolific career in the National Hockey League (NHL). Born on May 16, 1985, in Peterborough, Ontario, Perry has established himself as a dynamic forward with a scoring touch and a penchant for physical play.

Notably, he spent the majority of his career with the Anaheim Ducks, contributing significantly to their success, including a Stanley Cup championship in 2007.

Perry, recognized for his agitating style, has also played for teams such as the Dallas Stars and Montreal Canadiens.

His accomplishments include a Hart Trophy as the league’s MVP (2011) and a gold medal with Team Canada at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Why Do Fans Hate Corey Perry So Much?

Corey Perry has been a polarizing figure in the NHL, and there are several reasons why some fans dislike him. It’s important to note that opinions about players can be subjective, and not all fans share the same sentiments.

Here are the reasons why some fans may have harbored negative feelings towards Corey Perry:

Playing Style

Perry has been known for his aggressive and physical style of play. He is not afraid to engage in confrontations, and his style can sometimes be perceived as overly aggressive or even dirty.

Fans of opposing teams may dislike Perry for his on-ice behavior, which can include actions like late hits or scrums after the whistle.

Agitator Role

Perry has earned a reputation as an agitator, often getting under the skin of opponents. While this is a valuable skill in hockey, it can also make him a target for fans who don’t appreciate players who engage in trash talk or pestering tactics.

Incidents and Suspensions

Incidents and Suspensions

Perry has faced disciplinary action from the NHL for various incidents during his career, including suspensions for illegal hits. Fans may dislike him for what they perceive as a lack of sportsmanship or for putting his team at a disadvantage by being suspended.

Success Against Rival Teams

When Perry has had significant success against a particular team or has been a thorn in the side of a rival, fans of that team may develop a dislike for him.

Success on the ice, especially when it comes at the expense of a fan’s favorite team, can contribute to negative feelings.

Diverging Loyalties

Perry has played for the Anaheim Ducks and several other teams. When players switch teams, loyalty can become a sensitive issue for fans.

Those who once supported Perry when he played for their team may turn against him when he joins a rival or competing team.

Chirping and Trash Talk

Perry is known for being vocal on the ice, engaging in chirping and trash talk with opponents.

While this is a common aspect of the game, some fans may not appreciate the way Perry communicates with other players, viewing it as unsportsmanlike or disrespectful.

Perceived Dive or Embellishment

Perry has been accused of embellishing or diving on certain occasions, drawing penalties by exaggerating the impact of a hit.

Fans who believe that Perry engages in theatrics to manipulate referees may develop a dislike for him, considering such actions as undermining the integrity of the game.

Big Moments Against Opponents

When Perry has had memorable and impactful moments against a particular team, especially in crucial situations like playoffs, fans of that team may associate negative emotions with him.

Scoring key goals or making pivotal plays against a fan’s favorite team can create lasting resentment.

Off-Ice Incidents or Comments

Public statements or off-ice incidents can influence fans’ opinions of a player.

When Corey Perry has been involved in controversies, made comments that fans find objectionable, or been part of off-ice incidents that garnered negative attention, it could contribute to a negative perception.

What Are Some of the Most Notorious Incidents Involving Corey Perry?

What Are Some of the Most Notorious Incidents Involving Corey Perry?

Corey Perry has been involved in several notorious incidents during his hockey career. Keep in mind that additional incidents may have occurred since then.

Here are a few notable incidents:

2017 Suspension for Elbowing

In 2017, Perry was suspended for four games for elbowing Nashville Predators defenseman Alexei Emelin. The hit was deemed dangerous and resulted in Perry facing disciplinary action.

2013 Hit on Jason Zucker

During the 2013 playoffs, Perry delivered a late hit on Minnesota Wild forward Jason Zucker. The hit resulted in Perry receiving a four-game suspension, and the incident fueled animosity towards him.

2011 Hit on Claude Giroux

Perry received an eight-game suspension in 2011 for a hit on Philadelphia Flyers forward Claude Giroux. The suspension was a result of a late and targeted hit.

Agitating Opponents

Perry is known for his agitating style of play, engaging in scrums, trash talk, and physical confrontations.

While not a specific incident, his overall reputation as an agitator has contributed to his polarizing image.

Fine for Diving/Embellishment

Perry has been fined by the NHL for diving and embellishment, indicating a league response to what some perceive as theatrical actions on the ice to draw penalties.

How Perry’s Style Might Be Interpreted Differently by Fans?

Corey Perry’s playing style can be interpreted differently by fans based on various factors, including team loyalties, personal preferences, and perspectives on the game.

Here are the ways his style might be perceived differently:

Team Loyalties

Team Loyalties

Fans of teams for which Perry has played may appreciate his aggressive and physical style, seeing it as a key element that contributes to victories.

On the other hand, fans of opposing teams may view the same style as overly aggressive, dirty, or unsportsmanlike.

Agitator vs. Pest

Some fans may enjoy Perry’s role as an agitator, appreciating his ability to get under the skin of opponents and disrupt their gameplay. However, fans of teams on the receiving end may perceive him as a pest, causing frustration and annoyance.

Competitive Edge vs. Unfair Play

Perry’s competitive nature and willingness to engage physically might be seen by some as a positive attribute, reflecting a desire to win at all costs.

Others may view his actions as crossing the line into unfair play, especially in instances where he has been involved in suspensions for hits or other incidents.

Leadership Qualities vs. Negative Influence

Perry’s on-ice intensity and experience can be seen as leadership qualities, inspiring teammates and setting a competitive tone.

However, some fans may interpret his behavior as a negative influence, especially if it leads to penalties or suspensions that could impact the team negatively.

Entertainment Value vs. Distaste

Fans who enjoy the physical aspect of hockey may find Perry’s style entertaining, adding excitement to the game.

On the contrary, those who prioritize a cleaner, sportsmanlike style may express distaste for what they perceive as excessive aggression or questionable tactics.

Clutch Performer vs. Opportunistic Player

Some fans might see Perry as a clutch performer, praising his ability to score crucial goals in key moments of games.

On the other hand, critics might view him as opportunistic, capitalizing on opponents’ mistakes rather than creating scoring chances independently.

Physicality as a Deterrent vs. Recklessness

Supporters may appreciate Perry’s physicality as a means of deterring opponents and creating space for himself and his teammates.

However, detractors might perceive this physicality as reckless, risking penalties and potential suspensions that could harm the team.

Versatile Skill Set vs. One-Dimensional Play

Fans who appreciate Perry’s versatility, including his scoring ability and physical presence, may see him as a well-rounded player.

Others might argue that his playing style is one-dimensional, focusing more on physicality than finesse.

Veteran Savvy vs. Gamesmanship

Perry’s experience and savvy on the ice can be seen positively by some fans, as he uses his knowledge to gain advantages.

Conversely, critics might label his actions as gamesmanship, implying a manipulation of rules and referees to gain an edge.


Why do some hockey fans dislike Corey Perry?

Fans may dislike Corey Perry for his aggressive playing style, perceived dirty play, and his reputation as an agitator on the ice.

Has Corey Perry been suspended, and does that contribute to fan animosity?

Yes, Perry has faced suspensions during his career for various incidents, leading some fans to view him negatively due to concerns about his on-ice behavior.

Do rivalries play a role in fans disliking Corey Perry?

Certainly, Perry’s success against rival teams and his tendency to be a key player in intense matchups can contribute to fans disliking him, especially if he’s been a thorn in the side of their favorite team.

Are off-ice incidents a factor in fans’ negative perceptions of Corey Perry?

Yes, off-ice incidents, controversial statements, or behaviors that fans find objectionable can influence their opinions of Corey Perry beyond his on-ice performance.

Is Corey Perry known for trash talk and chirping?

Yes, Perry is known for being vocal on the ice, and engaging in trash talk with opponents.

To Recap

Corey Perry’s polarizing presence in the hockey world stems from a combination of factors. His aggressive playing style, penchant for agitating opponents, and on-ice incidents have contributed to a divisive reputation.

Fans of rival teams may resent Perry for his impactful performances against their favorites, while his suspensions and occasional controversial behavior have added to the negative sentiment.

Hockey enthusiasts’ dislike for Perry is multifaceted, reflecting the intricate blend of on-ice dynamics, personal loyalties, and perceptions of sportsmanship.

Ultimately, the animosity towards Corey Perry showcases the subjective nature of fan opinions in the passionate and competitive realm of professional hockey.

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