Why Puring Golf Shafts Can Revolutionize Your Game: Benefits and Considerations

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puring golf shafts

Ever wondered why some golfers seem to hit straighter, more consistent shots? The secret might lie in a process called PUREing. This advanced technique aligns the golf shaft in its optimal position, maximizing performance and consistency.

While it’s not a magic bullet, PUREing can make a noticeable difference, especially for those looking to fine-tune their game.

Golfers often debate whether PUREing is most beneficial for drivers or putters, but the truth is, it can enhance any club in the bag.

By eliminating inconsistencies in the shaft, players can achieve a more reliable swing and better overall performance.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a serious competitor, understanding the benefits of PUREing could be your next step toward a lower handicap.

Understanding Puring Golf Shafts

Understanding golf shafts is crucial for optimizing your game. A golf shaft is the long, tapered tube that connects the golfer’s hands to the clubhead.

It’s responsible for transferring energy from the golfer’s swing to the clubhead, ultimately affecting factors like distance, accuracy, and feel.

What Is Shaft Puring?

Puring, also known as SST PUREing, is a process that analyzes a golf shaft to identify and correct structural inconsistencies.

During manufacturing, even minor irregularities in straightness, roundness, and stiffness can affect a shaft’s performance.

The SST PUREing process uses a machine to pinpoint these imperfections and determine the optimal plane of oscillation, aligning the shaft in its most stable orientation when attached to a club head.

By addressing these inconsistencies, puring enhances the accuracy and consistency of golf shots, enabling players to achieve better control and distance.

Many professional golfers and serious amateurs opt for SST PUREing to gain a competitive edge on the course. This process ultimately leads to more predictable shot outcomes, improving overall game performance.

The Importance of Puring in Golf

Consistency in swinging leads to better performance, and puring aids this by minimizing shaft irregularities. Structural imperfections in a golf shaft make it difficult for players to achieve consistent swings.

By ensuring that the stiffest part of the shaft faces the target, puring reduces variation and offers a more reliable performance.

Though effects may vary among golfers, puring can substantially improve swing reliability and overall game quality, making it a worthwhile consideration for players dedicated to refining their skills.

Moreover, this process can help in optimizing ball flight and distance control, providing an edge in competitive play. Investing in puring can be an essential step for serious golfers seeking consistency and excellence in their game.

The Process of Puring Shafts

The process of Puring shafts involves several steps to ensure that the golf club performs consistently shot after shot.

Here’s a general outline of how it’s typically done:

How Puring Enhances Shaft Performance

Puring aims to optimize a golf shaft’s performance by identifying and correcting structural inconsistencies.

Golf clubs with pured shafts experience fewer bends and twists during swings, which enhances accuracy. The process identifies irregularities that cause the shaft to bend and twist excessively.

By aligning the shaft’s most stable position, puring minimizes these irregularities and enhances the shot’s consistency. This optimization leads to more reliable performance and can help golfers improve their game.

Initial Assessment

A computerized machine begins by analyzing the golf shaft. It identifies any deviations in straightness, roundness, and stiffness through a series of algorithms and mathematical formulas.

Identification of Irregularities

The machine detects areas that cause the shaft to bend and twist out of line during the swing, pinpointing specific inconsistencies affecting performance.

Alignment Process

The machine adjusts the shaft to its most stable orientation. This involves positioning the stiffest part of the shaft to face the target, minimizing variability during swings.


After the alignment, the shaft undergoes a final check to ensure it meets the precise standards set by the puring process. Any remaining inconsistencies are addressed to guarantee optimal performance.


The pured shaft is then assembled into a golf club, ready for use. This final product offers enhanced consistency, helping golfers achieve more dependable shots.

Benefits of Puring Golf Shafts

Puring golf shafts can offer several potential benefits to golfers looking to optimize their equipment and improve their performance on the course.

Here are some of the key advantages:

Accuracy and Consistency Improvements

Puring golf shafts enhances shot accuracy and consistency by minimizing structural inconsistencies.

Clubs with pured shafts produced more distance and less dispersion than identical clubs without pured shafts, according to tests at Golf Laboratories, an independent testing facility.

By aligning the shaft in its most stable orientation, players achieve a more consistent ball flight. The reduction in torque allows the body to swing more effortlessly, resulting in cleaner impact and softer feel.

This leads to fewer missed shots and more predictable results, contributing to overall performance improvement.

How Puring Affects Golf Club Longevity?

Puring positively impacts golf club longevity by reducing the stress experienced by the shaft during play. When shafts are aligned in their most stable configuration, they undergo less strain.

This optimized alignment prevents premature wear and extends the life of the clubs. Furthermore, clubs with pured shafts maintain their performance characteristics longer, leading to better value over time.

With consistent play, golfers notice fewer signs of wear and tear, acknowledging the long-term benefits that puring offers in preserving their equipment quality.

Considerations Before Puring Your Shafts

Before deciding to Puring your golf shafts, there are several important considerations to keep in mind:

Cost Analysis

Puring golf shafts involves an additional expense over and above the cost of the shafts themselves. At some fitting centers, there is a $30 per shaft upcharge for the PUREing process.

This cost can add up quickly, especially if you’re outfitting an entire set of clubs. While some clubs may include PUREing as part of their package, especially with driver shafts, it’s important to evaluate whether the potential benefits justify the added expense.

If PUREing doesn’t significantly impact your game, this cost could outweigh the advantages, making it a less practical investment.

Identifying the Need for Puring Your Golf Shafts

Before deciding to PURE your shafts, it’s essential to determine if this process is necessary for your game. Results from testing PUREd versus non-PUREd shafts are mixed.

Some players notice improvements in consistency and accuracy, while others see little to no difference. It’s difficult to confirm performance changes without hitting with and without PUREd shafts under controlled conditions.

The need for PUREing largely depends on individual playing styles and preferences. If performance enhancements are a priority and you have noticed inconsistencies, PUREing might be beneficial.

However, if the differences are negligible and largely unnoticeable during play, the process may not be essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PUREing in golf?

PUREing is a process that aligns golf shafts to minimize inconsistencies, enhancing performance and shot consistency. It uses advanced technology to find the most stable orientation for the shaft, leading to better accuracy and predictability in your game.

How does PUREing improve my golf performance?

PUREing helps by aligning the shaft in its most stable position, which reduces vibrations and structural inconsistencies. This leads to improved shot consistency, increased accuracy, and a more predictable ball flight, ultimately enhancing overall game performance.

Is PUREing worth the cost?

The value of PUREing varies per golfer. Some experience significant performance improvements, making the cost worthwhile. Others may not notice substantial changes. It’s essential to evaluate the potential benefits based on your individual performance before making a decision.

Will PUREing extend the life of my golf clubs?

Yes, by aligning the shafts in their most stable orientation, PUREing reduces stress and vibrations during play, which can help extend the lifespan of your golf clubs.

Should I PURE all the shafts in my golf bag?

PUREing can be applied to all the shafts in your golf bag, but it’s often recommended to start with your most frequently used clubs.


PUREing golf shafts can offer significant advantages for players seeking improved accuracy and consistency. By aligning shafts in their most stable orientation, golfers may experience better shot performance and extended club life.

However it’s essential to weigh the benefits against the additional costs and consider individual performance outcomes. While some golfers see marked improvements others may not notice a substantial difference.

Evaluating personal needs and testing results will help determine if PUREing is a worthwhile investment for enhancing one’s game.

The process should also be carried out by a professional to ensure optimal results. Research and reviews from experienced players can provide further insights, helping golfers make an informed decision.

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