PGA Tour Attire Guide: What to Wear for a Comfortable and Stylish Experience

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When attending a PGA TOUR event, understanding the dress code can enhance your experience and ensure you blend in with the crowd.

While the tournament’s focus is on the thrilling golf action, your attire plays a crucial role in maintaining the event’s decorum and comfort.

You’ll want to dress smartly yet comfortably. Think collared shirts, khakis, and sensible shoes for navigating the course.

Remember, it’s not just about looking good; it’s about being prepared for a day outdoors, so consider the weather and pack accordingly. By adhering to these guidelines, you’ll enjoy the tournament without any wardrobe worries.

Essential PGA Tour Attire Guidelines

When attending a PGA Tour event, it’s important to dress appropriately.

Here are some essential attire guidelines to keep in mind:

Outfit Choices for Competitors

Competitors must adhere to a strict dress code that upholds the decorum of the PGA TOUR. Players should wear collared shirts, with sleeves, and tucked in at all times.

Acceptable options include polo shirts made of breathable fabrics. Pants or tailored shorts in neutral colors, such as khaki or navy, ensure a professional appearance.

Denim, cargo shorts, and gym attire are not suitable. Golf shoes with soft spikes help maintain the greens. Caps or visors may be worn with the brim facing forward.

Attire Tips for Spectators

Spectators should dress smartly yet comfortably to enjoy the event fully. Collared shirts, like polo or golf shirts, are recommended.

Pair shirts with khakis, tailored shorts, or golf skirts to maintain a semi-formal look. Comfortable shoes, such as sneakers or loafers, are ideal due to the extensive walking.

Hats and sunglasses offer protection from the sun. It’s advisable to check the weather forecast and dress in layers, enabling adjustments throughout the day.

Bringing a light jacket or sweater can also be useful for unexpected weather changes. Avoid bringing oversized bags as they may not be permitted.

Dressing for The Weather at PGA Events

Dressing appropriately for the weather is crucial when attending a PGA Tour event, as you’ll likely be spending a considerable amount of time outdoors.

Here are some tips for dressing for various weather conditions:

Hot Weather Attire

Lightweight, breathable fabrics work best in hot weather. Opt for moisture-wicking polos, which keep sweat at bay, and shorts in light colors to reflect sunlight.

Wide-brimmed hats provide shade and sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays. Apply sunscreen on exposed skin to avoid sunburn.

Comfortable walking shoes ensure your feet stay cool and supported throughout the day. In cooler conditions, layering becomes essential.

Start with a thermal base layer, add a golf sweater or vest, and top with a windbreaker or waterproof jacket for unpredictable weather. Ensure your clothing allows movement for your swing.

Rainy Weather Outfits

Water-resistant clothing is essential for rainy days. A lightweight, waterproof jacket keeps you dry without adding bulk. Quick-drying pants or shorts paired with waterproof shoes prevent discomfort.

Carry a compact, wind-resistant umbrella for extra protection. Avoid cotton as it retains moisture and gets heavy when wet.

Opt for moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester or nylon to stay comfortable. Layering is key; a breathable base layer helps manage sweat, while a mid-layer provides warmth.

Accessories like a wide-brim hat and UV-protective sunglasses are crucial for sunny tournaments, ensuring you’re protected from the elements without sacrificing performance.

Cold Weather Recommendations

Layered clothing helps you stay warm when temperatures drop. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer to manage sweat.

Add an insulating mid-layer like a fleece jacket for warmth and top it with a windproof, water-resistant outer layer. Wear thermal pants under your regular pants for additional warmth.

Gloves, a beanie, and a scarf provide further insulation and comfort. Layered clothing helps you stay warm when temperatures drop. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer to manage sweat.

Add an insulating mid-layer like a fleece jacket for warmth and top it with a windproof, water-resistant outer layer. Wear thermal pants under your regular pants for additional warmth.

What to Bring to a PGA Tour Event

Attending a PGA Tour event can be an exhilarating experience.

Here’s a checklist of things you might want to bring:

Necessary Items for Comfort and Enjoyment

Staying comfortable and enjoying a PGA Tour event involves careful planning. Essential items can make your experience more enjoyable.

  • Weather-Appropriate Clothing: For sunny days, choose lightweight, breathable fabrics with moisture-wicking properties. Don’t forget sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunscreen, SPF 30 or higher.On rainy days, pack water-resistant clothing and umbrellas. In colder weather, layering with insulating garments helps maintain warmth.
  • Clear Bags: If your bag isn’t see-through, it needs to be smaller than 6×6 inches. Clear bags can be larger but must not exceed 12x6x12 inches.
  • Hydration and Snacks: A clear resealable plastic bag not exceeding one gallon is allowed for food items. No outside beverages or coolers are permitted, so plan to use designated refreshment areas.
  • Comfortable Footwear: Wear supportive shoes suitable for long walks, ensuring a comfortable experience throughout the day.
  • Portable Chairs: Collapsible chairs without carrying bags are permitted, which provide places to rest between watching the action.

What Not to Bring to Avoid Hassles

Bringing prohibited items can lead to inconvenience or being denied entry. It’s essential to know what’s restricted.

  • Prohibited Items: Leave glass cups, bottles (unless for medical or infant needs), memorabilia, sports paraphernalia, computers, laptops, fireworks, and laser pointers at home.
  • Restricted Devices: Video cameras, selfie sticks, drones, motorcycles, mopeds, hoverboards, and similar devices are not allowed.
  • Restricted Bags and Cases: No seat cushions with carrying cases or oversized chairs. Pets, except for service animals, are not permitted. Avoid bringing knives, firearms, or any weapons.
  • Oversized Bags: Bags larger than 6×6 inches, backpacks, camera bags, and chair bags are prohibited unless they’re clear plastic or vinyl bags within the size limit.
  • Food and Beverage Restrictions: Outside beverages and coolers are not allowed. Carry food only in clear, resealable plastic bags not exceeding one gallon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear spaghetti straps to a PGA TOUR event?

Crop tops, spaghetti straps, and short bottoms are generally frowned upon and won’t be comfortable to wear either.

Are joggers allowed on the PGA TOUR?

Joggers are trending in the right direction on the PGA TOUR but are not yet a staple. Some professional golfers are starting to wear joggers, and more may be seen sporting them in the 2024 season.

Is there a dress code for PGA spectators?

Yes, spectators are required to wear modest and sensible attire. This includes wearing shirts, shoes, and pants to enter the PGA Championship. Casual but tasteful clothing is best for spectators.

What should I avoid wearing to a golf tournament?

Avoid graphic tees, tube tops, spandex, jeans, heels, and flip-flops. Male spectators typically wear khakis, golf shirts, Oxford button-down shirts, caps, solid-colored windbreakers, tennis shoes, and loafers.

What is the dress code for the PGA National?

The following items are not allowed on the course or at practice facilities: denim of any color, tee shirts, tank tops, swimming attire, halter tops, running shorts, gym attire, short shorts, cargo shorts, and worn or tattered clothing. Stick to proper golf attire.


Attending a PGA TOUR event is a fantastic experience when you’re well-prepared. By adhering to the dress code and packing the essentials, you ensure a comfortable and enjoyable day.

Remember to consider the weather and bring only allowed items to avoid any inconvenience. With these tips in mind, you’re set for a memorable time on the greens.

Enjoy the tournament! And don’t forget to wear comfortable footwear, as you’ll likely be doing a lot of walking. A hat and sunscreen are also essential for sun protection.

Plan ahead, and you’ll make the most of the event! Having a lightweight, breathable outfit can enhance your experience.

Opt for moisture-wicking fabrics to stay cool in the heat. Also, bringing a portable chair or blanket can add comfort during longer sessions.

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