Patrick Cantlay Putter: The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5’s Role in His Success

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patrick cantlay putter

Patrick Cantlay’s exceptional putting skills have earned him a reputation as one of the top putters on the PGA Tour. His choice of equipment plays a crucial role in his performance, and his current weapon of choice is the Scotty Cameron T5 Proto putter.

Known for its precision and craftsmanship, this putter has helped Cantlay maintain impressive strokes gained putting statistics throughout his career.

Cantlay’s putter features a Super Stroke grip, providing added stability and comfort, which is essential for those pressure-packed moments on the green.

His willingness to switch from a traditional Newport blade to a mallet-style putter in 2021 showcases his dedication to optimizing performance.

Understanding Cantlay’s putter selection offers valuable insights into the high-performance gear preferred by top professionals, whether they’re navigating fast greens or crucial tournament moments.

patrick cantlay putter

Overview of Patrick Cantlay’s Putter

Patrick Cantlay uses the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5, renowned for its precision and technical enhancements.

Key Features and Specifications

The Phantom X 5 boasts a high moment of inertia (MOI). A higher MOI means less twisting on off-center hits, providing greater forgiveness. The putter’s sleek chrome design aids in better alignment, enhancing accuracy.

Cantlay’s modifications include a SuperStroke Traxion Flatso 10 grip, readjusted for comfort by independent TOUR rep Scott Garrison. The grip’s design reduces wrist action, promoting a more stable and consistent stroke.

Brand and Model

The putter is part of the Scotty Cameron Phantom series, known for its high-quality engineering and performance. Titleist manufactures the Phantom X 5, positioning it as a top-of-the-line option among mallet putters.

The series is celebrated for combining advanced technology with innovative design to meet the needs of professional golfers seeking precision and reliability.

Performance Analysis

Patrick Cantlay’s use of the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 putter has significantly impacted his performance. The putter’s high moment of inertia (MOI) ensures stability and forgiveness, crucial for his success.

Effectiveness in Tournaments

Cantlay’s putter choice has led to notable tournament outcomes. His use of the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 was evident in his back-to-back wins at the BMW Championship in 2021 and 2022.

The high MOI of the putter reduces twisting on off-center hits, aiding Cantlay in maintaining precision under pressure. With this putter, Cantlay earned critical strokes in play, particularly on greens, contributing to his ascent in PGA rankings.

Comparison with Other Top Players’ Putters

While Cantlay opts for the Phantom X 5, other top players favor different models. For instance, Justin Thomas uses the Scotty Cameron 5.5, a variant praised for its alignment aids and customized neck configurations.

Jon Rahm, another top PGA player, prefers the Odyssey 2-Ball Ten, known for its distinct alignment features. Comparatively, the Phantom X 5 stands out with its high MOI, offering superb forgiveness and stability.

It highlights a trend where tour players favor high MOI putters for improved accuracy and consistency on the greens.

Technical Aspects of Cantlay’s Putter

Patrick Cantlay’s putter, particularly the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5, plays a crucial role in his remarkable putting performance. This section delves into the specific design and material of the putter, as well as the custom adjustments and innovations that make it exceptional.

Design and Material

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 putter features a compact wingback construction that provides additional stability. This design element helps in maintaining the putter’s balance throughout the stroke, preventing any unwanted twists.

The material used in this putter includes high-quality stainless steel, contributing to its durability and premium feel. The sleek chrome finish aids in better ball alignment, which Cantlay referenced as a key factor during post-round interviews.

Custom Adjustments and Innovations

Cantlay’s putter includes several custom adjustments that enhance his performance. One significant modification is the SuperStroke Traxion Flatso 10 grip, which offers a comfortable and stable hold.

This adjustment, carried out by independent TOUR rep Scott Garrison, aligns with Cantlay’s requirement for a grip that supports his putting style. Moreover, the moment of inertia (MOI) in the Phantom X 5 is notably high, reducing the putter’s tendency to twist on off-center hits.

This innovation is crucial for achieving higher forgiveness and consistency under competitive conditions.

Significance in Cantlay’s Career

Patrick Cantlay’s putter has played a pivotal role in shaping his success on the PGA Tour. His reliance on the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 showcases its strategic importance in his victories.

Role in Major Wins

Cantlay’s putter was crucial in securing wins at the BMW Championship in 2021 and 2022. The high MOI of the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 minimized twisting on off-center hits, enhancing forgiveness.

This putter also played a key role during the FedEx Cup Playoffs, aiding Cantlay in making critical putts under pressure.

Player’s Feedback and Preferences

Cantlay has consistently praised the Phantom X 5 for its stability and feedback. He attributes his improved performance to the putter’s design and the SuperStroke Traxion Flatso 10 grip, which provided better hand placement and control.

This combination has increased his confidence, contributing significantly to his success on the greens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Patrick Cantlay switch to the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5?

Cantlay switched to the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 for its high moment of inertia (MOI), which minimizes twisting on off-center hits and enhances forgiveness. The putter’s design and the SuperStroke grip improve stability and feedback.

How has the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 impacted Cantlay’s performance?

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 has been crucial in Cantlay’s victories, particularly in the 2021 and 2022 BMW Championship. Its design and the SuperStroke Traxion Flatso 10 grip have significantly increased his confidence and effectiveness on the greens.

What grip does Patrick Cantlay use on his putter?

Patrick Cantlay uses the SuperStroke Traxion Flatso 10 grip on his Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 putter. This grip has been pivotal in optimizing his putting stroke for greater stability and consistency.

What makes the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 special for Cantlay?

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5’s high MOI, innovative design, and custom adjustments provide exceptional stability, enhanced forgiveness, and consistent feedback. These features have been instrumental in Cantlay’s improved putting performance.

How does Cantlay’s putter compare to those of other top players?

Patrick Cantlay’s preference for high MOI putters for accuracy and consistency aligns with the trends among other top players like Justin Thomas and Jon Rahm, who also favor models designed to enhance precision and reliability in putting.


Patrick Cantlay’s choice of the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 putter with a SuperStroke Traxion Flatso 10 grip has been instrumental in his recent successes. The putter’s high MOI and advanced design have provided the stability and feedback he needs to excel under pressure.

Cantlay’s victories at the BMW Championship and his strong performances in the FedEx Cup Playoffs underscore the importance of his equipment. His confidence in the Phantom X 5 highlights the critical role of precision and innovation in professional golf.

As tour players continue to seek high MOI putters for improved accuracy, Cantlay’s achievements serve as a testament to the strategic value of choosing the right putter. Golf enthusiasts and professionals alike can learn from Cantlay’s equipment decisions.

As the game evolves, investing in high-quality, innovative putters, like the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5, can significantly enhance performance and confidence on the greens, paving the way for future victories.

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