How to Make Dry Ice

Starting with dry ice is a great alternative to add magic to any party. On the other hand, junior high proms look inferior whenever you see no dry ice there. Contrastingly, dry ice is not hard to find. But to make it easier, we can prepare our dry ice at home also. Or if we come to know how to make dry ice, our money gets saved as there will be no need to buy it. 

Well, what matters the most is to know some tips and tricks of making dry ice anywhere. Hence, you can easily make dry ice in a laboratory or your home. If you see, the main reason for having spooky Halloween parties is dry ice. On that note, we shall not compromise in any steps of making dry ice. Similarly, the process will be a bit different when making dry ice in your home and laboratory. 

On that note, I will show you how to make a cube of commendable dry ice to pop up any party within a simple thing. Instead of beating around the bush anymore, let us see the important aspects of the dry ice process.

How to Make Dry Ice

What is Dry Ice?

how to make dry ice

Some of the folks think that dry ice comes from liquid nitrogen or a chilly cousin. Well, dry ice is full of condensed and cooled carbon dioxide. Particularly, dry ice skips a certain melting process. As a result, dry ice converts into carbon dioxide gas directly at reaching room temperature. Afterward, it expands by creating pressure in its interior. And because of the extreme cold, dry ice starts to hover around at a temperature of -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Besides, dry ice is made depending on their process. Well, it can be created in a block press or pelletizer. On the other hand, some dry ices are made into large blocks or pellets. 

If you see, dry ice never melts into liquid-like regular ice. The reason is, dry ice is always in a situation of getting warm up. In place of melting, dry ice turns into a gaseous form, as mentioned before. 

How to Make a Piece of Dry Ice at Home

how to make dry ice

While making dry ice at home, you shall know what materials and precautions need to be taken. Before that, be sure you can use dry ice in different types of projects. Similarly, you can use dry ice for pressurized carbon dioxide or fire extinguishers. However, carbon dioxide is available in many cookware stores and sporting goods stores. Again, online stores are also selling carbon dioxide of good quality. Indeed, homemade dry ice can also leave a superior effect in our celebrations. 

Materials to Make a Dry Ice

Note: If your fire extinguisher does not specify carbon dioxide, that is not the right alternative to make dry ice. So, make sure your fire extinguisher specifically mentions carbon dioxide as an inside ingredient. 

Process of Making Dry Ice

how to make dry ice

Till now, we have discussed a lot about dry ice. Now it is time to know how dry ice is made. Let us have a look below.

Making Dry Ice Using Compressed CO2

Here, I will be defining some steps on how to make dry ice with compressed CO2. 

First, take a pillowcase and a fire extinguisher. Likewise, you will need a wide-open area where there will be no risk of children or pets damaging the ice. 

Make sure your fire extinguisher specifically consists of carbon dioxide. Most often, CO2 fire extinguishers are used in different mechanical equipment, kitchens, and laboratories. 

Next, use lab goggles, gloves, close-toed shoes, long sleeve lab coats, and pants. After you are done, wrap your pillowcase all over the hose by using duct tape. Therefore, it will be easier to make a tight seal. 

Now it is time to give your extinguisher a blast. For now, squeeze the extinguisher’s handle and keep your eyes on the gas shoot. After keeping it in the pillowcase for 2 to 3 seconds, release its handle. Henceforth, carbon dioxide will be released automatically. 

As the main process is done, now you shall remove your pillowcase. And do not forget to take out the horn from the pillowcase. Also, make sure to put the fabric against that horn. As a result, no ice will get stuck to the horn. Later on, a small pie of dry ice may be under the pillowcase. Now and then, taking the dry ice into a safe container is compulsory. And also, remember to keep your dry ice in a single pile. Moreover, the chunks will look better if they are kept big. 

Alternatively, you will have to use a CO2 tank or a CO2 fire extinguisher. However, there are no dissimilarities between the previous steps. Just attach a horn or nozzle into your tank and then wrap the pillowcase all over it. Afterward, take out all gases and accumulate the dry ice chunks together. 

Homemade Recipe of Making Dry Ice

how to make dry ice

First thing first, you need to release all gas pressure and subsequently gather all dry ices.

You must be thinking about the work of a cloth bag in this task. Using a cloth bag makes it easier to hide carbon dioxide by leaving your dry ice freely. Now let us go through the peak points below.

  • At the initial stage, you are to put on your heavy-duty gloves. Thus, your hands will not get frostbite due to dry ice.
  • Now place the nozzle to maintain the CO2 tank which is inside the bag. Or you can also place it for your fire extinguisher. 
  • In this step, you will have the option of taping your bag where you got the nozzle or clamping the gloved hand all over the bag’s mouth. 
  • Next, discharge your fire extinguisher. Another thing you can do is, open the valve partially if you have a CO2 canister. Hence, dry ice will start to accumulate inside the bag.
  • Then close the valve or switch off the fire extinguisher. 
  • Now gently shake your cloth bag so that the dry ice dislodges from the nozzle. Or else, you can dry by removing your bag even. 
  • Not knowing, dry ice sublimates fast. Anyway, there will not be any problem if you store your dry ice in a bag and keep that in your freezer.

Essential Precautions 

  • Dry ice freezes when it comes in contact with skin. So, stay careful and keep your hand far from the fire extinguisher’s mouth. Also, the outlet of CO2 is not safe to be touched without gloves.
  • Never eat dry ice since they are not edible. If you use dry vice in cool drinks or other beverages, make sure they do not enter your mouth.
  • Because sublimating dry ice leaves no stone unturned to generate pressure. For this reason, remember not to store dry ice in any sealed container. Otherwise, there are possibilities for them to burst out.

Applications of Dry Ice

how to make dry ice

Nevertheless, dry ice plays a big role in the food preservation field. Moreover, dry ice can be made at a chilled temperature when a longer period is required. Because of the low temperature in dry ice, food products remain dormant. Thereupon, no fungal growth or bacterial growth seems apparent in foods. Besides, they remain frozen and fresh for a long time. 

On the flipping side, dry ice can never contact food items as it engages in over freezing foods. However, it can take a safeguard systematically. Just place your food in a compartment after making simple packaging. Conversely, a buffer between dry ice and food items can also work.

Dry Ice at the Industrial Level

Generally, dry ice is made at the industrial level by liquefying gases and pressurizing carbon dioxide in a high concentration. While making dry ice on an industrial level, you will need some equipment, like- alloy steel gas chambers, compressors, and expansion valves. Once the industrialists liquefy carbon dioxide, they send it to the expansion valve to reach the condensation chamber. 

Finally, the liquid carbon dioxide starts to vaporize and lower its surrounding temperature. As a result, the gaseous and liquid carbon dioxide solidifies and converts into dry snow. Whereas the gaseous and liquid carbon dioxide remained can be used again because of being recycled.

Final Thoughts

Summing up, we can say, making dry ice is not a difficult task at all. Just make sure you know all steps and procedures without any fault. Again, a prescribed description of how to make dry ice is also given above. 

To leave a memorable texture at your parties, do not forget to add supplements of dry ice there. Also, in 1980’s music videos, we can see beautiful hues due to additions of dry ice. Thereupon, you shall also try such tricks. And, of course, the given steps can be beneficial enough for you.

Lastly, in the comment section below, let us know how your experience in making dry ice and what consequences it could give you.

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