The Future of Cruise Ships

Only a generation ago, it was considered a rare luxury to vacation onboard a cruise ship. Steep prices combined with the anxiety of being marooned in the middle of the ocean steered people away from these massive boats.

Yet, within the last 30 years, the cruise industry has experienced an unprecedent surge in popularity. Perhaps people are getting bored with their concrete jungles and mundane jobs. In this sense, cruise ships offer a stark contrast to daily life.

In this article, we discuss some possible developments for future cruise ships, first giving a brief overview of these amazing means of transport.

What is a Cruise Like?

Modern cruise ships are so advanced that most passengers don’t even realize the ship is moving. High-railings, water parks, theatres, golf courses, abundant bars and food, and many other modern amenities allow passengers to forget where they are.

The community onboard is also significant and can range anywhere from several hundred to 9000 people. Some groups prefer to ignore the passengers and enjoy their experience on their own terms. Other passengers enjoy mingling with their peers and utilize the experience as a basis for making lifelong friends.

How many Cruise Ships Are There?

Experts estimate that there are over 400 cruise ships in the world currently operating, which provides interested passengers with a rich array of options to choose from. Some of the most popular companies include Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney, and Regent, and each line has a unique crew and a unique route it takes.

Trends for Future Ships

In this section, we offer 3 trends that future ships will likely take advantage of.

Health and Diet

People are more concerned than ever with diet and its connection to health. Each year, it seems that a new dietary approach is introduced. Additionally, a number of companies have been recently started that focus on health consulting.

There is no better place to integrate this theme than on cruise ships, which are historically known as unhealthy sites of indulgence despite the pleasures they offer.

Cruise ships of the future will likely offer customizable menus, educational lectures, and more opportunities to exercise on board than ever before, like this half-mile track on a Royal Caribbean Ship.

Additionally, expect food to be as fresh as possible, potentially even wild-caught in the adjacent seas. There will also likely be gardens and farming options onboard that allow passengers the chance to pick their own food whenever they are hungry. This always gives staff the option to organize events centered around farming education and sustainability.

Music Festivals

The industry for music festivals has exploded in the last 20 years, featuring everything from folk music and rock music all the way to electronic dance music. Expect future cruise ships to incorporate more concerts and music venues for their passengers.

We can even envision a cruise ship devoted solely to music, with each night featuring a different musical genre and theme, or various levels of the ship featuring different performers each night. This would influence the design of the ship, as the surface would be more open to allowing the formation of large crowds. On this musically oriented ship, we can also envision options for passengers to meet performers in person, as the musicians will not be able to leave the ship after the show.

Virtual Reality Integration

With companies like Oculus Rift pioneering the market for virtual reality headsets, we can envision a future where cruise ships are devoted to role-playing games. Due to the price of these headsets, smartphones might be the go-to technology at first. But, eventually, you should expect cruises based around giving passengers the most realistic, isolated gaming experience possible.

An interesting meta-variation of this might include video games centered around cruise ships themselves. One Piece Treasure Cruise (OPTC ships) is one such game already on the market that emphasizes role-playing and treasure hunting.

Along with the increase in onboard video gaming, expect extremely fast internet speeds as well as social media platforms geared towards fostering connection and romance between passengers. Drones might make an appearance as well, as cruise ships offer unprecedented views of the ocean.

Our Final Thoughts on the Future of Cruise Ships

We think the possibilities are endless when it comes to the future of the cruise ship industry.

These massive vehicles are like temporary cities and are reminiscent of Burning Man Festival, so we can envision their future is focused on health, sustainability, green living, technology, art, and care-free living.

While many of these trends are already included on current cruise ships, we see them developing in an unparalleled way over the next 20 years. Before long, cruise ship vacations will become the norm, and perhaps they will spawn their own versions of cities and countries. Truly, the future is going to be incredible.

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