How Akshay Bhatia’s Family Supported His Rise in Professional Golf?

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Akshay Bhatia’s journey to becoming a rising star on the PGA Tour is deeply rooted in his family’s unwavering support and strategic decisions.

Originally from Delhi, Sonny and Renu Bhatia moved their family to Los Angeles and later to Raleigh, North Carolina, to provide better opportunities for their children.

It was during a youth tournament in Pinehurst that the Bhatia family decided to make North Carolina their home, a move that would significantly shape Akshay’s future in golf.

Homeschooled to focus on his burgeoning golf career, Akshay turned pro in 2019 and quickly made headlines as the first high schooler on the US Walker Cup team.

His parents’ early introduction to golf and their relocation decisions were pivotal in his development.

By 2023, Akshay had secured his first PGA Tour win at the Barracuda Championship, solidifying his place among golf’s promising talents.

Akshay Bhatia’s Family Background

Akshay Bhatia’s family has been instrumental in his golf journey, providing unwavering support from the beginning.

Growing Up in a Supportive Household

Akshay grew up in a household that prioritized his golfing aspirations. His parents, Sonny and Renu Bhatia, recognized his talent early on and took decisive steps to nurture it. To offer him better training opportunities, the family relocated from Delhi to North Carolina.

This move was pivotal in giving Akshay access to superior golf facilities and coaching. Homeschooled to focus on his sport, Akshay’s parents ensured he could dedicate ample time to honing his skills.

Their continuous encouragement and sacrifices played a key role in his rise to professional golf.

Nationality and Cultural Roots

Akshay Bhatia holds dual nationality as an Indian-American. Born to Indian parents, he retains strong cultural ties to India while also embracing his American identity. This blend of cultures is evident in his approach to life and sport.

His family, while rooted in Indian traditions, adapted to the American way of life to support Akshay’s career. This cultural amalgamation has enriched his experiences, enabling him to bring a unique perspective to the world of professional golf.

Akshay Bhatia’s Parents

Akshay Bhatia’s parents, Sonny and Renu Bhatia, have been instrumental in his journey to professional golf. Both originally from India, they moved to Los Angeles before relocating to Raleigh, North Carolina, to support his career.

Role of His Mother in His Career

Renu Bhatia played a significant role in Akshay’s career. She worked at a cruise liner ticketing agency and managed a golf catering business. Renu spent up to 13 hours a day with Akshay, supporting his training.

Her dedication ensured he had ample practice time, crucial for his development. She hails from Hyderabad, India, and maintained a balance between work and his training, demonstrating immense commitment.

Role of His Father in His Career

Sonny Bhatia also contributed significantly to Akshay’s growth in golf. Understanding the need for better opportunities, he relocated the family to Raleigh, and this move provided Akshay with access to superior training facilities.

Sonny’s support extended beyond logistics; he consistently encouraged Akshay and helped him navigate the early stages of his career. His strategic decisions played a pivotal role in setting the stage for Akshay’s success.

Sibling Influence on Akshay Bhatia

Akshay Bhatia’s sister, Rhea Bhatia, played a pivotal role in his golf career by fostering a competitive environment and sharing her strong work ethic and discipline from tennis.

Her achievements and dedication motivated Akshay to pursue excellence in golf with persistence and commitment. Rhea’s support extended to accompanying him to practice, boosting his confidence.

Their mutual understanding of the sacrifices required for sports success created a supportive atmosphere, significantly aiding Akshay’s growth as a professional athlete.

Akshay Bhatia’s Support System

Akshay Bhatia’s ascent in the world of golf is inseparable from the steadfast support of his family, who have been instrumental in his journey.

The Role of Family in His Amateur Career

Akshay’s family was instrumental during his amateur golf career. His mother, Renu Bhatia, managed a golf catering business while ensuring he had adequate practice and transporting him to various courses.

His father, Sonny Bhatia, relocated the family to Raleigh for better training facilities and coaches. Akshay’s sister, Rhea Bhatia, fostered a competitive spirit with her achievements in tennis, motivating him to excel.

The Bhatia family collectively provided a strong foundation for Akshay’s budding golf career.

The Impact of Personal Relationships on His Progression to Professional Golf

As Akshay transitioned to professional golf, personal relationships continued to play a significant role. His family remained a constant source of encouragement, both at home and during tournaments.

Rhea’s support extended beyond childhood, often accompanying Akshay to practice sessions and providing emotional stability. This close-knit family environment created a nurturing backdrop, allowing Akshay to fully focus on his professional aspirations.

The unwavering support from his parents and sister has been essential, enabling Akshay to navigate the pressures of professional golf with confidence and resilience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Akshay Bhatia live?

Akshay Bhatia currently resides in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Who is Akshay Bhatia’s golf coach?

Akshay Bhatia has worked with the renowned golf coach George Gankas and his long-term swing coach, Chase Duncan.

Is Akshay Bhatia left-handed or right-handed?

Akshay Bhatia is a left-handed golfer.

Why did Akshay Bhatia’s family move to North Carolina?

Akshay’s family moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, to access superior golf training facilities and better coaching during his critical developmental years.

How has Akshay Bhatia’s family influenced his professional golf career?

Akshay’s family has provided unwavering support, encouragement, and emotional stability, helping him navigate the pressures of professional golf with confidence and resilience.


Akshay Bhatia’s journey in professional golf underscores the profound impact of family support. The Bhatia family’s collective efforts have been a cornerstone of his success.

From strategic relocations to fostering a competitive spirit, their unwavering dedication has shaped Akshay’s career. This close-knit family continues to be a source of strength, enabling him to face the challenges of professional golf with confidence and resilience.

Their relentless support system goes beyond the golf course, providing emotional stability and guidance. Akshay’s parents, specifically, have played crucial roles, with his father’s insights into the sport and his mother’s encouragement being pivotal.

Their belief in his potential has not only driven him to excel but also grounded him throughout his journey, making the Bhatia family an integral part of Akshay’s continuous rise in the world of golf.

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