19 Holes Golf: Tradition, Apps, and Enhancing Your Game Experience

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19 holes golf

In the world of golf, the term “19th hole” carries a special significance. While a standard round consists of 18 holes, the 19th hole isn’t part of the course itself.

Instead, it’s a slang term for the pub, bar, or restaurant where golfers gather to relax and share stories after their game.

This tradition is akin to après-ski in the skiing community, providing a social space to unwind and celebrate the day’s efforts. Often located in or near the clubhouse, the 19th hole is an integral part of the golfing experience.

The Jigger Inn, overlooking the 17th Road Hole on the Old Course at St Andrews in Scotland, is often cited as the most famous 19th hole in the world.

Whether it’s to discuss the day’s best shots or simply enjoy camaraderie, the 19th hole embodies the spirit of golf beyond the greens.

What Is 19 Holes Golf?

The term “19th hole” is a popular phrase in golfing lingo, but it doesn’t refer to an actual hole on the golf course.

Instead, it typically refers to the clubhouse or bar area where golfers gather after a round of golf to relax, socialize, and often have a drink or meal.

The Origin of the Term

“19 holes golf” refers to the tradition of golfers socializing at a pub, bar, or restaurant after completing a standard round of 18 holes.

This venue, often located at or near the golf course, is commonly known as the clubhouse. The term “19th hole” likely evolved as a colloquial expression among golfers to describe this important social aspect of the sport.

Similar to après-ski in skiing, the 19th hole serves as a place where players can relax, discuss their game, and enjoy the camaraderie that comes from shared experiences on the course.

Modern Interpretation

Today, the 19th hole remains a cherished part of golfing culture. In many clubs, the clubhouse or nearby watering hole is viewed as an extension of the golf course. It provides a venue for golfers to unwind, celebrate victories, or commiserate over missed shots.

Establishments like the Jigger Inn at St Andrews, known for its rich history and prime location overlooking the Old Course’s 17th Road Hole, exemplify the modern 19th hole experience.

These venues foster a sense of community among players, making the 19th hole an indispensable part of the golfing tradition.

Key Features of 19 Holes Golf

“19th hole golf” refers to the social aspect of golf, particularly the post-round gathering at the clubhouse or bar.

Here are some key features:

Course Design

19 Holes Golf courses often include an additional hole beyond the standard 18. This extra hole usually serves as a practice green or a challenge hole with unique obstacles.

Many courses integrate varied landscapes, such as water hazards and sand traps, to test a golfer’s skill.

Comprehensive design strategies aim to offer both challenging and enjoyable experiences for golfers of all skill levels. Often, the 19th hole is incorporated into the overall layout as the final social gathering spot.

Play Experience

Playing 19 holes extends the traditional round, offering extra opportunities to refine techniques and accrue experiences. Golfers benefit from additional practice, often focusing on short game skills.

The play experience on a 19-hole course can be more relaxed due to the novelty, providing a less competitive environment.

Additionally, advanced GPS technology like Hole19 enhances the game by providing precise yardages and live scoring, thus improving accuracy and player engagement.

Significance of the 19th Hole in Golf Culture

Golf players unite at the 19th hole to share experiences. This space, often at a clubhouse or bar, fosters camaraderie and relaxation. Players discuss their performance and bond, reinforcing the social nature of golf.

This tradition mirrors après-ski activities in skiing, where the focus shifts from competition to enjoyment and social interaction.

Social and Leisure Aspect

The 19th hole promotes leisure after a round of golf. It’s a place where players unwind and share stories. Casual conversations cover diverse topics, from golf techniques to personal anecdotes.

This atmosphere encourages friendships and a sense of community. Whether celebrating a great game or commiserating over missed shots, the social element of the 19th hole is integral to the golfing experience.

This atmosphere encourages friendships and a sense of community. Whether celebrating a great game or commiserating over missed shots, the social element of the 19th hole is integral to the golfing experience.

Many golf courses offer clubhouses or lounges equipped with amenities like bars, restaurants, and comfortable seating. These spaces enhance the overall enjoyment and provide a perfect ending to a day on the greens.

Examples in Iconic Golf Courses

Several renowned golf courses epitomize the 19th hole tradition. At Pebble Beach Golf Links, the Tap Room offers a warm ambiance for post-game relaxation.

The Old Course in St Andrews features the Jigger Inn, a historic spot for golfers to gather after their round.

Augusta National Golf Club has the Butler Cabin, where players share stories and enjoy the post-round atmosphere. These iconic venues underscore the importance of the 19th hole in enriching golf culture.

Virtual and Mobile Experiences

When it comes to virtual and mobile experiences in the context of golf, several key features and trends emerge:

The Rise of Golf Apps

Golf apps have become indispensable in modern golfing, offering a mix of convenience, technology, and data. Golfers can access real-time statistics, course maps, and performance metrics.

Free apps often initiate users to basic features, while premium subscriptions unlock advanced functionalities.

The proliferation of smartphones has made it easy for golfers to integrate these apps into their routines, enhancing their overall experience on the course.

How They Enhance the Golfing Experience

These apps offer a range of features that elevate a golfer’s game. GPS yardage functions provide accurate and flexible distance measurements.

Shot Tracker features allow players to know how far and how accurately they hit each club. Club recommendations provide real-time advice based on various factors, optimizing performance.

Advanced apps include augmented reality, match play capabilities, and auto-change hole features. Augmented reality (AR) can immerse users in new setups, making practice more engaging.

Match play features let golfers challenge friends and track scores effortlessly. AutoChange Hole ensures smooth transitions between holes, keeping players focused on their game.

Performance statistics cover driving accuracy, greens in regulation, and short game performance, offering in-depth analysis.

Premium maps with higher resolution course details help in precise shot planning. By integrating with smartwatches, these apps enable full input from the wrist, enhancing convenience.

Ultimately, these features create a comprehensive, ad-free in-app experience, enhancing both the recreational and competitive aspects of golf.

With these tools, golfers improve their strategies, track their progress, and enjoy a more interactive and fulfilling experience on the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any famous golf courses known for their “19th hole” tradition?

Yes, several iconic golf courses are celebrated for their “19th hole” experiences, including St. Andrews in Scotland and Pebble Beach in California. These venues offer exceptional post-round socializing spaces.

Are these golf apps available on both Android and iOS?

Yes, most golf apps are available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, making them accessible to the majority of smartphone users. Many are free or have both free and premium versions.

Do golf apps offer club recommendations?

Yes, several golf apps offer club recommendations based on your distance from the hole and other factors. This feature helps golfers make more informed decisions during their game.

Are there any golf apps without ads?

Yes, many premium versions of golf apps offer an ad-free experience. Some free apps also provide an ad-free environment to enhance usability and keep the focus on improving the game.

Can these apps calculate my golf handicap?

Yes, most comprehensive golf apps include a handicap calculator. Users can input their scores to quickly determine their handicap, helping them track improvement over time.


Golf isn’t just a sport; it’s a blend of tradition and modern innovation. The 19th hole remains a cherished part of the golfing experience, offering a space for players to unwind and connect.

Meanwhile, the rise of golf apps has revolutionized how enthusiasts approach the game. These digital tools provide invaluable insights and features that enhance performance and enjoyment.

By combining the timeless charm of the 19th hole with cutting-edge technology, golfers can experience the best of both worlds.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, embracing these elements can elevate your time on the course.

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